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Are you having trouble finding the right custom application development company for your business’s app development?

We’ve arrived! Bigscal Technologies provides the best custom app development services available. We have experienced and highly qualified developers and designers in our application development company who can provide you with the best.

Furthermore, because the world is rapidly evolving technologically, businesses have evolved in tandem. Having an application for a business is advantageous in every way.

Bigscal Technologies has been providing custom app development services for over 12+ years. We have been providing the best applications to businesses all over the world.

What are you thinking now? Learn what your company requires from the experts!

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Adani renewables
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Adani renewables
Vital data technology
Universal weather & aviation, inc
Trackimo always there
Whirpool india
Big interview
Different dog
Open cosmos

Our App Development Services

Bigscal Technologies is a top application development company that serves businesses all over the world. We create a robust and unique application for you using a professional approach to client requirements. We are the most well-known website and app development company for small and medium-sized businesses and startups. Learn more about our custom application development services.

Custom Web Applications

We offer complete solutions to businesses in order to make their lives easier. We make their work easier and more efficient by going digital with payment methods, customer service, and many other things.

Mobile Applications

We are experts at developing mobile apps that function on both iOS and Android devices. Our team of developers and designers can create your application with the customization you require.

Hybrid Mobile Applications

We have the capacity to provide you with applications that work with your hardware. Our team of competent UX designers, visual designers, and software engineers has extensive knowledge of cutting-edge mobile app development solutions.

Progressive Web Applications

We have successfully deployed secure web app solutions across all industry verticals as a leading progressive web application development company. Delivering user experiences with both the web’s reach and the look and feel of a mobile app.

Saas Solutions

We have a reputation for providing organisations with specialised SaaS solutions. We design the application architecture such that it is always available on any device or any place. This also applies to any third-party services you select.

Automated & Manual Testing

A flawless application is something we are aware of. We, therefore, have a specific team for Q&A testing. We examine the application’s usability, performance, and other factors in addition to its security and interference.

Maintenance & Support

We understand the requirements for software maintenance and support in order to provide end-users with a high-quality product. With Bigscal’s dependable software support services, you can ensure that your software works properly and without bugs or glitches.

App Modernization

Improve your enterprise’s agility and flexibility by modernising your application portfolio today. We recognize that legacy applications are at the heart of many business-critical functions, so we provide them with the most advanced functionality available to our clients.

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Technologies & Frameworks Our Team Is Skilled In

It overwhelmed us to put forward our best team of developers having different areas of technological expertise like MERN, Blockchain, Kentico, etc. Our developers are knowledgeable about these core technologies.

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We Are The Best Custom Software Development Company

We have collaborated with a range of company verticals to develop effective business apps on schedule and on a budget. With more than 500 customers globally, we are the top custom application development services. Through our dedication and individuality, we have made a difference in every area, from media and entertainment to aviation and health care.

The process of designing and programming software applications for a specific user group, usually within an organisation, is known as custom application development. Custom applications, which are designed to address very specific needs within an organisation, improve overall business efficiency and aid in the organisation’s competitiveness in the marketplace.

Bigscal Technologies specialises in custom application development by utilising dedicated resources, cutting-edge design and development techniques, and appropriate software engineering methodologies and models. We provide full-stack application development services, including requirements gathering, code development, testing, and cloud deployment, as needed, using Agile, DevOps, or Rapid Application Development methodologies.

  • Support is available 24/7
  • Get quality and innovation
  • Application usage optimization
  • Managing and mitigating the risk of mobile applications development
  • Using a global talent pool
  • One-to-one communication
  • Affordable Solutions
  • Using proven methodologies

Our Expertise in the Global Market

Many international businesses rank us as their top choice. We have completed numerous projects and reached key milestones thanks to a positive reaction. Since 2011, our devoted team of specialists has been at the forefront of the markets. Bigscal guarantees its clients the greatest products and services, as well as individuality.

  • 750+ Projects Successful
  • 97%+ Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • 500+ Global Clients
  • 25+ Countries
  • 175+ Full-Time Software Developers
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Our Software Development Case Studies

Software development & outsourcing services have been our main focus since our inception. Being end-to-end software development partners to our patrons, we have engaged with them in their technology enhancement journey and helped them with best-in-class solutions. We have captured a few case studies to reveal how we became our clients’ favorite.

A Time-Tracking Desktop App

A time tracking tool that monitors staff computer usage and activity levels, including open programs and websites visited, it takes randomly chosen screenshots and more.

Core tech

ReactJs, nodeJs, MongoDB

A Gaming Application

In the Business Game, players roll two six-sided dice to move around the game board, buying and trading properties, and developing them into houses and hotels.

Core tech

Unity 3D, FireBase

A Finance Managemnt System

a system for managing finances that helps keep everyone informed about their financial situation and show them how to save money.

Core tech

ReactJs, nodeJs, MongoDB

An Architectural Business Management Software

Downright Tiles offers tile services for residential and commercial properties, including remodeling, renovation, repair, and installation.

Core tech

.NET, MVC5, Decoupled Architecture

User Guide

What are your most important technologies?

The field of software development is one that changes quickly and constantly. Software engineers must stay on top of the most recent developments in the industry to meet the market’s demands for high-quality projects. New languages, frameworks, and tools are continually being created.

In today’s commercial world, software and applications are used more frequently than ever before. Software or applications are being used to execute digital transformation in practically every industry, including business, marketing, transportation, and others.

The ability of firms to automate ordinary business processes—from problem-solving to reducing human labour—depends on technical advancements and the skill of software developers.

To solve our client’s specific challenges, we use both traditional and cutting-edge tools. Bigscal’s development team has extensive experience with Java, Node.js, Python, and PHP, as well as Big Data, Cloud, and mobile technologies. Our problem-solving experts will assist you in defining the best tech stack for your project and will provide specialists with relevant skill sets.

What programming languages and frameworks should you use for application development?

We would suggest you use open-source languages whenever possible with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for front-end web apps and JavaScript or PHP for back-end web apps.

For the majority of mobile app projects, developers use React Native. On the back end, we typically use PHP frameworks like Laravel.

Other technologies that we can support include Microsoft Azure, Google Cloud, Amazon Web Services (AWS), Laravel, React, React Native, and others.

Other popular technologies and frameworks that you can use as an alternative of React Native are given below:

  • Angular: We consider Angular the second-best JavaScript framework for app development.
  • Flutter: Flutter is a mobile app SDK that aids designers and developers in creating cutting-edge mobile applications.
  • Xamarin: The solutions built on the Mono platform by Xamarin let.NET developers reuse their current code.

Is it compulsory to use Node js and PHP together always for application development?

There are many JavaScript frameworks that can aid you with the application development after React. Two such frameworks and languages are node JS and PHP. No, the question is why many developers use them together.

There are no right or wrong languages, and either of these technologies can be used to complete small or large projects.

When we begin a new project, we consider both PHP and Node JS, determining the best approach based on the capabilities of the tools that support these technologies.

For projects that require a monolithic architecture, we may be more likely to use a PHP framework like Laravel. Furthermore, we may be more likely to use Node JS for solutions that necessitate the configuration of microservices.

Front-end web apps are created with React, a JavaScript framework, and mobile apps with React Native. We occasionally use other frameworks or plain JavaScript.

Which are the types of algorithms used for application development by the developers?

Sort Algorithm: This algorithm is commonly used and includes sorting the code in the form of a list or a specific order. Every programming language already consists of a sorting library. You should just know how to use them.

Search Algorithm: Binary search is used to do an extremely effective search on sorted databases. The goal is to repeatedly divide the possible item’s potential piece of the list in half until there is only one possible item left.

Hashing Algorithm:Currently, the most used method for locating relevant data by key or ID is harsh lookup. Data is accessed using its index.

What is the importance of API in application development?

Application Programming Interface, or API, is the abbreviation. Applications are any pieces of software that carry out a certain task when used in relation to APIs. We can think of the interface between two applications as a service contract. According to this agreement, inquiries and responses between the two will be exchanged.

The four categories of public, partner, private, and composite APIs are those that are frequently utilised in web-based applications. In this situation, the API “type” denotes the intended usage.

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Our Latest Blogs

Bigscal creates articles that broaden your knowledge and provide you with in-depth details on the most recent developments in the IT business. Our specialists are always looking into new IT technologies and creating articles for our cherished clients.


Bigscal defines application development as the process of creating, deploying, and maintaining software for a certain set of users, tasks, or organisations.

Applications must be managed and maintained in order to be functional after being deployed. One choice to take into account is to outsource these tasks via an application services company. Application services can include development, but they can also offer SAP support, quality and testing services, and lifecycle management for applications.

Unlike commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) software, custom software development in India is focused on addressing a particular set of requirements. Additionally, it meets a variety of purposes, making it easy to commercially package, advertise, and distribute it.

Custom software and the process of creating it are sometimes known as bespoke software. Internal development teams or outside contractors frequently handled the construction of custom software.

Custom application development has several advantages, including scalability, flexibility, affordability, freedom, and more. Benefits change depending on the industry.

Retail, consumer packaged goods, and entertainment industries always endeavour to improve the consumer experiences they offer. Custom apps are more frequently developed by manufacturers to connect more intelligent and sophisticated systems using IoT technology. The potential for innovation in the creation of unique business applications is enormous.

Bigscal is a software development company with over 11 years of experience building custom solutions from the ground up. We combine expert resources, technological expertise, and a broad understanding of various business niches, such as eCommerce, AdTech, Linear and OTT TV, and EdTech. Our developers are top experts in their fields due to their experience in specific industries such as Big Data, web, and mobile development. Whatever your challenges are, we have the right mix of skills and resources to put your custom solution in place.

To ensure high quality and quick RIO, we use the Agile scrum development methodology. We have formal processes in place to ensure quality, such as design walk-throughs and periodic code reviews.

It is critical for us to get it right the first time, and we are confident that every piece of software we create will be able to meet your expectations. Moreover, we have skilled designers and developers who are selected through a long interview procedure after a thorough examination.

Bigscal provides technical support and consulting, in addition to all software solutions.

For our assistance in bug-tracking and bug-fixing, we enter into a separate support and maintenance contract.

We also assist in the enhancement or development of additional features for your solution on a separate contract, regardless of whether our specialists or other custom software vendor developed it. Our team tracks and handles all.

Furthermore, our team will be always accessible to you whenever there are issues with the development process or during the launch process. We assure you of giving our best.

We’ve compiled a short list of such factors that will aid in the success of your project. Our custom software development experience spans over a decade.

Make a detailed list of everything. We would like to highlight the following points:

  • The presence of an experienced project manager with the authority to make strategic project decisions;
  • Funding changes and the hiring of additional qualified specialists to expand functionality and shorten timelines;
  • Open communication, clearly defined expectations, and a high level of accountability are required among team members.
  • Changes are possible after it has launched the project (through DevOps services).

They frequently referred senior developers to as problem solvers due to their extensive experience and deep, specialised knowledge. They frequently have in-depth knowledge of the business domains they support, allowing them to seamlessly transition between projects and products.

A senior will always consider what they are doing in the context of their domain, as well as the benefits or gains it can bring to the company. A senior’s true value is their ability to anticipate problems, design around them, or resolve them before they occur.

This is frequently the result of a combination of experience, intuition, deep domain understanding, and drawing on their team’s and other domain experts’ knowledge and experience.

In general, we only hire senior and middle-level specialists. One of our guiding principles is to adhere to your requirements for required professionals. As a result, we always strive to match the profile of our developers to your requirements.

Getting started to create a mobile application is not that difficult, but you first need to know what you want and what you don’t. Narrowing down the features you need is the primary method to start with mobile app development.

Concentrate on the business needs and end-user features you want the app to provide. The Bigscal Technologies team will concentrate on how to accomplish this. All too often, the flaw of a conceptualised application is that the focus is on how to deliver the app rather than the end-user features the app should provide.

The answer depends on the type and quality of the software you want to develop; the more complex and extensive the software, the longer it will take.

Moreover, we can’t define how much time it may take to create the application, but we can ensure that we try our level best to complete it as soon as possible. With the quality and other factors, you can also add customised features.

Our consultants can help you go through this by equipping you with a rough plan that will consist of the estimated time and the plan of your application.

Mobile apps can assist SMBs in developing brand loyalty and monitoring business relationships, particularly if they maintain close contact with customers or business partners. They can also improve customer analytics and make online shopping more convenient.

An app is critical for establishing seamless communication between departments and between your company and its customers. Communication is the foundation of your company’s productivity, and enterprise apps can boost productivity by ensuring continuous communication.

Every business needs to get available for their customers 24 hours and hence creating an application does a lot of work for your business. From providing personal assistance to equipping your customers with every facility of the service that your business provides, app development does that all.

What Our Valuable Clients Say About Us

We are grateful for our clients’ trust in us, and we take great pride in delivering quality solutions that exceed their expectations. Here is what some of them have to say about us:

"BigScal’s dedicated and talented staff made the effort to understand my complex requirements and met these challenges with insightful.Their greatest strength is an ability to listen to what a client need."

Dr. Dosist

Owner, Brew-EZ

"Their communication was very impressive, especially since there’s a great distance between Colorado and India."

Ilona Maxwell

Owner, Brew-EZ

"They were an extension of our team that we trusted and relied upon."

Lindsay Fairman

Founder, B2C & B2B

"We are happy with their high-quality work."

Kirk Rogers

Managing Director, Priovanti

"Very good cooperation! The work was always professional and always on time. We will hire them definitely again."


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