Digital Transformation Services

With our expertise in digital technologies such as IoT, Data Analytics, and AI, we can assist you in implementing digital transformation services to automate data collection, process integrations, and real-time data insights to adapt and meet your ever-changing customer needs.

Increasing technological and customer evolution requires businesses to be agile, intuitive, and transparent in order to remain competitive. It also entails radical thinking about how businesses use technology, people, and processes to transform and evolve in order to meet growing customer demands.

As a leading digital transformation service provider, Bigscal approaches digital transformation holistically in order to assist businesses like yours in fully leveraging the potential of digital technologies.

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Adani renewables
Vital data technology
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Trackimo always there
Whirpool india
Big interview
Different dog
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Our Digital Transformation Services

By optimizing business processes, automating systems, and accelerating innovation, our digital transformation services generate significant business benefits.

Digital Transformation Strategy Consulting

Our digital transformation consultants combined their industry knowledge. We provide transforming solutions that address every aspect of your business’s transformation.

Digital Transformation Strategy Roadmap

Bigscal assists you in developing digital transformation strategies that are aligned with your business needs and promote cohesive innovation.

Modernization In Digital Transformation

Our advanced modernization services assist you in upgrading outdated systems, troubleshooting issues, and driving higher ROI by improving operational efficiency.

AI And Automation

We help your business scale by adding intelligent artificial intelligence systems and automating processes to accelerate your digital business transformation journey.

Application Development

Our app development services are geared toward empowering your business throughout the entire application lifecycle.

Data Science And Analytics

Our data-driven strategies, such as platform integration and data science, improve business agility and decision-making clarity.

Let’s Discuss Your Project

We are a digital transformation consulting company that can help you with the technical aspects of the business.

We Are Digital Transformation Specialists

Bigscal’s digital transformation consulting services are focused on business outcomes and delivering value. We focus on transforming customer experiences through data-driven insights in order to make better decisions faster. With time digital transformation meaning has changed and increased agility, innovation, collaboration, and workforce engagement.

  • Cost cutting
  • End-to-end digital transformation services
  • Step closer to market trends
  • Innovative and new technology use
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Bringing Technology To Business

Making the latest tech stack accessible for all Bigscal brings you the best digital transformation services. The team that keeps on delivering the best technology in the market.

Tech Stack

We Are a Leading Digital Transformation Services Company

We will help you transform your company into a digital company. With the integration of the widest tech stack, we provide end-to-end data-driven insights and digital transformation.

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Data, when used properly, can be a driving force for growth in any business. To ensure that all necessary compliance is met, it must be handled by trusted hands. Bigscal’s professionals provide a data strategy that is in coordination with your business objectives.

Bigscal’s Digital Transformation solutions can help businesses identify strategy gaps and invest in the best technologies, as well as provide key insights to drive digital strategy. By leveraging our business intelligence, and Data Processing, we strive to provide trustworthily and assured data assets for your business. By implementing appropriate digital transformation technologies, we improve the customer experience.

  • ISO 9001:2015 & ISO 27001:2013 Certified
  • Perfect execution strategy
  • Maximum growth potential
  • Experts in designing
  • Affordable Solutions
  • Maintenance Aid
  • Clear communication
  • Time-to-time delivery and updation
  • Security testings

We Have Provided The Best Services To Our Customers Worldwide

In the digital age, a company’s ability to get the best of technology determines much of what it offers, its ability to provide awe-inspiring customer experiences, and its resilience to external factors. We are actively expanding our international footprint in a variety of industries, including healthcare, aviation, e-commerce, media and entertainment, and others. We’ve helped the world’s best companies adapt with speed, precision, and purpose thanks to our unique approach to digital transformation.

  • 750+ Projects Successful
  • 97%+ Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • 500+ Global Clients
  • 25+ Countries
  • 175+ Full-Time Software Developers
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Our Software Development Case Studies

Software development & outsourcing services have been our main focus since our inception. Being end-to-end software development partners to our patrons, we have engaged with them in their technology enhancement journey and helped them with best-in-class solutions. We have captured a few case studies to reveal how we became our clients’ favorite.

A Time-Tracking Desktop App

A time tracking tool that monitors staff computer usage and activity levels, including open programs and websites visited, it takes randomly chosen screenshots and more.

Core tech

ReactJs, nodeJs, MongoDB

A Gaming Application

In the Business Game, players roll two six-sided dice to move around the game board, buying and trading properties, and developing them into houses and hotels.

Core tech

Unity 3D, FireBase

A Finance Managemnt System

a system for managing finances that helps keep everyone informed about their financial situation and show them how to save money.

Core tech

ReactJs, nodeJs, MongoDB

An Architectural Business Management Software

Downright Tiles offers tile services for residential and commercial properties, including remodeling, renovation, repair, and installation.

Core tech

.NET, MVC5, Decoupled Architecture

User Guide

What are digital transformation services?

This was the era when the need for eCommerce became apparent. Since then, many businesses have shifted their focus from offline to online. Now, the online approach has many types and options, such as creating a website and application. However, whatever you choose must produce the desired results.

One such methodology that assists businesses with technological aspects of business and marketing is digital transformation services. Furthermore, a road map is required for the entire process. Hiring digital transformation consultants can assist you with many of the challenges, such as managing your requirements, assisting in their creation, and maintaining them.

A company must completely overhaul all of its procedures and business models in order to reinvent itself in order to better take advantage of emerging technology and its quick penetration into human activities. In order to adapt to the shifting business and market demands, a company's digital transformation path involves employing digital technology to develop new.

It transcends jobs that are often associated with sales, marketing, and customer service. As opposed to this, digital transformation starts and ends with how you view and work with customers.

How can the ROI of a digital transformation be measured?

ROI is the most important term that every business considers first. Return on investment is a phrase that simply means the benefits you receive after making an investment. We add the monetary value of the cost to this ROI. ROI is extremely important in calculating a company's profit and loss. Furthermore, ROI figures can be used to help businesses measure their growth.

The technological aspects of digital transformation are commonly used to calculate ROI. If a company wants to develop an application or a website, we consider this an investment. Furthermore, if a business wants to survive in today's world, it must have a strong grip on the online market.

That's easier said than done with projects that span functional and business lines, alter how a company goes to market, and frequently fundamentally alter interactions with customers and employees.

Mention the difference between digitization, digitalization, and digital transformation.


We know the process of converting all information into a digital version that can be accessed on any device as digitization. Furthermore, this essentially involves storing the data in an analog format. As a result of digitization, information previously only available on paper can now be kept digitally on any device. This keeps the data organized while also reducing disruption in the workplace.

Let's use an illustration to show whether any company keeps its orders in a book with dates and places. However, if the same information is kept digitally, it will be simple to locate the correct order by grouping the information according to place or date. This is the area where precise digitalization occurs.


This is the process of making the storing of data automated by using digital means of storing. This should assist them in determining when abnormalities are developing and the cause.

It uses digitized information to fundamentally transform business processes in order to generate new revenue and value.

Digital Transformation

Beyond digitalization, digital transformation involves a comprehensive change in a company's business strategy. That company may implement a single project as part of its digitalization effort, but a project with the goal of digital transformation will result in change across all departments.

Mention the most important aspects of digital transformation services.

Moving to digital transformation is not that easy as well. So if you are also thinking of shifting to digital media, then you should definitely hire a digital transformation consulting company. Below, we have mentioned a few of the aspects that you should know before you go for digital transformation services.


You are in a competitive world, and this competitive world requires creativity and uniqueness. The more your business is digital, the more it will have a business. Digital transformation includes the creation of applications and websites. The more innovative your website is the more you can gain customers.

Brand Awareness

Social media marketing as well as digital marketing have bloomed over a period. The sudden change in the marketing tactics occurred because of the business that switched over to the internet in a period. Moreover, when you are developing an application or website, then you should definitely make sure that it supports brand awareness because, without brand awareness, you can’t reach your customers.

Digital Tools

Digital tools are very important for businesses as well as customers. When you are shifting from offline to online, then majorly you should have a deep knowledge of the digital tools that are trending and are available in the markets. You can also go through your competitors and get an idea about which technology and tool they are using for creating applications and websites.


We can consider privacy a very important feature, as whatever application or website you create should be end-to-end protected. Privacy and security are important as it helps to keep the custom data up to the business only avoiding misuse of the data.

Augmented Reality

Augmented reality currently is the trend as it is noticed the more interactive your website and application are, the more customers you can have. So when shifting to digital transformation services, make sure you take this aspect under notice.

Why do digital transformation initiatives fail?

Below are the major reasons why your digital transformation initiatives can fail.


People have the power to make or unleash digital transformation. Your initiative will fail if you do not place enough emphasis on people and culture.

Ineffective communication

Frequently, leadership simply orders changes without explaining why and how. Your initiative will fail if you do not provide specific guidance before, during, and even after a transformation. You can learn more about changing communication by reading our guide.

Inadequate measurement

Companies believe they can measure success based on the key performance indicators (KPIs) they've already established for their business. However, if you are getting the way you do business, you will need to set additional KPIs to track the results.

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Our Latest Blogs

Bigscal creates articles that broaden your knowledge and provide you with in-depth details on the most recent developments in the IT business. Our specialists are always looking into new IT technologies and creating articles for our cherished clients.


It is well understood that digitization and data can drastically alter the way businesses operate. However, the process is not as simple as getting more data and applying the familiar data warehouse and customer analytics approach that begins with data collection and builds insight from the past. Instead, becoming a digital business necessitates a significant shift in an enterprise’s cultural code, as well as the development of skills for discovering new types of value in data. Discover the three elements required for digital transformation success:

  • Developing, sharing, and tracking measurable KPIs
  • Choosing the Correct Project Size
  • Providing opportunities for IT teams to innovate

There are common themes among existing case studies and published frameworks that all technology leaders should take into consideration as they begin their transformation efforts, even though digital transformation will vary greatly depending on the unique challenges of each organization.

As an illustration, something widely mentioned the following aspects of digital transformation:

  • Consumer contentment
  • Flexibility in action
  • Administration and culture
  • Employment development
  • Technology integration with digital

When creating their own digital transformation plan, CIOs should keep in mind that each guide has its own unique set of recommendations as well as various processes or considerations.

Digitally driven operational changes that increase value for clients, staff, and partners can help almost any firm in any market. Among the advantages that digital transformation can bring are:

  • Actionable insights based on deeper analytics
  • Faster and more effective methods
  • Expanded capacity
  • Lower expenses
  • Increased productivity, quality, and safety

It is possible to deliver higher value and adjust to shifting expectations by combining business process change with next-generation automation.


To handle both historical IT and contemporary infrastructures, you’ll need the correct mix of knowledge and experience. Don’t forget to fill any open positions in your company, such as those for analysts, software engineers, and enterprise architects. Your digital transformation projects can be driven by the appropriate strategic partner by helping to close these gaps.


You’ll want to see evidence of their prior achievements. Request to view examples of similar systems, initiatives, or industries in case studies and demos. To successfully complete this protracted and frequently expensive trip together, you must have faith and confidence in your relationship.


Make sure the partner you choose has experience with your particular systems. They must be familiar with the best practices for interacting with and updating your systems, as well as carrying out digital transformation utilizing contemporary techniques. To complete the task, they require the ideal set of solutions, tools, and services.


Help Communication is essential. Ineffective communication between internal and external teams is a major reason for DX project failure. Every successful process change starts with effective communication, which is also crucial to a business transformation.

Despite the benefits, deciding to change your business into a digital one is probably the hardest thing your company will ever have to do. We do not prepare many companies for disruptions for a variety of reasons, including outdated thinking, compartmentalized organizational structures, and little to no consideration of the broader picture.

Overcoming such resistance typically involves a plan and a procedure, both of which typically include outside assistance. The popularity of digital transformation consulting companies is evidence of this, as brands want to take advantage of digital advancements despite having significant qualms about doing so.

Business transformation consultants are responsible for evaluating an organization’s current digital capabilities and identifying processes that can be modified and technologies that can be adopted. Helping a corporation become customer-centric and increase profitability is the ultimate goal of a business transformation consulting services provider like us.

Although there is no one-size-fits-all strategy for digital transformation initiatives, you can plan your budget effectively if you keep an eye on the short- and long-term and start small. Above all, if you have the top consultant for digital transformation on your side, they can provide you with the greatest advice to prevent financial ruin.

Although challenging, we may execute digital transformation without difficulty if you have the proper partner. If you have the proper strategy, road map, and plan, it can make the process simpler. Additionally, the project can be finished even more quickly if you and your digital transformation partner have a solid understanding of the processes or systems that need to be altered.

Technology trends are always evolving as new products enter the market and change how companies conduct business. Your digital transformation’s success depends on a number of different technologies, not just one. We should make your technology decisions in a way that gives you enough resilience and flexibility to adapt to changing market conditions or new customer expectations, even if you have already started your multi-year digital transformation path.

Bigscal Technologies uses a wide range of technologies that help in the making of digital transformation. Below are a few of the technologies that help in having the best digital transformation services:

  • Artificial intelligence/ML
  • Blockchain
  • AR/VR
  • Internet Of things
  • DevOps
  • Big data
  • Web
  • Mobile
  • Front end

We list the six phases of digital transformation below.

Business as usual, status quo: The situation of your organization at the moment is “business as usual” or “status quo.”

Present and active: Encourage experimentation across the entire organization by fostering innovation and bettering digital literacy abilities.

Formalized: When efforts are more clearly defined, experimentation is more purposeful, and leadership buy-in is sought after.

Strategic: The stage at which teams begin working together and sharing their research to develop long-term plans for the transformation.

Converged: The creation of an intentional team for the digital transformation that will direct the strategy, set objectives, and implement systems to support the change.

Innovative and adaptable: When the firm adopts a digital transformation strategy and leadership creates a system for tracking market and technological trends so that the business can advance.

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