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Bigscal helps to hire android app developers to build high-quality applications that serve all the needs of businesses. Hire android app developers to transform your vision into reality.

Bigscal is a leading provider of high-quality Android development services, offering a team of talented and experienced developers who are dedicated to delivering innovative solutions for our clients.

With a deep understanding of the latest technologies and industry trends, our android developers are equipped to handle projects of all sizes and complexities.

Whether you are looking to build a custom Android app from scratch, or you need to enhance an existing one, our team can help.

Hire android developers who deliver high-impact solutions that fulfil all business requirements.

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    Adani renewables
    Vital data technology
    Universal weather & aviation, inc
    One RPM
    Trackimo always there
    Whirpool india
    Big interview
    Different dog
    Open cosmos

    Leverage the expertise of our android app developers

    Hire android app developers who are committed to working closely with our clients to ensure that their visions are brought to life and that their projects are delivered on time and within budget. With Bigscal, you can rest assured that you will receive the best possible support and guidance throughout the development process.

    Custom App Development

    Bigscal offers custom Android app development services with a team of experienced remote coders. Hire android app developers to build secure and efficient apps for simple to complex business requirements.

    Wearable application

    Hire android developers who have expertise in creating wearable mobile apps for businesses of all types.

    AR/VR Mobile Apps

    Hire android app developer to create interactive and cutting-edge Augmented and Virtual Reality applications for various business requirements.

    Blockchain Mobile Apps

    Our skilled android developers are experts in utilizing Blockchain technology to create applications that meet your specific needs.

    AI/Machine Learning Apps

    Hire android developers to create intelligent and cutting-edge AI-powered mobile applications for businesses utilising Machine Learning algorithms.

    Third-Party Integration

    Our android developers can seamlessly integrate your apps with your current back-end systems (such as CMS, ERP, etc.) to enhance operational efficiency.

    Android App Porting

    Our top android developers can effectively port your current app to Android, allowing you to reach a wider user base and maximize revenue generation.

    Android App Consultation

    Get expert consultation for your Android app concept to build a robust and suitable solution for your business.

    Let’s Talk About Your Project

    To help us turn your project idea into a spectacular digital product, request a free consultation and share it with us.

    Explore Our Latest Android Technologies

    As a premier Android app development company, our skilled android developers utilize the newest technologies and tools to craft innovative, top-notch mobile solutions for your business.

    Technology Stack

    Unleash the Power of Android

    Hire Android app developers to continuously create a personalized and relevant experience through mobile apps in the Android environment.


    Wider Pool of Customers

    Targeting Android users opens up the possibility to reach a larger customer base as compared to focusing on iOS users. This is because Android devices have a higher global market share.


    Great ROI and Low Cost

    One of the advantages of building android applications is the accessibility of the Android Software Development Kit (SDK). This provides developers with the necessary tools and resources to create apps that are visually appealing to users.


    Easier Installation

    One of the benefits of Android apps is their easy accessibility via the Google Play Store, evading the requirement for a complicated installation process. This makes it simple for users to start using your app right away, as they can download and install it in just a few minutes.


    Easier Entry to Market

    Android has wide device compatibility, ranging from smartphones to smartwatches, offering a huge market potential for Android apps.


    Easy Deployment

    The short development time for Android apps offers businesses a strategic advantage in getting new ideas to market faster.


    Support from Google

    Robust support and easy integration of business-friendly Google apps like Gmail and Drive are significant advantages of Android OS.

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    Why Hire Android App Developers from Bigscal?

    Bigscal is a premier android app development company, offering top-notch services and solutions to businesses across industries. With a team of experienced developers and a commitment to delivering exceptional results, Bigscal is at the forefront of the android app development landscape, helping clients turn their ideas into reality. Whether you’re looking to launch a new app or enhance an existing one, Bigscal has the expertise, resources and commitment to ensure your success.

    • Adept developers
    • Affordable Solutions
    • IP rights to protect your data
    • Flexible engagement choices
    • Smooth communication
    • Effective development strategies
    • On-time delivery
    • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified approaches

    We Collaborate With Outstanding Businesses Globally

    As India’s premier android app development company, Bigscal has partnered with top companies worldwide to deliver cutting-edge solutions, giving businesses a competitive advantage. With its skilled developers and commitment to excellence, Bigscal is a trusted partner in realizing innovative android app ideas.

    • 750+ Projects Successful
    • 97%+ Customer Satisfaction Rate
    • 500+ Global Clients
    • 25+ Countries
    • 175+ Full-Time Software Developers
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    We will engage in a conversation to assess our skills and capabilities.


    Align engineer(s)

    Initiate the development process by aligning the engineer(s).


    Trial Phase

    We seek ongoing feedback from our engineers on your project.


    Add engineer(s) to your team

    The engineer(s) is added to your team after the trial period.

    Work Together With The Top 1% Of Indian Developers

    Get access to the top talent in the field by hiring our dedicated Android app developers.

    Junior Android App Developer

    $1650 – $2400

    1-3 Years Experienced

    Mid Level Android App Developer

    $2400 – $3400

    3-5 Years Experienced

    Senior Level Android App Developer

    $3400 onwards

    5+ Years Experienced

    A Variety Of Hire Android App Developer Models Are Available

    All Of Our Clients Have The Option Of Selecting The Engagement Model That Best Suits Their Needs.

    Huge Community Support

    Dedicated Team

    To find out more about specialized teams, speak to your company’s marketing department. Pay-per-use contract with a monthly rolling payment schedule.

    • This product has no hidden charges
    • 160 hours of employment that is guaranteed
    • Invoices are paid on a monthly
    • Only pay for an activity that can be quantified
    cost saving

    Controlled Agile

    The controlled agile engagement approach is ideal for individuals with a limited budget who yet want some flexibility in response to changing circumstances.

    • Flexibility to the max
    • Assemble a squad
    • You may start with something simple
    • Having full control over your money
    Adaptable Timely Workflow

    Time And Material

    Please inquire about hourly rates when representing a firm with undefined projects and continuing work. Pay-per-use hourly rolling contract.

    • This product has no hidden charges
    • Working hours that are dependent on requirements
    • Invoices are paid on a monthly
    • Only pay for activities that can be quantified

    User Guide To Hire Android Developers

    What is the role of an android mobile developer?

    An Android developer is responsible for designing, developing, and maintaining applications for the Android operating system. This includes writing code in Java and using the Android software development kit (SDK) to create applications that can run on a wide range of devices, from smartphones and tablets to in-car infotainment systems. The main objective of an Android developer is to create high-quality, innovative and functional applications that meet users' needs.

    An Android developer must have a good knowledge of the Android platform and its APIs, as well as mobile app design principles. They should be able to write clean, well-documented, and maintainable code optimised for performance and reliability. In addition, they must be familiar with software development tools, such as Android Studio, and be able to use version control systems like Git.

    Aside from technical skills, an Android developer should also have excellent communication skills and the ability to work in a team environment. They must be able to collaborate with other developers, designers, and stakeholders to understand project requirements, prioritize tasks, and ensure the timely delivery of the project.

    Therefore, an Android developer plays a crucial role in creating innovative, user-friendly, and high-quality applications for the Android platform. Their skills and expertise help to drive the growth and adoption of mobile technology and shape the future of mobile app development.

    Which languages are useful for designing iOS applications?

    IOS applications are primarily written in Swift or Objective-C programming languages. Swift is a high-performance, advanced and easy-to-learn programming language that was introduced by Apple in 2014. It is designed to be safe, fast, and interactive, and is now the recommended language for developing iOS applications. Swift code is highly readable and provides a streamlined and efficient way to write iOS applications, making it easier for developers to maintain and improve their code over time.

    Objective-C, on the other hand, is an older, low-level programming language that has been the primary language for iOS development since the introduction of the iOS platform. Despite its age, Objective-C is still widely used by many developers, especially those with extensive experience in iOS development. Objective-C has a rich set of libraries and tools and provides a powerful and flexible way to write iOS applications, making it an ideal choice for more complex or demanding applications.

    Both Swift and Objective-C are compiled into machine code and executed directly on Apple hardware, making them highly efficient and performant languages for iOS development. Both languages are also integrated with Apple's development tools, such as Xcode, which provides a comprehensive development environment for creating and testing iOS applications.

    IOS developers have the choice between Swift and Objective-C when writing iOS applications. Both languages have their abilities and drawbacks, and the choice of language depends on the individual developer's needs, skills, and experience. Regardless of the language choice, iOS developers must have a deep understanding of the iOS platform and its APIs, as well as mobile app design principles, to create high-quality, innovative, and functional applications that meet users' needs.

    Which is the most suitable language for building Android products?

    The best language for making Android apps is Java. Java is the official language for designing android mobile apps and is widely used by developers around the world. It is a powerful, object-oriented language that provides a wide range of features and libraries for developing high-quality, feature-rich Android applications. Java code is highly readable and maintainable, making it easier for developers to update and improve their code over time.

    Additionally, Java has huge and dynamic community support, making it easier to get support and assistance when developing Android applications. The Android software development kit (SDK) provides comprehensive development tools set and APIs for developing Android applications in Java, including the Android Studio development environment, which makes it easier for developers to write, test, and debug their code.

    In recent years, Google has introduced Kotlin as the best language for building android mobile apps, alongside Java. There are many benefits to using Kotlin over Java, such as enhanced type inference, null safety, and functional constructs. Kotlin is interoperable with Java, making it easy for developers to integrate existing Java code into their Kotlin projects.

    Java is the best language for making Android apps, but Kotlin is also a great choice for developers who want to use a modern and expressive language for their Android projects. Both languages have their own abilities and drawbacks, and the choice of language depends on the individual developer's needs, skills, and experience. Regardless of the language choice, Android developers must have a deep understanding of the Android platform and its APIs, as well as mobile app design principles, to create high-quality, innovative, and functional applications that meet the needs of users.

    Our Latest Blogs

    Bigscal creates articles that broaden your knowledge and provide you with in-depth details on the most recent developments in the IT business. Our specialists are always looking into new IT technologies and creating articles for our cherished clients.


    If you want a quick turnaround on your project at a reasonable cost, hire specialized Android developers who will focus completely on your project and offer speedier results. In addition, Indian developers can provide high-quality solutions at a reasonable cost.

    Yes, we do, and we are completely dedicated to satisfying our clients’ operating needs. As a result, we believe in giving results, and we will gladly sign an NDA if necessary.

    After signing the contract, we will offer you a list of resumes for selection within 48 hours, and they will be assigned to your remote workforce within a week. This is because we only assign our own employees to work with your remote workforce.

    Bigscal hires the top 1% of Android developers for an hourly rate ranging from $15 to $40, depending on experience and quality. For additional information or to receive a project quote based on your unique needs, please contact us.

    Sure! We create Android apps that are fully compatible with both older and newer Android versions and devices.

    The following are some of the most important advantages of Android app development:

    • Low initial investment with a good return on investment
    • Open-source software
    • A simple app approval procedure
    • UI that can be customized
    • Provides a high level of security
    • Simple to integrate
    • Network Distribution in Multiple Locations

    The following are some of the most widely used Android app development tools:

    • Google’s Android Studio
    • AVD Supervisor
    • ADB – (Android Debug Bridge)
    • A total solar eclipse
    • Material
    • Genymovement
    • Studio for GameMaker
    • Gradle is a programming language.
    • IntelliJ IDEA is a development environment for IntelliJ IDEA.
    • Instagram bug
    • LeakCanary

    We have a project management system in place to keep track of our work on a daily basis. We provide you access to credentials so you may delegate jobs and communicate with dedicated engineers. We also know how to use JIRA, Slack, Teamwork, and Basecamp. Instant chat platforms such as Skype, Hangout, and others can be used to contact our staff.

    We accept a variety of payment methods, including credit cards, PayPal, and wire transfers.

    We will notify you in advance of any planned leave. Our Customer Relationship Manager or Business Team will contact you in the event of emergency leave. We also have a notice time for each employee to guarantee that the project’s expertise is transferred smoothly.

    Both of these may be used to create Android applications. Java, on the other hand, has certain security flaws and functionality restrictions. As a result, for improved build quality, and Android Studio developers should always use Kotlin.

    What Our Valuable Clients Say About Us

    We are grateful for our clients’ trust in us, and we take great pride in delivering quality solutions that exceed their expectations. Here is what some of them have to say about us:

    "BigScal’s dedicated and talented staff made the effort to understand my complex requirements and met these challenges with insightful.Their greatest strength is an ability to listen to what a client need."

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    Owner, Brew-EZ

    "Their communication was very impressive, especially since there’s a great distance between Colorado and India."

    Ilona Maxwell

    Owner, Brew-EZ

    "They were an extension of our team that we trusted and relied upon."

    Lindsay Fairman

    Founder, B2C & B2B

    "We are happy with their high-quality work."

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    Managing Director, Priovanti

    "Very good cooperation! The work was always professional and always on time. We will hire them definitely again."


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