Integration Testing Services

Bigscal is a leading integration testing services that provide high-impact solutions and helps business to leverage the power of progressive tools and trends to get tangible benefits.

We provide complete spectrum integration testing services and put paramount focus on delivering high-quality outcomes that provide an exceptional user experience.

Our system integration testing company is equipped with highly sophisticated tools and methodology to drive business operations successfully.

Our integration testers have a comprehensive understanding of every area of testing and help clients to achieve their business objectives.

We help businesses to integrate software modules in a plug-and-play environment to identify any broken links or system-level problems by validating real-world use cases.

Our integration testing team exploits the root cause of vulnerabilities in the application.

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Adani renewables
Vital data technology
Universal weather & aviation, inc
Trackimo always there
Whirpool india
Big interview
Different dog
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Our Integration Testing Services

One-Time Integration Testing

Our integration testing company prepares the test plan and executes the testing of the application once it is implemented.

Continuous Integration During Complete Lifecycle

Our integration testing team creates plans and tests the application at each phase of the software development cycle.

SDLC Continuous Integration Testing

Our integration testing company validates the plan and executes the testing process at each level of product development.

Incremental Integration Testing

After successful integration testing, our dedicated teams add a new component and test its communication with the other components.

Big Bang Integration Testing

Our integrating testing firm performs communication testing once the development is complete.

Sandwich Integration Testing

Our integration testing solution executes both top-down and bottom-up techniques to review the modules.

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Benefits of our Integration Testing Services

Leverage the benefits of our trusted integration testing services to protect your IT infrastructure.

  • Improved performance
  • Extended reliability
  • All-around outcome
  • A flexible & integrated practice
  • Improved functionality
  • Reduced cost
software engineering services
software engineering services

We provide Best-in-class Integration Testing Services

Bigscal is a top-notch integration testing firm that provides full-fledged and customised services to all sizes of businesses. Our certified tester delivers high-performing, fast, secure and robust products that add incredible value to the company.

With 12 + years of experience in the software testing industry, we provide an optimum and high-impact solution that satisfies all the client’s needs.

We help industries to make a powerful presence in the software world. Our impressive and unparalleled integration testing services enable enterprises to tackle all the obstructions.

  • Qualified developers
  • Budget-friendly Solutions
  • IP rights to safeguard your data
  • Flexible engagement choices
  • Smooth communication
  • Best development approaches
  • On-time delivery
  • ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certified approaches

We Collaborate With Outstanding Businesses Globally

As the leading integration testing company in India, Bigscal has united with some eminent companies across the globe and helped firms gain an edge.
750+ Projects Successful

  • 750+ Projects Successful
  • 97%+ Customer Satisfaction Rate
  • 500+ Global Clients
  • 25+ Countries
  • 175+ Full-Time Software Developers
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User Guide To Understanding Integration Testing

What is integration testing?

Integration testing is analysing the performance of software modules and systems altogether. This type of testing is done if the system is complicated or when are multiple software modules.

In this process, particular software components are integrated into bigger groups for executing the test. The reason behind implementing this test is to analyse the performance when the elements are grouped.

Integration testing is implemented either manually or with the support of automated testing tools. Automated tools are useful for performing the test of large-scale applications where testing the modules manually is practically not possible.

How to conduct integration testing?

Integration testing is analysing the performance of software modules and systems altogether. Integration testing helps to determine issues or bugs early in the product development process.

A few different approaches are implemented when executing the integration test. The first approach is called the “top-down” technique, in this, you have to test all the higher components first and then move down to the lower level.

The second approach is called the “bottom-up” technique, in this, you have to test all the lower components first and then move down to the higher level.

Few steps you have to follow to implement both approaches:

  • Determining the components
  • Prepare test cases of all the components
  • Set up the test environment to conduct the workflow
  • Execute the tests
  • Analyze the results to examine the problems
  • Resolve the problems
  • Retest to ensure performance.

Explain the type of tools used for integration testing?

Integration testing is a crucial part of software development to ensure all the components work together as predicted.

Here are highlighted few integration tools:

Selenium WebDriver: It is an open-source integration tool useful for testing web applications. It allows users to simulate web browser actions using test scripts.

Postman: An HTTP client that supports sending requests to APIs and viewing their responses in a human-readable form. It is useful for resolving to debug and troubleshooting errors.

JMeter: It is an open-source tool useful for load testing and analysing the performance of websites. It measures the response time and throughput under a specific load.

SoapUI: This automated tool tests SOAP-based web services. It prepares and executes test cases and creates reports of integration test results.

Why it is necessary to conduct integration testing?

Detecting and correcting defects that arise during software integration is one of the fundamental purposes of integration testing.

It is crucial for businesses to focus on integration testing to analyse the performance of software modules and systems altogether.

Integration issues or glitches can have a great impact on the bottom line of a business.

By implementing integration testing, it is possible to resolve the issues early in the development cycle.

Resolving the bugs as early as possible, help business to cut down unnecessary expenses in the app development workflows.

Furthermore, integration testing ensures adherence to industry benchmarks and provisions.

What factors to consider while selecting an integration testing firm?

  • Check the company's experience in handling previous testing projects. You can ask for a portfolio.
  • You can review the strategy they follow for specifying the product quality.
  • Ensure that an integrating testing company holds a good reputation in the market. It is important to ask for references from your colleagues and friends. Check the reviews of the organisation to make optimum decisions.
  • Check the pricing quotes from multiple integration testing providers to make a profitable decision.
  • Ask for demonstrations to get comprehensive ideas about their tools and techniques.

Our Software Development Case Studies

Software development & outsourcing services have been our main focus since our inception. Being end-to-end software development partners to our patrons, we have engaged with them in their technology enhancement journey and helped them with best-in-class solutions. We have captured a few case studies to reveal how we became our clients’ favorite.

A Time-Tracking Desktop App

A time tracking tool that monitors staff computer usage and activity levels, including open programs and websites visited, it takes randomly chosen screenshots and more.

Core tech

ReactJs, nodeJs, MongoDB

A Gaming Application

In the Business Game, players roll two six-sided dice to move around the game board, buying and trading properties, and developing them into houses and hotels.

Core tech

Unity 3D, FireBase

A Finance Managemnt System

a system for managing finances that helps keep everyone informed about their financial situation and show them how to save money.

Core tech

ReactJs, nodeJs, MongoDB

An Architectural Business Management Software

Downright Tiles offers tile services for residential and commercial properties, including remodeling, renovation, repair, and installation.

Core tech

.NET, MVC5, Decoupled Architecture

Our Latest Blogs

Bigscal creates articles that broaden your knowledge and provide you with in-depth details on the most recent developments in the IT business. Our specialists are always looking into new IT technologies and creating articles for our cherished clients.


  • Bigscal ensures that your software applications adhere to the latest industry criteria.
  • We provide full-spectrum application testing services that meet all the provisions of the business.
  • Our integration testing team delivers high-quality, fast, secure budget-friendly applications.
  • We implement the best practices to assure the security of the application.
  • Our testing team is well acquainted with progressive languages and tools that help you to take your company to an advanced level.
  • We execute both top-down and bottom-up techniques to review the modules.
  • Ensure transparency and smooth communication.

Bigscal has teamed up with some prominent companies across the world to ensure the quality of the application. Our integration testing solutions have helped hundreds of businesses from startups to large enterprises to deliver best-in-class solutions. Retail, banking, telecommunications, e-commerce and healthcare are some of the industries we have worked with.

Bigscal provides:

  • Certified software testers
  • Agile methodology
  • Budget-friendly applications
  • Ensure transparency
  • Smooth communications
  • Superior quality software products
  • Ensure the security of the applications
  • Adhere to industry standard benchmarks.

To all new clients, our software testing company offers a free trial period of two weeks. First, create an account, and our team will help to initiate the testing process. Contact Bigscal to more know about the free trial integration testing services.

In order to deliver top-notch integration testing services, Bigscal understands the importance of IT infrastructure. With our world-class office space and the latest software testing tools, we offer the best and most advanced software testing services. Our customer support team is available round the clock. Whether you need assistance with project management, sales, marketing, or software testing, all of our teams are available to help.

It is genuinely unnecessary. After all, you do now no longer want to realize any medical nuances during a dental visit. You shouldn’t be a professional in software program improvement, due to the fact we’re. We are prepared to give an explanation for you of all of the uncertain moments and the essence of all stages whilst working on the task. All you want is a clear concept of ​​what desires you need to reap with the favored software program product. So you simply should cognizant of your desires and we’ll assist you are making them happen.

Share the information of your project, which includes the scope, timeframe, or enterprise demanding situations you need to solve.

We paint in a quick new release mode and frequently take a look at the results of the painting, deliberating all purchaser options and the reaction of the target audience. This method enables us to provide our customers amazing products within the set deadlines. Quality is our pinnacle priority.

Yes, we’re continually satisfied with technical help and support for the apps we’ve developed. Also, we are able to increase software programs in your product if you want to put into effect new functions or combine third-party offerings.

Our professionals have a wide variety of abilities that permit us to offer our clients quality answers to reap their desires. The primary profile of Bigscal is .NET improvement and blockchain. We additionally work with C #, ASP.NET Core / MVC, Xamarin, Angular / Angular.JS, React / React.JS, Node.JS and WPF.

We have greater than 10 years of enterprise experience. We have carried out and finished initiatives for main retailers, worldwide food and beverage companies, startups, real estate, telecommunications, fashion companies, and much, tons greater. We have enjoyed developing Android, iOS mobile apps, internet, and IoT apps, augmented reality, e-learning, CRM structures and continuously enhancing our abilities!

What Our Valuable Clients Say About Us

We are grateful for our clients’ trust in us, and we take great pride in delivering quality solutions that exceed their expectations. Here is what some of them have to say about us:

"BigScal’s dedicated and talented staff made the effort to understand my complex requirements and met these challenges with insightful.Their greatest strength is an ability to listen to what a client need."

Dr. Dosist

Owner, Brew-EZ

"Their communication was very impressive, especially since there’s a great distance between Colorado and India."

Ilona Maxwell

Owner, Brew-EZ

"They were an extension of our team that we trusted and relied upon."

Lindsay Fairman

Founder, B2C & B2B

"We are happy with their high-quality work."

Kirk Rogers

Managing Director, Priovanti

"Very good cooperation! The work was always professional and always on time. We will hire them definitely again."


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