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Custom Aviation Software Development Services

Custom aviation software development service of Bigscal Aviation software is one of the top providers of technology solutions that are sufficient to address the challenges of the aviation industry such as the difficulties of fast pace and frequent change.

Through our airline software development solutions we enable modernization of the companies’ operations, increase of the efficiency of the operational activity and facilitation of the communication flow.

From flight operations management systems to maintenance and engineering applications, our aviation software development company provides customized solutions that cater to the specific needs of each company.

Aviation software development services provide a cost-effective and efficient solution for aviation companies looking to modernise their operations and remain competitive in the industry.

The aim of our range of consultancy services is to enable companies to enhance their operational efficiency, reduce costs and expand into new markets.

Aviation Software Development Services Bigscal Offer

As a leading company in the aviation development, we produce top-quality software development solutions for your business processes and ensure that they are as accurate and efficient as possible.


Airline Reservation Systems

Bigscal is a top-notch aviation software development company that specializes in designing and developing advanced airline reservation software solutions. Our solutions provide efficient and direct ticketing channels and automate tasks such as boarding pass printing, online payments and online check-in management.


Airplane Parking Reservation System

Our Aviation Software Development Consultant specializes in creating a reliable and tailored aeroplane parking reservation system. Our software solution includes precise billing and costing procedures to determine the accurate charges for parking an aircraft.


Airline PSS Migration & Integration

Bigscal specializes in providing seamless migration and integration services for airlines looking to modernize their Passenger Service Systems (PSS). Leveraging many years of experience and capabilities, our software solutions for airline of ours will convert old PSS systems smoothly keeping all disturbances at minimum and achievable efficiency at maximum.


Avionics Risk Management

A perfect number of certified developers like us who provide extraordinary services to you will be helping in the integration of the risk management system to your airline management software development process. We design a system to help you detect possible hazards and apply a risk management workflow that prevents mistakes or human errors from occurring at the earliest possible stage.


Flight Planning Software

Bigscal designs Flight Planning Software, providing efficient and accurate flight plans for airlines and pilots. As an air consultating firm we take the process right way from pre-flight to post flight analysis.


Airline Ticketing Application Development

Bigscal focuses on designing ticketing mobile applications to make the booking procedures easier for those who travel and want their reservation in a few taps at any time. Our airline software development provides services that seamlessly and user-centricity makes it easier for the customers to use them.


Aviation Maintenance Tracking Software

The information technology service of aviation and development application leader, allows monitoring the maintenance life cycle of aircraft. It can enable companies to provide safety control, state compliance, and proper performance.


Crew Management Software

Our business offers aviation consulting services and also develops software packages for the purpose of facilitating workflows concerned with crew management for airlines. We have software that will see to it that every team member is effectively coordinated and in the right direction including that of the ari an flight schedules, crew locations, and passenger logistics will be coordinated well.


Flights Operations Management

Bigscal is a leading airline and airport flight management services provider for the aviation industry. Aviation majors are named for improvement of the operational effectiveness and safety as well as the minimization of expenses and emissions.


Drone Software Development

Our aviation consulting eco-systems design and develop apps that change the way drones function. We produce a computer program that is comprehensive of flight planning process, autopilot navigation, telemetry control, imagery management and analysis and remote access.


Aviation MRO Tracking Software

Among the best aircraft software development companies, we perform the maintenance and tracking of all the flying agents and also the related properties. We engineer software that gives timely data graph regarding aircraft maintenance in the moment required, monitoring inventory for parts, and scheduling the maintenance work.


Drone Mapping Software Development

The airline application development firm, ours, designs software applications that let the drones capture aerial data for making maps, 3D models, and other types of visual representation.

A Simple Approach to Custom Aviation Software Development

As an aviation software development consultancy that strives for perfection and builds high standards at all levels, Bigscal is proud to offer our customers the best. Our processes have been adapted to meet the client’s Service Needs and we follow either DevOps or agile methodologies. Our strong history of delivery shows that we always meet all the milestones.


Requirement Analysis

Based on our specialist knowledge of aviation software development, we research, analyze and plan the entire life cycle of software development relative to the intricacy requisite by your niche.


Software Development

At the said stage of the project our team works on the software architecture and system design. Once the design codes are applied, the full-scale software is being developed by the readiness team.


Testing and Deployment

With the objective of this, the software might cordially be checked at the production environment by experts via searching for mistakes, incoherences, and errors.

Simplified Maintenance

Post-Launch Maintenance

Moreover, software system maintenance and upgrade belongs to our team according to the agreement in which this activity is carried out.

Let’s Talk About Your Project

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Transform Aviation Software Development with Advanced Tech


Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The efficiency of our aerospace software is based on the AI technology used. It can be applied to three main groups, i.e. pilots, airplane controllers and officers working on airport equipment, who will perform better, which in turn will result in more effective operations and lesser waste of time as well as money.

High Security Standards

Cloud and Cyber Security

We, as a leading airline software development company, prioritize the safety and security of our client’s data. As a result, we have incorporated cloud technology into our aviation software to provide real-time updates and improve security measures.


Blockchain Technology

Blockchain technology has the potential to provide transparency and security in the airline industry. One of the key features of blockchain is its ability to create a tamper-proof and transparent ledger of transactions. Using a blockchain-based system in insurance claims could help to prevent fraud and ensure the fair and efficient processing of claims.


Beacon Technology

Our aviation software development company utilizes beacon technology to enhance the accuracy of aircraft navigation. Beacons serve as navigational aid and are strategically positioned at various locations such as the terminal, runway, and within the aircraft.

Maximize Your Efficiency and Profitability with Bigscal

At Bigscal, we possess the necessary skills, extensive knowledge and ample resources to deliver innovative aviation software development solutions using the latest and most imaginative technologies.

Actionable Industry Insight

Our aviation software development company provides valuable information that can help businesses make informed decisions and create effective strategies for the development and implementation of aviation software solutions.

Comprehensive Experience in AI and ML

Our aviation software developers boast a demonstrated history of expertise in the fields of AI and ML. We provide a range of modelling services and solutions, such as segmentation, risk assessment, demand forecasting, and predictive maintenance, all linked to automation.

Data Security

These aviation industrial assurances about data security, make our clients’ airline management software, notable and reliant on. In doing this, we protect valuable information by means of keeping it secret and end-to-end encryption. These steps form the basis of securing your messages.

Compliance with Aviation Industry Regulations

The aviation segment of Bigscal ensures that the corresponding aviation organizations are followed: the Civil Aeronautics Board (CAB), Advisory Circulars (AC), Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), and industry standards. Therefore, the company clearly shows the highest level of the aviation software development.


As Bigscal strives to build an air traffic management software solution that is trustworthy, this system is constructed to have the ability to account for any shifts of time in the future. We are undertaking this by proffering them the innovative technology to make it possible for them to reach an unchallenged position in the industry and lead the industry.

Expertise in the Latest Tools

The technology of today being dynamic, it is necessary that you keep in touch with the latest versions of technology and tools in order for your aviation software solutions to be innovative, time saving, and reliable. These tools offer agility that facilitates completion of development on a timely basis, promoting the quality and performance of applications.

Agile Procedure

We put in place the principle of producing products or solutions in a way which is continual and consecutive way. At #top #notch aviation app development company we operate with core principles like collaboration, flexibility, and customer care embodied in us.

Dedicated Teams

Our specific aviation software development solutions include professional experts, who practice sharply, wholeheartedly and in compliance with their jurisprudence to achieve quality results within. Our teams can prove to be an invaluable resource for any organization aiming to ensure best possible output with the utmost ease and efficiency.

Our Latest Blogs

Bigscal creates articles that broaden your knowledge and provide you with in-depth details on the most recent developments in the IT business. Our specialists are always looking into new IT technologies and creating articles for our cherished clients.


The cost of making aviation software varies based on several factors: the complexity and scale of the app, the skill level of the development team, the data framework used, and the country where the team is located.

A moderate to full-scale traffic software project budget can be set at a range of $50,000-$500,000 and up. Nevertheless, when it comes to the projects that are more complicated than simple ones or large, the cost can quickly match and even surpass $1 million.

On the contrary, the time of aviation software development depends on the combination of different factors: degree of software complexity, the team size and expertise and chosen technology stack.

While a small to medium enterprise software project of this type calls for anywhere from several months to a year, the time-frame can sometime also exceed a year. That is not the case for all development projects; it can be even two years and above for the more popular and complex ones.

Our motto is `to airlines, we are their forward thinking arm. Acting as your strategic consultants, we provide solutions to the most challenging business problems you might be going through.` In the process of software development we strive for maximum transparency and keep you ‘in the loop’ throughout the whole. The typical steps involved in our airline software development projects are:

  • Understanding Requirement
  • Software prototyping
  • Software development
  • Software testing
  • Product release and deployment
  • Maintenance and support

Add-on capabilities can vary from a different software to another, аnd прobe down on the corresponding еnd scope and need. Some common features that can be included in aviation software are:

  • Flight planning: This option functions to make reservation for a flight by typing such data as the departure airport, destination airport, route, the level of the route flight, and the amount of the onboard fuel.
  • Weather information:The feature offers real-time weather data and forecasts such as wind speed and direction, temperature, precipitations and visibility.
  • Flight tracking: This function allows you to monitor the flight of the plane in a real-time mode, the parameters being the position, flight level, headings and speed etc.
  • Maintenance management: The capability of airlines correlates to how these maintenance tasks can be administered, inspections scheduled, and health of the planes checked..
  • Flight operations management: It is a tool that assimilates all airline operation functions like flights schedule, crews, and ground staff into a single platform.

Our aviation software development solutions delivery may include mobile app development services with an idea of making your aviation business to grow. Our solutions are safe and can be integrated with your existing enterprise and can be modified as per your needs that help your business to have an edge over the competitors.

At Bigscal, we acknowledge the significance of selecting the appropriate technology stack to ensure the successful completion of your aviation project. Our aviation software development experts utilize various tools and technologies, including Angular, Node.js, .Net, SQL, Java, React, and WPF, to create user-friendly aviation software.

At Bigscal, we understand the importance of making the right technology stack choice in order to meet the success levels within the Aviation project you have in hand. Our aviation software development professionals will use various Angular, Node.js, .Net, SQL, Java, React, and WPF programming tools that enable delivery of usable aviation software.

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We are grateful for our clients’ trust in us, and we take great pride in delivering quality solutions that exceed their expectations. Here is what some of them have to say about us:

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