LMN8 is a tracking system and community that helps you stick to an elimination goal. LMN8 is cross-platform application. Developed in Phonegap (Polymer).

How it works: Tell us what foods you consume regularly and any symptoms you may have. We will suggest some common foods associated with your symptoms you can LMN8.

Check in: Each day you will check in, indicate whether or not you consumed the LMN8’d food and the severity of any reported symptoms.

Support: We will connect you with others LMN8ing similar foods and provide you with resources along the way!

Track: Check on your progress weekly to help you stick with it and commit!

Review & Assess: At the end of 8 weeks you will see a clear connection between the food and symptom. Either continue to track that food or move on to the next item to LMN8.

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  • Health & Fitness

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