Are HTML, CSS, and JavaScript Enough? (Front-end Framework)

What irritates me is when people try to appear smart by offering stupid replies. Many people argue things like “No, you’re limiting yourself to HTML, CSS, and JavaScript,” (Front-end Framework) which is complete nonsense.

Front-end Framework

Do you realize how many websites are developed solely in HTML and CSS JavaScript around the world?

Many websites are created without the use of a framework. GitHub and YouTube are probably the most well-known.

Many! Many websites are really basic, and users pay for them. Why wouldn’t HTML, CSS, and JavaScript be enough for a full-time career if people are willing to pay for it?

How long will it take you to learn the fundamentals of HTML, CSS, and Javascript?

First and foremost, you cannot learn programming in its entirety in a month; when people claim it takes a month to learn, they are saying that you will only learn 10% of it in that time…

What many people assume: HTML is a simple language, no way…the simplest way to express this is that HTML has a basic “syntax” that is easy to learn.

Start with html, render out some basic <h1> to <h6>, <img>, <p>, <a>, <b> and list tags like <ul> and <li>. Make a small website skeleton and practice more and more, so that you will get a rough idea of how it works, then you start exploring div and classes etc.

CSS is fairly simple, and I’m not implying that you won’t be able to grasp it completely. CSS has over 500 attributes, and you’ve come to the perfect place if you’ve ever wondered when to utilize them.

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Now javascript, in big leagues more and more you use js the more you love it.

This is where things start getting complicated, you have to know lots of logical things such as variables, array, list, DOM, data fetch, Dom manipulation, dynamic logical rendering, etc…

If you don’t know any other languages, javascript will confuse you and make you curse it, but on your will and passion if you spend a minimum of 8 hours per day you can get the basics within 2–3 months.

Be self-motivated and focused. It will take 3 months to study all of these if you follow a tight learning plan and put it into practice effectively.

Now, I’m not suggesting you’ll master them in three months because learning is a lifelong process, but you’ll understand the principles and essentials of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript in that time and be able to design websites from basic to intermediate level.

HTML CSS JS for front-end-framework

Finally, do you require a front-end framework for your web application?

Front-end frameworks aren’t required for all web applications. With simply HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, you can easily create the front end for a basic web application. This web development front-end tech stack is sufficient for creating a web app with basic dynamic controls that respond to user queries. As a result, your web application can function without the use of front-end frameworks. Its interactivity, functionality, and maintainability, on the other hand, will be severely limited.

You don’t require a front-end framework to create a static web app, for example. You’ll need JavaScript if you want your web app to be interactive, but you won’t require a framework. Using a front-end framework for web application development is more of a preference than a must.


For all types of web applications, neither yes nor no can be the true answer. The type of web application you’re constructing, your desired user audience, and your development budget will all influence whether or not you require a front-end framework.

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