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E-commerce plugins for wordpress

Top E-Commerce Plugins for WordPress

Beginning a little internet business site shouldn’t be complicated to the point that it takes you days to make sense of how to set it up and utilize it. That is the reason, we have recorded a couple of WordPress shopping basket modules for you here. These modules are anything but difficult to set up, incorporate well with your current WordPress sites and in the blink of an eye, you will have the capacity to offer items all alone Ecommerce store.

WP e-Commerce

WP online business is the most mainstream and one of the soonest internet business modules for WordPress. For a free module, WP online business doesn’t hold back on highlights. It underpins different installment portals, for example, PayPal, Authorize.net and Google Checkout. It is anything but difficult to introduce and accompanies an assortment of instant topics, to begin with, yet it is very adaptable and you can without much of a stretch change the look and adjust the formats to your benefit.


WooCommerce is a standout amongst the most well-known shopping basket module as far back as its presentation. It was immediately picked up prevalence and group bolster. The module is totally allowed to download and use, with augmentations and subjects accessible for procurement. It is exceptionally adjustable, works with any WordPress topic and accompanies numerous installment choices including Paypal, Check, Cash on conveyance.


Jigoshop is another incredible, free web-based business module for WordPress sites. Jigoshop gives a long arrangement of highlights and gives you finish control over appearances by offering a broad arrangement of APIs and snares to effectively construct a custom topic. It’s ideal for the private venture and web store new businesses.

Easy Digital Downloads

Simple Digital Downloads is an incredible alternative for WordPress sites offering just advanced items. One of its greatest points of interest is the straightforwardness and simple to set up. It’s a free module with expansions and topics accessible for procurement.


eShop is one of our most loved internet business module for WordPress. What makes this module interesting is that it’s free, as well as brimming with highlights, dependable, and overall simple to utilize.

Cart66 Lite

Cart66 is a superior online business module with a free/lite form accessible. The lite form incorporates the essential online business highlights to run a web-based business site. It’s simple and ideal for some sorts of online stores. What makes this module one of a kind is the help for repeating installments and enrollment access in paid/premium adaptation of module.


Shopp is an SEO-accommodating, capable and prominent online business module. It’s a premium module, works out of the container with any WordPress topic and offer an extensive variety of highlights. With the assistance of shortcodes and topic gadgets, you can rapidly include Shopp components and items into your pages.

web designing ideas to expand business boundaries

Web designing ideas to expand business boundaries

Web designing ideas and concepts are used by best web designers. It focused on bringing uniqueness and higher utility to your website. Designing a website is focused on understanding the needs of the client in great detail. But at the same time, it requires a lot of creativity. Unique and inspirational web designs can help improve the visual quality and remembrance value of your website. The best thing is that it is easy to find a unique and creative web design that can make your website look stunning.

There are many ways to make your website attractive and make the customers Happy and keep coming back. Pictures, sliders, can be used to grab the attention of the customers. It is not just grabbing their attention which is important but it is also required that there be a focus on establishing a better understanding of what the website has to offer. Clarity, attractiveness and crisp content are crucial for a website along with creativity.

Ensuring that these elements are unique will help the website grow in terms of creativity and stand apart from the crowd on the internet. Have to ensure that the web pages we create have these unique elements imbibed in each of them. Only then we would be able to ensure high quality to our customers and ensure that their websites perform better than their counterparts. Our aim to provide terms of content, design and search optimization in order to help our customers take their business to another level. Here are the few ways to make your website standout in a competitive market.

How to make your website unique

  • Logo Concept

A logo should be designed to specify on your website. It purely explains the VISION AND MISSION of your website. Logo attracts the customers to keep coming back to your website. The main objective is to encourage people to check-in frequently. A logo is helpful for content-based websites. It clearly communicates to your viewer as to what the website is all about. Only then it would be possible to ensure that customers are able to relate to the website.

  • Social share buttons

Social share buttons are indispensable for websites today. This social media share button does not just give the option to like or simply share the post, but also write descriptions and automates essential sharing requirements.

  • Pay attention to login pages

A customer login page gives a personalized feel for both your brand & your customers. It should be something creative and simple too.

  • Build curiosity

Create the excitement with your viewers with the badges or animated images. This can be used before the launch of your website or to publish/market any product. This is just not informative but also creates curiosity among the people.

  • Produce quality content

Search engines are hungry for fresh content on websites, you need to add new content to your website regularly and keep updated. The more quality content you have, the greater the opportunity.

  • Attention to comment and feedback

Attention must be paid to the comment and feedback. This paves a way to know about the opinions, likes, and dislikes of the customers. Comment helps one to know about the customer’s view, their opinion regarding your website whereas feedback would help you to improve the service.

  • Layout and structure

This is perhaps one of the more ways to differentiate your site from the rest. This feature gives your page a different outlook and can help it to make as memorable for your customers.

  • Branding

Branding is another way to make your website look apart. Just find out what your clients branding guidelines are and embrace them.

Consider above points while making a website. It gives various ways to create stunning websites for clients which would help you to get more potential clients. At the same time, it should be filled with more of images.


PHP Frameworks

Overall idea about PHP frameworks

Our Developers are build complex websites and web applications for your business. there was a need for a more structured natural way of development. That’s how PHP came into existence. PHP frameworks provide developers an adequate solution for that. And since then, PHP has been the base of coding and thousands of people are working on it.

However, to hire PHP developers who are efficient, talented and skilled enough could be a complex decision for many business owners. So, you must check out some parameters like work history, experience etc. before hiring them. In this blog, we have discussed overall PHP frameworks.

Here the list of PHP frameworks:

  1. Laravel Web Development Framework:

Laravel is currently one of the most popular PHP frameworks. This is one of the top web development frameworks that come with restful routing and some brilliant and innovative features for development. It also includes native PHP or lightweight tempting. The framework provides a solid base and foundation for web application development.

  1. Symfony:

Symfony is currently the most scalable and one of the best PHP framework. This is also one of the web development frameworks that help in the faster creation of a web application, along with its simple maintenance of a website. It provides the advantage for other components like Templating, Translation, Validator, Forms Config and more which makes it one of the top PHP frameworks. While comparing Symfony and Laravel, it’s difficult to say which one is better as they have many common and unique features and both are popular web development frameworks.

  1. Zend Framework:

This is one of the very lightweight & popular PHP frameworks that is fully featured. The version 3 of this framework is now available, with new major improvements. It is easy to learn and also provides various online training programmes. The USP of this framework is the consistency in design and an object-oriented programming.

  1. Cake PHP:

This is one of the easiest & one of the best PHP frameworks to learn currently. It’s a PHP CRUD Framework (‘create, read, update and delete’) which is one of the most popular aspects of this framework. Some of its other interesting features include- session, cookie, request handling, e-mail, and security.

  1. CodeIgniter:

Codeigniter, one of the popular PHP frameworks, currently available in its version 2.2.6. It comes with simplified documentation. Some of the main features of this PHP framework include nearly zero configuration, no large-scale monolithic libraries, compatibility with standard hosting, no restrictive coding rules, no need for template language etc.

  1. Phalcon: 

Speed is the USP of these top PHP frameworks. This framework uses lesser memory and the time request is faster when compared with other PHP frameworks.

  1. Yii Framework:

This lightweight PHP framework is known for its easy installation process and can be easily extended. In this framework, PHP integrates with CodeCeption which is a popular testing framework. This allows faster web application development and testing.

  1. Fat-Free:

This is one of the most simplified, lightweight and one of the top PHP frameworks currently. It weighs less than 50KB and is considered as one of the lightweight PHP frameworks. The main features of URL router, multilingual application support, and cache engine have been used for the creation of this powerful framework. The framework comprises a variety of plugins, a powerful queue library, an amazing ORM, painless routing and a simple authentication. The framework has been built using Symfony components.

  1. Kohana:

Kohana was built with PHP OOP in mind and provides the many advantages like visibility protection, abstracts, automatic class loading, interfaces, overloading, and singletons. However, you can use this lightweight PHP framework only you have PHP 5 or updated versions.

  1. FuelPHP:

This is one of the top PHP frameworks which is written in PHP 5.3.  It uses a Cascading File Effect. Its main advantages are- RESTful implementation, HMVC implementation, URL routing system, form and data validation, vulnerability protection and caching system.

  1. Flight:

This is a micro-framework and quite extensible as well. The documentation of this framework is simple and one can easily learn it. The framework is not recommended for larger web application projects, as it is relatively simpler.

  1. Zikula:

This framework is based on Symfony and Doctrine. The framework is suitable for all kinds of big and small projects. The Framework provides the advantage of being integrated with Font Awesome 4 and Bootstrap 3. The framework comes with a flexible theme system, Module Studio, chat and document creator galleries. The platform is an open source one and is absolutely free.


So far we have seen a sorted list of reliable PHP frameworks for startups that would surely help businesses to achieve success. The best part of all the above-listed PHP frameworks is that these are future ready PHP frameworks and consists of countless features to give you an amazing web development experience.

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