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The open-source JavaScript frameworks MongoDB, Express, AngularJS, and Node.js are all a part of the Mean Stack full-stack development environment.MEAN stack development allows developers to use JavaScript throughout the entire development process, from the front end to the back end, which makes it a popular choice for building web applications.

It’s an open-source stack and is popular among developers because of its flexibility, scalability, and performance.

Every MEAN component is built on top of JavaScript scripts. With more than 12 years of expertise developing solutions of the highest caliber for customers from all over the world, Bigscal is a leading MEAN stack development company. We are supported by our professional developers, who have increased client satisfaction and return on investment for many organizations.

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Adani renewables
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Adani renewables
Vital data technology
Universal weather & aviation, inc
Trackimo always there
Whirpool india
Big interview
Different dog
Open cosmos

Bigscal’s MEAN Stack Development Services

We have the best developers and consultants that help us in getting through the development process for the best applications.

Custom App Development

We create applications that are robust and unique and have customized features according to the businesses. The features include the involvement of designs and CMS functions if needed.

eCommerce App Development

We create responsive dashboards that are very safe for your mobile applications, eCommerce websites, and eCommerce solutions.

MEAN Stack Maintenance & Support

We have a team of experts who have been equipping clients with maintenance and support services even after the completion of the project.

MEAN Stack QA & Testing Services

Testing is a crucial part of the development service hence before we hand over the final product to our clients our testing specialists test the product thoroughly.

MEAN Stack Migration & Upgradation

Bigscal has a track record of success converting numerous business platforms and web apps to MEAN Stack-based frameworks.

MEAN Stack CMS Development

We assist in developing CMS by converting to Node.js or updating to the most recent version of Node.js to offer your website a streamlined, effective, and reliable makeover.

Technologies & Frameworks Our Team Is Skilled In

It overwhelmed us to put forward our best team of developers having different areas of technological expertise like MERN, Blockchain, Kentico, etc. Our developers are knowledgeable about these core technologies.

Technology Stack

Let Us Know Your Idea!

We are here to help you with the development of your application or website.

Advantages Of MEAN Stack Development

Our goal is to build websites and online applications that offer a rich user experience and have more engaging features.

Fast Performance


Node.js is known for its high performance and scalability, making it a good choice for building web applications that need to handle a lot of concurrent connections and data.


Full-stack JavaScript

The MEAN stack uses JavaScript throughout the entire stack, developers only need to know one language to build a complete web application.

Flexible and Customizable


MEAN allows for more flexibility in the structure of the data construction and makes it easier to work with unstructured data.

Huge Community Support

Large Community

All the technologies used in the MEAN stack have large and active communities, providing developers with a wealth of resources, documentation, and support.

Easy communication

Easy To Use

AngularJS provides a simple and intuitive way to build dynamic user interfaces, and Express.js makes it easy to handle routing and middleware.

cost saving


MEAN stack technologies are open-source and free, so they are a pretty cost-effective solution for building web applications.

We Provide The Best Customized Solution

Bigscal is a MEAN stack development company that specializes in building web applications using the MEAN stack and can provide solutions tailored to the specific needs and requirements of a particular business or organization.

We have experience in developing applications and websites that help businesses to give their best to their customers.

software engineering services
software engineering services

Why Choose Bigscal For MEAN Stack Development?

Bigscal provides MEAN Stack development services to create a flexible and adaptable client- and server-side JavaScript-based web and mobile apps. We offer MEAN Stack Development Services that are focused on the client. Our knowledgeable and capable programmers have first-hand expertise in overcoming cross-industry problems. With the help of a committed staff, we have created some ground-breaking applications that exude superior service and clever codes.

  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified
  • Huge technology stack
  • Flexible development
  • Experienced developers
  • Cost Effective
  • One-to-one communication
  • High-quality UI/UX
  • Regular updation

Equipped 500+ Businesses With The Best Development Solutions

As a well-known MEAN stack development business, Bigscal has established a standard by creating high-end products for clients all around the world. Bigscal has been able to supply specialized MEAN stack services from the bottom up, leading to some of the most ground-breaking solutions that showcase our talent and astute development work.

  • 750+ Projects Successful
  • 97%+ Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • 500+ Global Clients
  • 25+ Countries
  • 175+ Full-Time Software Developers
Bigscal clients

Our Software Development Case Studies

Software development & outsourcing services have been our main focus since our inception. Being end-to-end software development partners to our patrons, we have engaged with them in their technology enhancement journey and helped them with best-in-class solutions. We have captured a few case studies to reveal how we became our clients’ favorite.

A Time-Tracking Desktop App

A time tracking tool that monitors staff computer usage and activity levels, including open programs and websites visited, it takes randomly chosen screenshots and more.

Core tech

ReactJs, nodeJs, MongoDB

A Gaming Application

In the Business Game, players roll two six-sided dice to move around the game board, buying and trading properties, and developing them into houses and hotels.

Core tech

Unity 3D, FireBase

A Finance Managemnt System

a system for managing finances that helps keep everyone informed about their financial situation and show them how to save money.

Core tech

ReactJs, nodeJs, MongoDB

An Architectural Business Management Software

Downright Tiles offers tile services for residential and commercial properties, including remodeling, renovation, repair, and installation.

Core tech

.NET, MVC5, Decoupled Architecture

User Guide

Explain how the MEAN stack architecture work.

In current times, the application of web is determined by the platform's software being secure and stable. The days of traditional developer strategies are over. Now the more up-to-date developers apply a wide range of new technologies to get their work done faster and better.

So, for one, job opportunities arising from the increased use of MEAN Stack. By helping to create the desktop applications of where we spend most of our time on the internet, MEAN plays an important role.

The instance MEAN.js is used for developing, testing, and releasing applications is where a MEAN stack is put into practice. While creating the different applications such as Dynamic SPA, Social Media apps, and Multidimensional technology creations; the MEAN stack web development is chosen for this.

Apps for Big Data and Streaming, real-time apps, operating in enterprises and special-purpose business use cases can also utilize it.

These benchmarks include the developer’s level of knowledge of JS, project size, and scalability being in question when it comes to the technology stack.

Stage 1: The most popular client-side language for working with client requests is Angular.

Stage 2: The JavaScript server-side language, NodeJS, then receives the client request.

Stage 3: The JavaScript server-side language, NodeJS, then receives the client request.

Stage 4: The data is then retrieved by MongoDB, which then replies to ExpressJS.

Stage 5: In order to display the results, NodeJS returns the data to AngularJS, and ExpressJS retrieves the data in return.

Why do businesses prefer MEAN stack development for creating applications and websites?

In order to ensure that solutions are produced, improved, and maintained efficiently and rapidly, it is crucial for businesses to incorporate the appropriate cutting-edge technologies, frameworks, and tools in their enterprise software toolset.

Whether the project calls for native development or cross-platform capabilities, a company may realize its vision and guarantee that software products or software applications will be successful with the correct strategy and services.

The development, testing, and deployment of apps are made easier using MEAN.js. For creating a variety of applications, dynamic SPAs, social media apps, and multidimensional technology projects, the MEAN stack web development is chosen.

Additional web applications for Big Data, Streaming, real-time app projects, enterprise, and auxiliary business apps can also use it.

The level of JS proficiency among the participating developers, project size, and scalability are all factors that affect the use of the MEAN stack technology stack.

MEAN stack development, which stands for MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js is preferred by businesses for creating applications and websites because it allows for efficient and cost-effective full-stack JavaScript development. Using JavaScript throughout the development process, from the client side to the server side, allows for faster development and fewer compatibility issues.

Additionally, the use of MongoDB as a NoSQL database allows for more flexibility in data modeling and the ability to handle large amounts of unstructured data. Overall, the MEAN stack provides a powerful and efficient technology stack for businesses to develop web applications.

What are the MEAN stack developer skills?

Let's look at the additional qualifications needed to be referred to as MEAN stack developers:


A solid understanding of these technologies is necessary because we're talking about the building of web applications.

Understanding of Programs

As a full-stack developer, a MEAN stack developer should have a thorough understanding of the programming paradigm in general and be able to create software architecture.

Understanding of DevOps tools

Although not a prerequisite for a MEAN stack engineer, these abilities could occasionally be helpful if the team is working on a big project.

Thorough knowledge of database architecture

The developers should be able to create a database and set it up according to the needs since they work with both the backend and the front end.

Understanding of different SDLC models with an emphasis on Agile development.

The agile technique is frequently the ideal choice for large and complex projects since it offers greater flexibility than its rivals and, as a result, saves more time and money

It frequently occurs that you don't have enough employees with a certain set of talents for a given project.

They provide the impression that you don't need to go through a laborious hiring procedure in order to discover someone who has the necessary knowledge. If you won't need the professional once a certain job is over, it can be especially unnecessary. You could want to hunt for a coder who will work for you temporarily in this situation.

What are the comparisons of the MEAN stack with other technologies?

We have listed below the comparisons of the MEAN stack with other competitors.

MEAN Stack vs Full Stack

A range of programming languages that can be used to create the front-end as well as the back-end of a website/application is now referred to as full-stack development. The MEAN stack is a full stack made up of MongoDB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js.

MEAN stack vs MERN stack

The MERN stack is a version of the MEAN stack in which ReactJS is used in place of Angular JS for front-end development. They are similar and operate in a very similar manner except for this. Aside from the obvious differences brought on by using React rather than Angular.

MEAN versus MEVN stacks

The MEVN stack is the greatest alternative to the MEAN stack, the same as the MERN stack. Once more, Vue.js replaces AngularJS, which handles front-end development. You already know what happens next.

PHP versus MEAN Stack

Most people are uncertain about the differences between PHP development and MEAN Stack development. They do, however, differ from one another during the entire day and night. This means that PHP is tightly restricted to back-end development, whereas MEAN stack is a full-stack development entity.

What are the cons of using MEAN stack development?

MEAN stack is currently being used in projects by numerous large corporations, including Yahoo, Intuit, The New York Times, etc. But we forgot that there are disadvantages too.

Loss of Records is a Real Risk

Since MEAN Stack uses a NoSQL database, ACID transactions are not supported. If your application becomes unstable while handling numerous requests, this could lead to data loss.

Absence of Broad Support

MEAN Stack is still a developing technology. You may encounter challenges if you seek assistance from specialists who are located outside of your region or country because only a small number of developers have experience with this framework.

Poor Mobile Device Performance

Due to the lack of AngularJS native mobile applications, one of the biggest drawbacks of adopting MEAN Stack is that it does not function effectively on mobile devices. Given how many people today access the web through their smartphones, this might be a significant disadvantage.

Security Concerns

OWASP's top ten list of vulnerabilities is not followed by MEAN Stack, despite the fact that security is a primary priority for all web developers. Sadly, this makes it challenging to guarantee total application security against hackers and unauthorized users.

We Are Here To Answer Your Questions!

Our knowledgeable consultants are here to help you through the development process.

Our Latest Blogs

Bigscal creates articles that broaden your knowledge and provide you with in-depth details on the most recent developments in the IT business. Our specialists are always looking into new IT technologies and creating articles for our cherished clients.


MEAN stack, a stack that is JavaScript-based and is mainly used for building and running web and mobile applications. The word designates the system consisting of MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node. These technologies in a group make up a full-scale button-to-button framework intended for the development of web applications.

MongoDB is a document-oriented NoSQL database, and it is used to store JSON-like data. In the MERN stack, MongoDB is used as the main database data source for storing and fetching data to the web application.

Express.js is the web application, a Node.js framework which is used for creating the web applications and APIs. The Express in MEAN stack is used for managing the routing and logic that reside on the server side.

Angular JS is a JavaScript framework for building websites and applications. In the MEAN stack, AngularJS is used for building the front-end user interface and handling client-side logic.

Node.js is a JS runtime which permits the developer to use JS to run a server side. Node.js plays the role of the engine for server-side code execution in the MEAN stack and server-side logic handling in particular.

The cost of development of a app or a website utilizing the MEAN stack can be varied due to fundamental factors as level of complexity of work, experience levels of developer, and place of work.

The technology stack MEAN is a good option for creating a website, especially, if the website involves something that is always real-time and requires dynamic data. However, this is not the best way for webpage and app development envisaging, because there are also some significant issues related with this methodology.

The duration of time needed to build an online project/application using the MEAN stack, can vary in accordance with the complexity of the project, and the competency of the developers. For example, it may take just a few weeks to develop the web application to a basic level, whereas developing a web application to a more complex level could take a several months or even more.

The decision whether to migrate to the MEAN stack or not depends on the necessities of a particular project and from the existing technologies or the fundamental principles. One of the popular stack is MEAN stack (Mongo DB, Express.js, AngularJS, and Node.js), which provides various set of developers simplicity in web application development plus is equipped with much community and many resource available. However, LAMP, stacking, or Ruby on Rails, you might discover can be best choice for you and solving your puzzle.

Alternatives to the MEAN stack for migration include:

  • Spring Boot (Java)
  • LAMP
  • Flask (Python)
  • Ruby on Rails
  • Django (Python)
  • Express.js (Node.js)

It ultimately depends on the project requirements, resources, and team expertise.

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We are grateful for our clients’ trust in us, and we take great pride in delivering quality solutions that exceed their expectations. Here is what some of them have to say about us:

"BigScal’s dedicated and talented staff made the effort to understand my complex requirements and met these challenges with insightful.Their greatest strength is an ability to listen to what a client need."

Dr. Dosist

Owner, Brew-EZ

"Their communication was very impressive, especially since there’s a great distance between Colorado and India."

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"They were an extension of our team that we trusted and relied upon."

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"We are happy with their high-quality work."

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"Very good cooperation! The work was always professional and always on time. We will hire them definitely again."


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