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Bigscal specializes in delivering professional real estate software development solutions that cater to the needs of realtors, stakeholders, and builders.

Our real estate software development services help facilitate simple and efficient renting, buying, and selling of properties while providing an excellent digital platform for customer interaction.

Our real estate software supports seamless communication between clients and agents across the globe, which can significantly expand and strengthen your business.

We are committed to improving the overall customer and realtor experience by integrating the latest technologies and unique features into our software to boost business productivity.

Our agile development process ensures the timely delivery of high-quality software products. We offer dependable real estate software development solutions, and our scalable software enables brokers and agents to manage properties in an efficient manner.

Real Estate App Development Services We Provide

Through the real estate software development industry, our company focuses on facilitating occupant amenities requirements through the application of innovative tools and technology.

Real estate mobile app development

Our team of skilled developers specialises in developing top-quality mobile apps for the real estate industry. We offer cutting-edge augmented and virtual reality features that offer users an unparalleled property viewing experience.

Real estate website development

We offer real estate software development services to help you effectively promote your business online. Our services include impressive product displays featuring one-click sign-in, AI-based product recommendations, seamless payment integrations, 3D property views, and many other advanced features.

Online Property Booking Solutions

Our team of highly skilled real estate software developers provides customised property booking solutions that help customers easily find location-specific hotels, resorts, and other accommodations.

Property Management Application

Real estate software development can be highly beneficial in evaluating the impact of a business’s marketing efforts on its users. Our team of expert developers can create custom to-do lists and effective buyer engagement strategies based on the data collected.

Lead Management Solutions

Real estate lead management software makes it possible to keep prospective buyers’ information organized and under control when a company manages incoming property queries from multiple sources, including websites, social networks, and referrers. Our software enables real estate companies to do this in a simple way by tracking their business growth as well as monitor leads coming from databases in the background, giving important analytics on their sales.

Maintenance and support

Our real estate software development firm provides complete support and maintenance services that guarantee, your software effectively is updated and well well performing. We offer convenient engagement models and allow you to try the services of a dedicated real estate software developer by hiring him to perform different tasks, including adjustments, language customization, bug fixing, and others.

Building the Future of Real Estate with Analytics and Digital Solutions

We use the capabilities of IoT, augmented and virtual reality, and intelligent automation processes to create new and advanced real estate app development solutions that can be applied across various industries.


Big Data & Analytics

Our specialists create accurate valuation models and predictive analytics solutions using advanced algorithms, allowing us to generate real-time projections, provide market insights, and perform investment analysis with precision reporting.


AI and Machine Learning

We enhance your current real estate software by incorporating robotic process automation, machine learning, and natural language processing to automate your business processes. This allows for streamlining operations, reducing the need for manual intervention, and providing a more efficient and effective workflow.


AR/VR immersiveness

Among the technologies we’ve mastered in order to create our innovative solutions, the AR and VR ones stand out the most. They are applied in projects as 3D property visualizations, interactive floor plans, virtual tours, interior design editors, and so on. Our advanced technology has proven to be our edge which enables us to service our customers with the most immersive and engaging experiences and in fact we have been able to create more leads for the real estate industry.


Internet of Things

We put into use intelligent sensors, real-time monitoring cameras, and proxmity marketing beacons with a view to ensure the owners of property can take action beforehand as a result, they can promote a proactive approach to these situations. These technologies will enable our company to provide faster and more reliable monitoring of properties in real-time, and therefore to do better upkeep and sound management of the assets



Blockchain technology can revolutionize the real estate industry by automating transactions with smart contracts, securing property title management, and enabling fractional ownership through tokenization. This can increase efficiency, and transparency, and reduce the risk of fraud and errors.


Digital Transaction Management

Digital Transaction Management (DTM) streamlines real estate transactions by facilitating electronic signatures, automating document distribution, and tracking. This reduces paperwork and saves time.

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Why Choose Bigscal for Real Estate App Development


Customer Satisfaction

Indeed, the number one on the agenda of ours is bringing happiness to the clients. Through every chance, we endeavor to achieve that competency which our consumers anticipate from us. Your satisfaction is our greatest reward, and we are devoted to maintaining top-notch quality in all our interactions.


Agile Procedure

We focus on delivering products or solutions in an iterative and incremental approach. As a top-notch real estate app development firm, we place a high value on collaboration, flexibility, and customer service.


Dedicated Teams

In our real estate app development area, we have creative-minded professionals to focus on their designated areas and produce high-quality results. These teams of ours have proved to be invaluable resources for an organization that is looking to succeed not only in attaining their goals but also in doing it in an efficient and effective manner.


Flexible Engagement Models

We can personalize the structure of both real estate app development projects/processes and payment systems according to the clients’ demands. Developing a dedicated client-centric model is grounded in the principle that the communication and interaction should be based completely on the individual’s needs, budget, and project scope.


Integrity & Transparency

Our real estate app has built a foundation of all-inclusiveness and continuously ensures that our clients are kept abreast with progress and are able to access information and ask questions at any time. We strive to ensure the informations are updated to all close regards.


Competitive Pricing

One of the major tasks accomplished by Bigscal is cost effectiveness. This is helpful to companies and organizations to advance their financial performance and attain their objectives swiftly. Our real estate app development solution will make it possible for firms to virtualize assets and hence make the best use of their money.


Multi-device support

With our solutions of real-estate app development, you can utilize data that is updated in real-time and can access your app on a variety of devices without being concerned about compatibility problems or loss of any important data. Such functions would simplify the device transferring process therefore, users will not worry about the productivity and efficiency as they will continue to work uninterrupted.


24×7 Support

Through the provision of 24×7 customer service, Bigscale epitomizes customer satisfaction assurance that addresses customers’ concerns when they arise.

Our Latest Blogs

Bigscal creates articles that broaden your knowledge and provide you with in-depth details on the most recent developments in the IT business. Our specialists are always looking into new IT technologies and creating articles for our cherished clients.


Real estate software development is the act of programming the software technology mainly dedicated for property purchasing, selling and renting as well as the management of real estate properties. These types of forts can provide very broad functionalities that may include but not limited to property listings, real estate market analysis, transaction management, customer relationship management (CRM), property management, and so much more. Technologies of the real estate software development for real estate agents, brokers, property managers, and investors can be a very vital tool that help the agents to streamline the processes and improve efficacy.

Effectively, the real estate companies can either increase or decrease profits as a result of introduction of real estate software. The software in real estate gives multiple advantages like automated tasks, coordination of workflow, access to the enhanced informational content and analytics, better customer experience, and enhanced communication and cooperation among the team members. Such benefits could be the factors causing improved performance, productivity, and cost reduction envisaged which eventually lead to the higher profits for the company.

The price for real estate software development can be very different from an investment. This can be influenced from different factors such as the purpose and complexity of the project, the technologies used to do the work, and the location and the expertise of the team, and the timeline of the project.

Nobody can estimate within $ 10,000 – $ 20,000 price zone an easy real estate website with basic functions alone because it is necessary to take into account the cost of a sophisticated software solution that can offer customers an AI-based search for properties, virtual tour, and advance analytics for, which hundreds of thousands or millions shall be spent.

Our real estate software development company has a team of experienced developers who provide dedicated services to meet the unique needs of your real estate business. We work closely with you to analyze your specific requirements and deliver customized solutions that meet your expectations.

Our focus is on delivering world-class results and scalable real estate websites and mobile apps through an agile development process. We have an outstanding record of providing customized business solutions that meet the needs of our clients.

There are several major advantages to having real estate software for your business:

  • Improved efficiency: Thus software can mechanize the time-consuming jobs and shorten the day-to-day workflows, increasing your employees’ productivity.
  • Better organization: By resorting to real estate software, at once you can monitor the transactions, property listings; also accumulate customer data in one centralized place.
  • Enhanced communication: Software for real estate may create better communication and collaboration among team, supporting the faster and moresubstantial decision making processes.
  • Access to better data and analytics: Real estate software has those features on providing the advanced analytics and reporting that give you room to make your decisions can be based on data and the level of your business can be opened.
  • Improved customer experience: The software for the real estate industry offers virtual tours, property finding solutions, and other suit features all of them being meant to improve customer experience at a higher level, satisfying and loyal customers.

There is a various number of key features that quality be embedded in the real estate software development project and relevant to the particular business characters. Some key features to consider include:

  • Property listings: It is possible to add stuff that realtors with property listings can access and make edits as they consider their location, price range and property specifications.
  • CRM: A customer relationship management (CRM) system that allows agents to manage their client interactions, including communication history and follow-up tasks.
  • Virtual tours: Virtual tours allow potential buyers to see the layout and features of a property before visiting it in person, allowing them to gain a better understanding of its features.
  • Advanced search: A search engine that allows potential buyers to filter their search results by specific criteria such as price, location, and property features.
  • Analytics and reporting: A feature that provides real-time data and analytics on the performance of the real estate business, including sales trends, customer behaviour, and other metrics.

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We are grateful for our clients’ trust in us, and we take great pride in delivering quality solutions that exceed their expectations. Here is what some of them have to say about us:

"BigScal’s dedicated and talented staff made the effort to understand my complex requirements and met these challenges with insightful.Their greatest strength is an ability to listen to what a client need."

Dr. Dosist

Owner, Brew-EZ

"Their communication was very impressive, especially since there’s a great distance between Colorado and India."

Ilona Maxwell

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"They were an extension of our team that we trusted and relied upon."

Lindsay Fairman

Founder, B2C & B2B

"We are happy with their high-quality work."

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"Very good cooperation! The work was always professional and always on time. We will hire them definitely again."


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