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Choose from the vast and talented hub of Bigscal to Hire Zend Framework Developers. Zend is a web application framework that is open-source, simple to use, and extensively utilized. Zend’s popularity among web developers stems from its efficiency, speed of development, and ease of interaction with other modern web technologies and databases such as MySQL, SQL Server, Oracle, and others.

At Bigscal Technologies, we have a highly skilled staff of Zend developers who can create strong Zend apps for a variety of business areas.

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    Adani renewables
    Vital data technology
    Universal weather & aviation, inc
    One RPM
    Trackimo always there
    Whirpool india
    Big interview
    Different dog
    Open cosmos

    The Expertise Of Our Zend Developers

    From Bespoke Development To Maintenance, Hire Zend Framework Developers For All Of Your Project Needs.

    Custom Zend Framework Development

    Our customized solutions are the greatest fit for customer demands, such as scalability in the future and bespoke Zend Framework development

    Zend Web Application Development

    For Zend Web application development, you may engage a Zend developer from Bigscal balance. Our Zend developers are experts in creating mission-critical and high-traffic apps.

    Upgrade Your Zend Website

    Bigscal is the leading Zend framework development business, specializing in all Zend framework versions.

    Zend Support & Maintenance

    Zend is in fact easy to use, easy to install and a feature-rich development platform. However, we cannot overlook the fact that Zend has its own headaches.

    Zend Enterprise Development

    In India, hiring a freelancer from Bigscal is the best solution for the project that is going to be developed with Zend framework. PHP enterprise-grade applications are built upon Zend as the best PHP framework.

    Zend Website Development Using APIs

    Being the number one service of pre-made application which based on Zend framework 2, Bigscal is the right place to hire a PHP Zend developer if you need him to start developing your application’s API.

    Let’s Talk About Your Project

    To help us turn your project idea into a spectacular digital product, request a free consultation and share it with us.

    Why Choose Zend Framework?

    Zend frameworks are an open-source PHP framework, and it is has the popularity while creating the web applications. Some reasons to choose Zend Framework include:


    Modular architecture

    A structure of Zend Framework is a set of loosely bounded components that enables programmers to use only the components suitable to the specific needs of the projects they are working on.

    High Security Standards

    High level of security

    Zend Framework include the functionality of encryption, authentication, and input validation as mechanisms to make applications more secure.

    Huge Community Support

    Large community

    Zend Framework inspired community of developer is all about users interaction, support, and sharing which reduces the problem of issues resolution.


    Enterprise-level features

    Zend Framework is used in cases of complex, enterprise software projects that demand features like data caching, session management, and integration with other environments.

    Fast Performance

    Good performance

    Zend Framework has been made to scale well by being able to operate well and fast even in case of high load conditions.


    Reduce technology-related risks

    In case that you take advantage of an effective framework model, you will save much time marked for doing a particular tasks, as well as be able to access an enormous amount of resources through Zend libraries to increase your productivity.

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    Maximize Your Web Development Potential with Bigscal’s Skilled Zend Developers

    Hire Bigscal’s Zend developers who are highly skilled in web development so that you get the best and up to technology services. Get them to trust in their ability as providing cost-effective and always reliable solutions. Offer clients a choice between multiple screening options along with a transparent and straightforward approach. Explore the world of web development, the best technology in this field.

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    Global Leaders Trust Bigscal for Hiring Zend Developers.

    Bigscal is a leading provider of top-notch zend developers and is highly sought after by prestigious organisations globally. Our developers have a proven track record of delivering outstanding results, making us the ideal choice for companies seeking to hire the best in the field.

    • 750+ Projects Successful
    • 97%+ Customer Satisfaction Rate
    • 500+ Global Clients
    • 25+ Countries
    • 175+ Full-Time Software Developers
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    Drop us a line and we’ll get back to you immediately to schedule a call and discuss your needs personally.

    What is the process for our 2-week trial?

    You can try the engineer(s) for two weeks without any obligation to add them to your team. The services are prepaid so that you can continue on if you like them. What do you think? Isn’t it effortless and transparent?



    We will discuss your needs and assess whether our skills and capabilities align with your expectations.


    Align engineer(s)

    Initiate the development process by aligning the engineer(s).


    Trial Phase

    We seek ongoing feedback from our engineers on your project.


    Add engineer(s) to your team

    The engineer(s) is added to your team after the trial period.

    Maximise Your App‘s Potential: Partner with India’s Elite Developers at Bigscal

    Hire zend framework developers and coders from India, recognized for their exceptional skills and regarded as top-notch talent globally.

    Junior Zend Framework Developer

    $1650 – $2400

    1-3 Years Experienced

    Mid Level Zend Framework Developer

    $2400 – $3400

    3-5 Years Experienced

    Senior Level Zend Framework Developer

    $3400 onwards

    5+ Years Experienced

    A Variety Of Zend Framework Developer Models Are Available

    All Of Our Clients Have The Option Of Selecting The Engagement Model That Best Suits Their Needs.

    Huge Community Support

    Dedicated Team

    To find out more about specialized teams, speak to your company’s marketing department. Pay-per-use contract with a monthly rolling payment schedule.

    • This product has no hidden charges
    • 160 hours of employment that is guaranteed
    • Invoices are paid on a monthly
    • Only pay for an activity that can be quantified
    cost saving

    Controlled Agile

    The controlled agile engagement approach is ideal for individuals with a limited budget who yet want some flexibility in response to changing circumstances.

    • Flexibility to the max
    • Assemble a squad
    • You may start with something simple
    • Having full control over your money
    Adaptable Timely Workflow

    Time And Material

    Please inquire about hourly rates when representing a firm with undefined projects and continuing work. Pay-per-use hourly rolling contract.

    • This product has no hidden charges
    • Working hours that are dependent on requirements
    • Invoices are paid on a monthly
    • Only pay for activities that can be quantified

    User Guide

    What is the Zend framework?

    Zend Framework is a free, object-oriented PHP framework which uses different architectural patterns in order to address existing issue. It enables to design and develop web apps using PHP language, and serves to create tasks that include caching, authentication, and databases access. The given architecture is directed to have the ability to develop different portions of code that can be reused. Moreover, it follows the Model-View-Controller (MVC) pattern. Developers can use zend Framework for developing robust, multipurpose, and scalable web applications which receive continuous support from an active community of developers.

    Is Zend worth using?

    Whether Zend Framework is worth to applying is tied up to an issue of numerous aspects and your particular implementation. Here are some advantages of using Zend:

    1. Large and active community: The Zend framework is unilaterally recognized among developers who provide support and help in implementing as well as improving the framework.
    2. High-quality components: IBM Zend offer a bunch of high-end tools for programming web applications that involve bulky applications.
    3. Flexibility: Framework gives developers an opportunity to use and add own various modules according to their needs. Framework is modular design principle with a high degree of flexibility.
    4. Enterprise-level security: Security is a core issue Zend provides at an absolute enterprise level, hence it has become popular among large enterprises.

    Learning curve for Zend developers is a steep one in the start as they need to be well versed with the complexities around the setting. On the other hand, it might also work as overkill since it can be helpful for smaller and simple projects

    What are the criteria for hiring a Zend framework developer?

    When hiring a remote zend framework developer, you should evaluate the following points:

    • Technical Skills: Evaluate of the candidate's knowledge and experience in zend programming, database management, and web development should be conducted.
    • Communication Skills: Find somebody who is able to communicate effectively and work closely with your team, although they might be working remotely. From learning about the water cycle to studying the complexities of photosynthesis, middle school science allows students to explore and discover the intricate connections within the natural world.
    • Problem-Solving Skills: Discover how good is the candidate at solving problems and determine his capability to analyze critically.
    • Portfolio: Verify the candidate's credentials and look through their portfolio to see some of their previous work in order to understand their curving style and past experience.
    • Project Management Experience: Find out whether applicants hold qualifications to ride projects, meet deadlines, and issue excellent work.
    • Adaptability: Look for someone who is confident with remote working and that may work with you in different arrangements and with new rules.

    What types of projects are created with zend framework?

    Zend Framework is an open-source PHP framework that is free to use for creating dynamic web applications and web applications that can withstand medium to high significance traffic. The following types of projects can be created with Zend Framework:

    • E-commerce websites
    • Content management systems (CMS)
    • Enterprise web applications
    • Social networking sites
    • Online marketplaces
    • Custom business applications
    • RESTful APIs
    • Corporate websites

    Zend Framework is largely demanded thanks to a comprehensive collection of modules and tools for building such large-scale and stable applications that are secure as possible.

    Is Zend secure to use?

    Zend Framework with that if the end users know how to implement the framework rightly and the security measures are also ensured. The framework uses the standards of security which are the input validation and output encoding to avoid the common web application attack vectors like SQL injection and Cross Site Scripting (XSS).

    However, no framework or software can guarantee 100% security, and it's the responsibility of the developer to ensure that the application is secure by implementing security measures such as regular security patches and updates, secure password storage, and proper access control.

    Lastly, Zend Framework is a secure platform, but the security of an application built with Zend Framework depends on how well it's been implemented and secured.

    Our Latest Blogs

    Bigscal creates articles that broaden your knowledge and provide you with in-depth details on the most recent developments in the IT business. Our specialists are always looking into new IT technologies and creating articles for our cherished clients.


    Yes. Your Zend apps may experience performance difficulties. We are a full-service provider and can help you resolve them. To ensure that your Zend apps run smoothly and efficiently, you may also consult us for fine-tuning or updating them to the newest versions. Your Zend apps will be supported and maintained by our team.

    Many times the intricacy and number of man-hours involved in a project determine the amount of time it will take to complete.

    Elaborate work experience and a good working knowledge of our Zend developers are our key proficiencies. The solutions that we come up with are high performers and customized to be a perfect match for your requirements.

    You can outsource projects to Cyblance at a fixed cost, or hire dedicated teams or resources from Cyblance.

    Key skills of our Zend programmers include extensive expertise and knowledge. All of the solutions we come up with are high-performing and tailored to your needs.

    With Bigscal, you have the option of outsourcing projects at a fixed fee or hiring specialized teams or resources.

    As web technology, mobile technology, and digital marketing professionals, we provide end-to-end solutions so that you don’t have to employ numerous businesses in order to get your project done. Contact us to learn more. In order to ensure that your project is a success, we have distinct divisions for Web Design, Web Development, App Development, Digital Marketing, and Web Hosting that all work together. It is our goal as a client-focused software firm to offer results-driven solutions that help organizations expand and give a return on investment.


    Prior to the start of the design process, we will give you a questionnaire to obtain all information about your business, products/services, and target audience. Our project design work begins only when we have acquired enough information about your firm. This is the initial draught that we provide you for evaluation. We rely on your feedback/suggestions to make it better. Your input, recommendations, and approval are solicited again as we revise and re-submit the revised designs. In fixed-cost projects, we limit modifications to three.

    What Our Valuable Clients Say About Us

    We are grateful for our clients’ trust in us, and we take great pride in delivering quality solutions that exceed their expectations. Here is what some of them have to say about us:

    "BigScal’s dedicated and talented staff made the effort to understand my complex requirements and met these challenges with insightful.Their greatest strength is an ability to listen to what a client need."

    Dr. Dosist

    Owner, Brew-EZ

    "Their communication was very impressive, especially since there’s a great distance between Colorado and India."

    Ilona Maxwell

    Owner, Brew-EZ

    "They were an extension of our team that we trusted and relied upon."

    Lindsay Fairman

    Founder, B2C & B2B

    "We are happy with their high-quality work."

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    Managing Director, Priovanti

    "Very good cooperation! The work was always professional and always on time. We will hire them definitely again."


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