Best VueJS Practices for Successful Web Development Projects

What do you expect the most from your web application as a business? Of course, a high-speed website!!!! It is evident that a good website speed will satisfy users!!!! Perhaps you remember clicking on a particular website, and it took a long time to load; that did disappoint you, didn’t it? That’s for sure!

Knowing that pain point, you won’t want your website to perform that poorly!! You can combine code with VueJS to make your website work better.

Vue.js is the eminent framework for building an engaging and visually appealing application that requires minimal resources.

This platform offers tangible solutions that ease the development process. There are many reasons that make vue the most favorable choice for developers.

In this blog, we will provide you with a comprehensive guide on how to leverage the best vue js practices in your project.

As this framework is the leading software world, we have curated a list of some top practices that will help you to construct a web application effortlessly. Without further delay, let’s get started!

What is Vue.js?

What is Vue.js

VueJS is an open-source progressive framework written in javascript. Furthermore, this framework streamlines the development workflows.

As the vue.js framework uses the view layer, it is useful in building large front-end development applications.

Additionally, developers should be fine with the installation of vue.js as well.

Well, installing VueJS is not a complicated task, developers can easily install it.

Vue developers can easily build an interactive user interface.

Also, they can prefer the VueJS style guide to eliminate errors and anti-patterns.

What are the uses of Vue.js?

Firstly, Vue.js is a JavaScript framework that streamlines the process of building user interfaces and single-page applications.

Secondly, it is an advanced framework that makes the building of the front end simpler and more delightful.

Thirdly, the platform is incrementally adoptable and avoids many of the inherent flaws of existing, monolithic frameworks.

Fourthly, Vue’s library can easily combine with other libraries and existing projects. This framework serves best as it relies on the library view layer.

Fifthly, Vue can easily build complex, single-page applications by leveraging modern tools and libraries.

Finally, Vue provides two-way data binding to ensure data is always available for different parts of an application (usually the most recent version).

Why is Vue.js so demandable?

Vue.js is highly demandable due to the following reasons:

  • Vue’s simplicity and ease of use make it accessible for beginners and experienced developers.
  • Its component-based architecture allows for easy reuse and modularity, resulting in faster development and easier maintenance of complex applications.
  • Its extensive ecosystem provides a wide range of libraries, tools and plugins that enhance productivity and enable developers to build feature-rich applications.
  • Due to its popularity, Vue.js has attracted a large and active community that provides resources, support, and continuous development.

A few useful Vuejs Practices that Developers should Follow

Below we highlighted some best vuejs practices that will help you keep the code organized and simplify the application structure.

1. Use Key Inside V- for

When working with vue, using a key attribute inside a v-for loop is important. This helps vue efficiently update and manage the list of elements.

It ensures each element is uniquely identified, improving performance and preventing rendering issues. Using the key is a recommended practice for vue developers.

Additionally, it provides smooth and accurate updates, preventing problems like incorrect ordering and duplication of elements, leading to a better user experience.

Furthermore, we understand that staying on top of the trends and best practices can be difficult for you; for that reason, you can also rely on a front-end developer, but again, make sure to have a definitive guide in hand on how to hire a front-end developer before making your final decision.

2. Use Vuex Actions

In Vuex, an action is responsible for handling asynchronous logic and side effects. Furthermore, It involves making API calls to fetch data or perform other asynchronous operations.

Once the necessary data is obtained, the action commits the modifications to the store, ensuring that the state is updated accordingly.

One of the best vuejs practices is understanding the actions so you can handle asynchronous logic best.

3. Use Vuex Mutations

Using vuex mutations helps developers by providing a clear and organized way to change the application data.

Furthermore, it ensures that all changes happen in a controlled and predictable manner. Thus, it makes it easier to discover and fix issues.

These best vuejs practices help to keep the code organised. Additionally, you will be able to make predictions easier with an accurate reference to your components.

4. Code Splitting

It is one of the best vuejs practices for improving the functionality of the application. Furthermore, developers can split the code into smaller parts and load it in the application whenever required.

This approach decreases the application’s initial load time and provides an excellent user experience.

You can split the vs code by lazy loading technique, rather than loading all the code up front, you can simply load the code that is needed.

5. Routing

Client-side routing is one of the best vuejs practices for building single-page applications. Furthermore, vue does not come with built-in routing but offers an official plugin called Vue Router.

This plugin provides all the necessary functions and streamlines the building of an application. Additionally, if you are using VueCLI, you can add a vue router without the need to install it separately using “npm install vue-router”.

Vue Router helps establish a link between the browser URL/history and vue components.

It allows specific paths to display associated views, making it easier to render different content based on the URL. Vue router eases the building of single-page applications. Also, you can pre-configure the vue router when creating a new project.

6. Use Refs to access DOM Elements

It is recommended to avoid directly manipulating DOM elements whenever possible. Instead, vue.js provides a property called “$ref”, the reactive nature of Vue.js can be easily maintained and helps prevent problems that can arise from directly changing the DOM.

It’s a safer and more efficient way to work with Vue.js components. Additionally, $refs are the best way to encapsulate and test VueJS with better performance.

While developing a Vue application, avoid direct access to the DOM. Due to the ease of maintenance and the lack of reliance on specific class names, it is a great way to access the DOM.

7. Avoiding Cross-Platform Mistakes

The use of cross-scripting injects harmful code into web pages and compromises the integrity of website data. Developers avoid this pitfall by following best vuejs practices. Furthermore, They should prefer interpolated expressions {{}} for test rendering rather than using v-HTML.

8. Use API Module Pattern for Organizing HTTP Requests

The API module pattern is a helpful approach for systematically organising HTTP requests. It involves creating separate modules or files that correspond to different API endpoints.

By following these Vuejs practices it becomes more effortless to manage and maintain the code related to each specific request. This pattern ensures that the code remains organised, promotes reusability and makes it simpler to add or modify API endpoints in the future.

It ultimately leads to more structured and maintained code when working with HTTP requests in the application.

9. Not relying on Third-Party Libraries Only

This feature of healthcare app development services can help patients provide their feedback and experiences for betterment. It can help medical experts make necessary changes. Hence it will further enhance the credibility and loyalty of patients to healthcare service providers.

10. Regular Audit of Packages

Any app that uses third-party packages is vulnerable to security threats. In addition to securing those apps, regular checking fixes vulnerabilities. Here are the steps developers follow for auditing.

Developers can check vulnerabilities using NPM audit. This tool produces a report on dependencies and vulnerabilities.

You can also keep outdated packages updated with NPM updates by looking for obsolete packages using the NPM obsolete command.

Additionally, developers can fix the vulnerability manually by using commands such as audit fix, NPM, etc.

Features of Vue JS

Features of Vue JS

Now we have got clarity on the best VueJS practices, let’s understand the features of vue.js. Below we highlighted the best features of vue.js:

1. Virtual DOM

Vue.js uses virtual dom to make the app development process faster. Furthermore, it creates a copy of the original web page in the memory and you can compare it with the updated version.

Furthermore, it loads only the parts that have been altered, rather than reloading the entire web page. This speeds up the app and provides an excellent user experience.

Additionally, the user can view only the final changes that appear in the real DOM. Its creative mode modifies the changes quickly and provides cost-effective solutions.

2. Data Binding

This feature allows VueJS to manipulate HTML attributes and apply values, as well as style and align classes through the use of binding directives, or v-bind, in VueJS.

3. CSS Transitions and Animations

Vue.js allows the transition of HTML elements specifically when these elements are added, modified, or deleted from the DOM.

Furthermore, in the framework, the transition component contains the element that returns the transition effect.

Additionally, the developers can combine the vue application with third-party animation libraries to give a more interactive and engaging user experience.

4. Template

VueJS use HTML-based templates that connect DOM to the instance data. To create a fake rendering process, web developers can merge templates.

In addition, web developers can replace the original template with a render function template. This helps them to manipulate and manage the content that appeared on the web page.

5. Computed Properties

It is one of the amazing features of Vue JS. It ensures that it will respond to changes made to the user interface elements and executes the required logic without requiring any further code.

Furthermore, computed properties allow developers to dynamically calculate and update values based on other properties in your components.

They are like custom data fields that automatically updated whenever their dependencies modify. Thus, making it easy to manage and display derived data in your vue components.

How Vue JS can benefit your business


There are many business advantages to using Vue JS, and the latter is one of the most compelling reasons for businesses to do so. Let’s find out:

1. Good performance

Vue offers you everything you need, you don’t have to look for other technologies while building applications. Also, you can add additional libraries, if you require more advanced features.

When it comes to building a virtual DOM and improving its performance, VueJS has proven to be quicker than Angular, React, and many other frameworks.

2. Easy to understand

Because of its simplicity, developers can easily learn, read, and understand the Vue API. Furthermore, the learning curve for VueJS is relatively low, which makes it a good choice for some developers.

3. Cross Platform

VueJS is a cross-platform framework. Furthermore, developers do not have any additional platforms or libraries for building vue applications.

Vue.js frameworks build a single app that works on multiple devices including smartphones, tablets, and desktops, without the need to change the code.

4. Easy to Deploy

VueJS streamlines the deployment process. This feature allows developers to use vue with cloud platforms, including Azure, Heroku, AWS etc.

5. Excellent User Experience

Another important benefit of the Vue JS framework is providing an amazing user experience to the customers.

Furthermore, by leveraging vue technology, you can build a landing page, a shopping website, or even a blog that gives an elegant look to the apps and users can easily navigate it.

Businesses benefit immensely from this framework as it allows them to add video players, maps, and other interactive features efficiently.

You should consider VueJS if you are seeking an open-source framework to help with your business’s development needs.


Vue.JS is an open-source platform that helps developers to build cross-platform apps with fewer resources. It provides an outstanding user interface with a simplistic design for built apps. The VueJS best practices will help you build stable, more revenue-generating applications.

If you are looking to build robust and attractive applications, vue js is one of the best options. Additionally, it provides the best Vuejs practices to follow to make your code clean, organized, consistent, and easy to understand. Besides helping you create enticing apps, a lot of people favor it as well.

Bigscal is a top-notch VueJS development company that can provide you with the necessary resources to successfully market your product.

Additionally, you can hire Vue JS developers to create amazing apps for your business that will reach millions of people. Get more information about the benefits of Vue JS by contacting our experts.

Best VueJS Practices for Successful Web Development Projects CTA


Yes, vue is a popular javascript framework for web development. It offers simplicity, flexibility, and excellent documentation, making it a great choice for building modern web applications.

To enhance vue performance, you can implement techniques such as code splitting, lazy loading, caching, optimizing component rendering and using performance monitoring tools like vuedevtools and lighthouse for performance analysis and optimization.

Vue offers benefits such as simplicity, reactivity, excellent documentation, a flexible ecosystem, easy integration with existing projects, and efficient rendering performance, making it a popular choice for web development.

It is important to note that Vue is a JavaScript/TypeScript progressive framework for building web applications, whereas React is a JavaScript library for building user interfaces. “Progressive” refers to a project’s capability to evolve as it grows in its scope and functionality.

In terms of performance, vue is generally considered to have faster rendering times compared to Angular. However, the actual performance can vary depending on the specific implementation and optimization technique used in each project.

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