Vulnerability Assessment Solutions

With more than 12 years of experience in software testing, Bigscal is one of India’s top providers of solutions for vulnerability assessments.

We assist you in locating, examining, and delivering top-notch software programs’ security flaws. Server security testing, cloud security testing, app security testing, IoT security testing, etc. are all part of our vulnerability assessment services.

To uncover flaws in the program, our vulnerability testers employ cutting-edge vulnerability assessment tools and procedures and produce comprehensive final reports (of great accuracy).

Are you looking for solutions for vulnerability assessment so that you can create secure IT systems and applications?

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Adani renewables
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Universal weather & aviation, inc
Trackimo always there
Whirpool india
Big interview
Different dog
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Solutions for Vulnerability Assessment That We Offer

As a leading supplier of vulnerability assessment solutions, we provide a full variety of human and automated software application security testing solutions.

Assessment of network vulnerabilities

For companies wishing to manage vulnerabilities and conduct vulnerability audits, our specialists offer affordable software solutions.

  • Network discovery and mapping
  • Providing information on vulnerability analyses
  • Monthly or quarterly assessments

Testing for application security

Using both manual and automated techniques, our application security testing team finds and eliminates security threats in apps.

  • Cross-site scripting and SQL Injection
  • ulnerabilities analysis
  • Review of the code and penetration testing

Evaluation of external vulnerabilities

This kind of testing is carried out remotely by our external vulnerability assessment team without any internal access being granted.

  • The IT assets that are exposed to the internet for threats
  • Securing network, email, and web servers
  • total security measures

Assessment of internal vulnerabilities

This test is carried out by our internal vulnerability assessment team from within the organization’s facilities.

  • Determine and categorise internal network threats
  • Adherence to national or international laws
  • Network division and information security

Cloud Security Testing

Our cloud security testers assess the safety of cloud-based systems and applications.

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS)
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)

IoT security checks

Our team of IoT security testers finds and fixes flaws in internet-connected devices.

  • Vulnerabilities analysis
  • Testing for penetration
  • Risk evaluation

Let’s Talk About Your Project

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Benefits of Using Our Solutions for Vulnerability Assessment

For the following advantages, we strongly advise evaluating the security of your complete IT system at least once a month.

Identifies Assets at Risk

Ask for help in determining which systems, programmes, and data are most likely to be the target of a cyberattack.

Security Investments is informed

Recognize the most dangerous cybersecurity threats so you can take the necessary measures to lessen or eliminate them.

Offers Strategic Guidance

Get advice on how to keep your business safe in the present and the future.

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The Best Vulnerability Assessment Company in India Is Us

Our creative testing strategy is why we are a top vulnerability assessment business. Our skilled testing staff is always looking for new ways to make your testing experience better.

Our team uses tried-and-true approaches to create top-notch software programmes for organisations in a variety of industries and according to customer specifications. Additionally, we are specialists in online and mobile app testing, so consumers will always be able to access your application across all platforms.

  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified
  • Huge technology stack
  • Flexible development
  • Experienced developers
  • Cost Effective
  • One-to-one communication
  • High-quality UI/UX
  • Regular updation

We’ve collaborated with some outstanding companies around the world.

We are the top provider of solutions for vulnerability assessments. We have dealt with companies of all kinds, including startups and large corporations. You can see for yourself how well-liked we are by taking a look at some of our esteemed customers who prioritise quality above quantity when choosing their vendors.

  • 750+ Projects Successful
  • 97%+ Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • 500+ Global Clients
  • 25+ Countries
  • 175+ Full-Time Software Developers
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User Guide

What is a vulnerability assessment?

A vulnerability assessment is a methodical analysis of computer networks or systems with the goal of locating security flaws that could be exploited by intruders or unauthorised users.

A vulnerability assessment's objective is to find and record any potential weak spots so that they can be corrected before an attacker can use them against you. Any system, including networks, servers, workstations, and mobile devices, can have its vulnerabilities evaluated.

What steps are taken during a vulnerability assessment?

Vulnerabilities can originate from a variety of places, such as poor design, faulty software, and user error. In order to rank and prioritize vulnerabilities, they must be given a numerical value, which is known as quantification. A score system like the CVSS (Common Vulnerability Scoring System) is routinely used to do this.

The general procedures that are frequently used for vulnerability assessment are as follows:

1. Establish a fundamental comprehension of the organization's networks and systems. This entails being aware of the systems and applications being used, their connections, and the traffic that passes through them.

2. Identify possible weaknesses. This entails scanning for security holes in the system, such as configuration errors, unpatched vulnerabilities, and weak passwords, as well as examining traffic for any indications of hostile activity.

3. Ascertain the risk that each vulnerability presents. This includes figuring out the likelihood that an attacker may exploit a vulnerability successfully and the possible effects of such an assault.

4. Sort vulnerabilities according to risk. This aids organizations in concentrating their efforts on dealing with the most important hazards first.

5. Create and carry out strategies to address the vulnerabilities. This entails updating software, putting in new security measures, or altering practices and procedures.

6. Keep an eye on networks and systems to ensure their efficacy. This entails routinely reevaluating vulnerabilities to check on the effectiveness of risk mitigation initiatives and the absence of new hazards.

What resources are available for vulnerability analysis?

Patch management, firewalls, and intrusion detection/prevention systems (IDS/IPS) are the main vulnerability assessment tools used for vulnerability evaluation.

The traffic that enters and departs a network is managed by firewalls. Systems called IDS/IPS are employed to identify and stop harmful activities on a network. Patch management is used to make sure that every device connected to a network has the most recent security updates installed.

Password crackers, exploit scanners, and sniffers are further frequent vulnerability assessment tools. Password crackers can try to break passwords, exploit scanners can hunt for known security holes in software, and sniffers can intercept data packets and search them for private data like credit card numbers or passwords.

What to consider when choosing a vulnerability assessment firm?

When selecting a vulnerability assessment business for yourself, keep the following in mind:

Make sure the organization has a lot of expertise performing the testing you need. Inquire about the company's process and whether it can modify its strategy to match your unique needs.

Make sure the company has a good standing and is known for providing services of the highest calibre. Obtain quotations from several businesses, evaluate the costs, and pick the solution that best suits your demands.

Request an example of how they would test your particular application or website using their vulnerability assessment tool.

Learn what kind of reporting the organisation offers and how frequently they will produce

Our Software Development Case Studies

Software development & outsourcing services have been our main focus since our inception. Being end-to-end software development partners to our patrons, we have engaged with them in their technology enhancement journey and helped them with best-in-class solutions. We have captured a few case studies to reveal how we became our clients’ favorite.

A Time-Tracking Desktop App

A time tracking tool that monitors staff computer usage and activity levels, including open programs and websites visited, it takes randomly chosen screenshots and more.

Core tech

ReactJs, nodeJs, MongoDB

A Gaming Application

In the Business Game, players roll two six-sided dice to move around the game board, buying and trading properties, and developing them into houses and hotels.

Core tech

Unity 3D, FireBase

A Finance Managemnt System

a system for managing finances that helps keep everyone informed about their financial situation and show them how to save money.

Core tech

ReactJs, nodeJs, MongoDB

An Architectural Business Management Software

Downright Tiles offers tile services for residential and commercial properties, including remodeling, renovation, repair, and installation.

Core tech

.NET, MVC5, Decoupled Architecture

Our Latest Blogs

Bigscal creates articles that broaden your knowledge and provide you with in-depth details on the most recent developments in the IT business. Our specialists are always looking into new IT technologies and creating articles for our cherished clients.


Bigscal is a great option for vulnerability assessment solutions for a variety of reasons. Some of the distinctive qualities that set us apart include:

Putting quality first Our team of skilled testers has a demonstrated track record of success, and we take great care to generate high-quality results.

Services that are affordable: We provide low pricing without sacrificing quality or service.

We have a comprehensive awareness of the subtleties of the process because to our considerable expertise with vulnerability assessments.

Flexible delivery methods: Whether you require assistance during the testing process or post-release support, we can adjust our services to match your needs.

Utilizing the most recent vulnerability assessment tools and technology, we do penetration testing.

Bigscal is a well-known software testing business that offers support for various industries. In order to provide top-notch and effective testing services, we collaborate with businesses, startups, and software companies.

We have a group of seasoned professionals who are knowledgeable about various testing methodologies. We put a lot of effort into lowering cycle times while still providing products of excellent quality.

We work closely with many different industries. Representatives from all business sectors, such as e-commerce, retail, banking, financial services, travel and tourism, telecommunications, education, healthcare, and others, make up our clientele.

A vulnerability assessment entails checking the network and systems for known flaws and looking for openings that hackers could take advantage of. Our testers look for any potentially stored sensitive data on the network or systems, and then offer suggestions for how to keep it safe from unauthorised access.

At Bigscal, we carry out a range of vulnerability analyses to find any potential system weaknesses. This includes human and automated tests, as well as exploratory and focused tests. We also collaborate with our clients to create a personalized security testing plan that satisfies their particular requirements.

What Our Valuable Clients Say About Us

We are grateful for our clients’ trust in us, and we take great pride in delivering quality solutions that exceed their expectations. Here is what some of them have to say about us:

"BigScal’s dedicated and talented staff made the effort to understand my complex requirements and met these challenges with insightful.Their greatest strength is an ability to listen to what a client need."

Dr. Dosist

Owner, Brew-EZ

"Their communication was very impressive, especially since there’s a great distance between Colorado and India."

Ilona Maxwell

Owner, Brew-EZ

"They were an extension of our team that we trusted and relied upon."

Lindsay Fairman

Founder, B2C & B2B

"We are happy with their high-quality work."

Kirk Rogers

Managing Director, Priovanti

"Very good cooperation! The work was always professional and always on time. We will hire them definitely again."


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