Mobile App Development is the act or process by which a mobile app is developed for mobile devices, such as personal digital assistants, enterprise digital assistants or mobile phones.

iphone app development trends

iPhone App Development Trends

Technology is changing with time, and we need to keep up with its pace. Every year, the American multinational technology company – Apple Inc. introduces a variety of new techniques to make app development on the iOS platform easier and better. The iOS apps, which have gained massive attraction around the world, have boosted the iOS market popularity and revenues.

As an iOS developer, you need to stay updated with the latest iOS app development and its feature.

Below points discuss the iPhone app development trends.

Swift 4:
Swift 4 is a programming language introduced by Apple recently, will support both, the iOS and Linux operating systems. An update to Swift 3, it is a robust platform that is secure, scalable and easy to learn. For developers, the application development will become smooth with minor consumption of device memory. Therefore, in 2018, we can expect the iOS apps to be more secure and developed in a faster timeframe.

Artificial Intelligence and Siri:
Siri, the personal assistant from Apple, has gained broad attraction around the world. It undoubtedly provided a significant boost to Artificial Intelligence and contextual learning, with its understanding of what people are talking, and what they wish to search. Further, Siri offers a GPS pin or code, while sending messages. The new Siri can also act as a task manager to help you efficiently access your mobile app alongside a QR code.

Machine Learning Framework:
Core Machine Learning is a new foundational framework from Apple, used across various Apple products, including QuickType, Camera, and Siri. It offers a lightning-fast performance and allows developers to leverage the machine learning models to develop smart apps by writing just a few lines of code. Further, CoreML will offer a level of communication that applies to all iOS devices with its robust library. CoreML will redefine the gaming app development. The developers focusing on the gaming industry will be able to build AI-enabled apps with face detection or voice recognition feature in a highly interactive manner.

Augmented Reality:
AR has been in existence for some time now, and we have witnessed a dedicated effort investment by organizations. Apple created ARkit that assists developers in developing apps based on augmented reality. ARKit enables iOS developers to create 3D and AR-based mobile apps that are gaining popularity. With Apple and Amazon joining hands to bring ARkit and Amazon Sumerican together.

 More user-friendly Apple Pay:
Apple is one of the early movers of the reliable digital transactions movement with Apple Pay. An online wallet application, it enables seamless online transfers, buying tickets and shop online over an entirely secure platform.

 Focus on Creating Hybrid Apps:

With the passage of time, the cross-platform apps have faded out and they are getting substituted by new and advanced tools including Native Script and React Native etc. This will help a great deal in solving issues related to performance and user experience.

It will also support in developing hybrid apps having better interfaces and UX. iOS developers will also be focusing on creating hybrid apps as it is time-saving.

Apple HomeKit:
“Internet of Things” devices are prevalent in the global market. These devices currently operate with their companion apps. By leveraging Apple Home Kit, Apple’s framework for home automation, iOS app developers would be able to build apps that easily connect with smart home devices. With devices working in sync, to speaking with each other, there lies a tremendous potential to take home automation to new heights. Apple HomeKit will play a pivotal role in change for future.

Changes in iPad Applications:

There has not been much of a progress in the iPad app development. However, ever since the introduction of Qualcomm, a kind of chipset, iPad apps have got the boost with enhancement of battery life. The changes largely took place due to the growing competition in the tablet industry and so 2018 will witness new apps stuffed with new features.

Final thoughts:

The iOS application industry is going through one of the most important phases especially after the launch of iOS 11 and 11.3. In fact, much has been changed after the launch of iPhone X and iPhone 8. Therefore, keeping updated information on the latest trends is vital. Apple also keeps on bringing alterations after every few months providing better experiences to its end customers. In addition, it is also crucial to update your apps on regular intervals for best performance.


Reasons to select BIGSCAL for your upcoming Android projects

Reasons to select BIGSCAL for your upcoming Android projects

In the emerging era, every business unit transforms into the smart technology. As human needs increase the use of technology is drastically change. Here BIGSCAL Provide the service as per your requirement and your business needs.

Android software development is the process by which new applications are created for devices running Android operating system. Officially apps can be written using Java, C++ or kotlin using the Android software development kit.

Here we usually keep in mind few points while developing Application.

  • We keep updated with latest market trends:

This is important because that’s how you’ll know what users normally expect about the features of an app today. As technology advances, you need to contemplate all your options and be aware of some of the winning ideas for mobile app development.

  • Passionate about design making:

Your app must impact on users at the moment they first see it on Google Play”. Nearly 2.2 billion apps are stored in Google Play; in order to stand out first, you should make an effort to build a product as visually appealing as possible.

  •  We Listen to user’s requirements first:

This is the best way to earn customer trust and loyalty; it can even make your user base grow. Every time you pay attention to what they have to say about your app, you have the opportunity to make some adjustments and offer them a better product.

  • Constantly we build our portfolio:

The importance of building a powerful portfolio is undeniable, as this is both how you get to practice and show all the things you can do. It is crucial especially when you are a first time user of the Android developer service. That helps you to gain idea from our samples of work.


Understanding all these elements is very important to plan a strategy that builds best suitable applications for your projects. We at BIGSCAL technology Pvt Ltd offer a best Mobile App development services in Surat. We have a team of highly specialized and experienced Android and IOS App development which put your imagination into reality. We let our work speak for us.

How to select the impactful platform for mobile app development tools

How to select the impactful platform for mobile app development tools

In this era, none is unaware of the word mobile application. Even, it has become the thing of past. Today, the concept in mobile app development industry is not to build an app, but the concern is to build it for each platform.

WORA, the recent app code provides support to the concept write once, run anywhere. It allows a developer to write the code once for a single platform, and then run it on varied platforms. This saves effort and time of a developer and he is able to reuse this code. Further, this enables them to design the applications that work wonderfully on varied platforms such as Windows, Android, iOS, etc.

Here Is The List Of Cross-Platform Mobile App Development Tools To Select The Best

There are many tools available to create the cross-platform app. But, make sure you keep in mind certain factors before opting for one.

  • You must analyze the speed aspect,
  • check feature support,
  • Framework risk and development cost.

Let’s discuss the mobile app development tools:


React can be used in the development of single-page applications and mobile applications. It aims primarily to provide speed, simplicity, and scalability. As a user interface library, React is often used in conjunction with other libraries such as Redux.


The team of Apache Cordova engineered PhoneGap. This is the reason people also know it as Apache Cordova. It is an open source framework and consists of a debugger, compiler, and testing tools. Further, it has the support of the best technologies named JavaScript, HTML5, and CSS3. Initially, PhoneGap was capable of handling mere simple mobile app development. But, with the inclusion of the best plugins like Push plugin, Image Capture plugin, etc, it gained its power.


This cross-platform tool performs the best to build industry-based apps. You can expect fast mobile app development with this tool. The developer has the flexibility of writing code in Java and can verify and test the app with Codename One test automation tools and simulator devices. Codename One supports the best IDEs such as Eclipse, NetBeans, and IntelliJ IDEA. Its build server comes with an interesting feature for developers. They can create native Windows and native iOS apps without Windows PC and Mac machine. Primarily, it is preferred for iOS apps.


Appcelerator allows deploying a single code of JavaScript for creating native applications. It offers the website content in the native app, making sure that the code is encased around the web container. One can expect faster app development as you can build a prototype in fewer efforts and lesser time to analyze UI with user interaction. Further, this tool comes with pre-built connectors for MS SQL, Box, MS Azure, MongoDB, and many more.


Xamarin uses mere C# code base and allows designing native applications for varied platforms. It enables developers to implement the similar language, APIs and IDE everywhere. If one wishes to apply Ruby or C#, then none other platforms can beat Xamarin. With ultimate flexibility, big brands like IBM, Foursquare, and Microsoft adopted it. Developers are able to share the code which leads to lesser code and time.


Rhodes framework powers RhoMobile. It is Suite a complete cluster of development tools preferred for building cross-platform and data-centric enterprise apps along with native experience for the users. Its anatomy resembles PhoneGap. And, Ruby joins its present technologies such as JavaScript, CSS3, and HTML5. In gist, this framework is compatible with both mobile and non-mobile OS such as Windows 10 Mobile, Android, Windows Mobile, etc.


Kony Mobile Platform is a cross-platform and integrated mobile app development framework. This also offers automatic API connections, coding features, and app preview feature. Having pre-built apps, it eases the way for beginners to craft an app easily. Moreover, it renders unified mobile app infrastructure in order to maintain back-end systems.


NativeScript is an open-source tool to design native cross-platform mobile apps. For most of the mobile operating systems, this provides native API in JavaScript. From NPM, you can reuse the present plugins straightly in NativeScript projects. In this way, it becomes simpler to expand features in your apps.


Hence, we listed the Impactful cross-platform mobile app development tools. We did not rate them according to their pros and cons as each one has its own. It is up to you that which one you pick according to your specific requirement. If you want a professional team to do it for you, then rely on the BigScal team for your project. From selection to implementation, we will strike a balance.