Hire Golang Developers

It can be hard for companies to hire Golang developers because of:

  • Growing popularity and
  • Projects in Golang

Hire Golang developers from BigScal helps you to:

  • Create structured storage
  • Distributed/grid computing
  • Large database creation
  • Web-based music players
  • Online games
  • Golang is the latest language that helps you design a Scalable, Robust, and Easy-to-maintain system.

The features that GO developers, like the most are

  • Ease of use
  • Performance
  • Concurrency
  • Simplicity

Go developers also reported that they would choose Golang. To write their future projects in light of the rise of Golang developers in 2017. “Golang” is regarded as the “language of the future”. We help you to hire GO Developers in India. To give you the best results.

BigScal ensures all Golang developers pass their

  • Coding tests
  • Screenings
  • Non-technical assessments

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    Adani renewables
    Vital data technology
    Universal weather & aviation, inc
    One RPM
    Trackimo always there
    Whirpool india
    Big interview
    Different dog
    Open cosmos

    Hire Golang Developers To Upscale Your Business

    At Bigscal, Our Golang Engineers Have Excellent Knowledge And Good Experience In The Entire Golang Software Development. Our Go Developers Have Deep Domain Expertise. To Provide A Wide Range Of Web And Mobile Application Solutions. Being Among The Top Golang Development Company, BigScal Designs Business-Ready Applications And Streamlines The Web-Based Application Development Process.

    Dedicated Golang Developers

    Golang development services help you with accurate project completion. The work we do for our clients will never get delayed.

    Consulting And Strategy

    Consultation and strategy are two main pillars for businesses to perform. Our Go developers will help you take the right choices and Overcome any challenges.

    Golang Integration Services

    Our Golang developers help you to integrate your application. With a wide range of front-end and back-end technologies like React.js and Angular. Also, integrate applications with cloud architectures. Such as Azure, AWS, and Google Cloud for better scalability.

    AI Development

    Golang has supported various web and mobile apps. It also has the incredible capability for AI development Keep up with the latest trends.

    Webapp Development

    We are a custom Golang development company. Working on the latest technology and Efficient features of Golang. Our Golang engineers are efficient in all frameworks such as GIN, IRIS, and Beego. Golang is one of the most preferred programming languages for web app projects.

    Mobile App Development Services

    Hire go developers to build Reliable, Easy-to-use Mobile apps for both IOS and Android users.

    Microservices Development

    Golang engineer is capable of application extensibility, Well suited for multiprocessor systems and Web applications. Hire go developers to design microservices for better Scalability, High quality and Performance.

    Cloud App Development

    Hire Golang developers For handling and building complex cloud applications. Help you with the impeccable development of concurrent applications.

    Support & Maintenance

    Our Go developers support application systems by Troubleshooting, Modifying, Maintaining, and Enhancing legacy systems.

    Let’s Talk About Your Project

    To help us turn your project idea into a spectacular digital product, request a free consultation and share it with us.

    Why Should You Choose Golang?

    There are plenty of assured benefits when you opt for Golang.

    Fast Performance

    Superior Performance

    As a compiled language, Golang may be translated straight into machine code. As a result, it is a quick and effective language, making it ideal for programs that demand high performance.



    Golang is the best choice for applications that need to manage big volumes of data or traffic because it was created to be scalable. It is simple to develop effective and scalable applications with its integrated concurrency features.


    Dependable Standard Library

    A strong standard library for Golang is available, including a variety of features from networking to cryptography. As a result, routine operations like handling HTTP requests are made simple.

    cross platform

    Cross-Platform Integration

    Golang is a fantastic option for cross-platform programming because it can run on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.


    Increased Community

    There are several learning and development tools available, and the Golang community is expanding swiftly. This incorporates web guides, discussion boards, and gatherings that make it simple to contact other developers and obtain assistance.

    High Security Standards

    Secure And Safe

    With features like memory safety, garbage collection, and strict typing, Golang was created to be safe and secure. These characteristics serve to lower the possibility of security flaws and defects in your code.

    software engineering services

    Why Hire Golang Developers From Bigscal?

    Bigscal is very picky about the programmes, industries, and technology it chooses to concentrate on. We provide businesses cutting-edge technologies that enable them to assemble a team of qualified specialists. A variety of Golang development services are offered by us.

    • Expertise and Experience
    • Quality and User-Friendliness
    • Innovation and Creativity
    • Smooth communication
    • Effective development strategies
    • Affordable Pricing

    Top Companies Globally Trust Bigscal For Hiring Golang Developers

    Bigscal employs a group of extremely talented developers who have extensive experience with the Golang programming language. When you employ Golang web developers from us, we offer a one-stop service to satisfy all of your internal Golang development needs. Both short-term and long-term Golang development projects are requested by our clients. Our developers help you fulfil project deadlines by staying current on the newest frameworks and trends.

    • Trusted by Leading Brands
    • Proven Track Record of Success
    • Technical Expertise and Experience
    • Quality and User-Friendliness
    • On-Time Delivery
    Bigscal clients

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    You can try the engineer(s) for two weeks without any obligation to add them to your team. The services are prepaid so that you can continue on if you like them. What do you think? Isn’t it effortless and transparent?



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    Trial Phase

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    Work Together With The Top 1% Of Indian Developers

    Hire Golang developers and coders from India, known for their exceptional abilities and ranked among the top-tier talent worldwide.

    Junior Golang Developer

    $1650 – $2400

    1-3 Years Experienced

    Mid Level Golang Developer

    $2400 – $3400

    3-5 Years Experienced

    Senior Level Golang Developer

    $3400 onwards

    5+ Years Experienced

    A Variety Of Hire Golang Developer Models Are Available

    All Of Our Clients Have The Option Of Selecting The Engagement Model That Best Suits Their Needs.

    Huge Community Support

    Dedicated Team

    To find out more about specialized teams, speak to your company’s marketing department. Pay-per-use contract with a monthly rolling payment schedule.

    • This product has no hidden charges
    • 160 hours of employment that is guaranteed
    • Invoices are paid on a monthly
    • Only pay for an activity that can be quantified
    cost saving

    Controlled Agile

    The controlled agile engagement approach is ideal for individuals with a limited budget who yet want some flexibility in response to changing circumstances.

    • Flexibility to the max
    • Assemble a squad
    • You may start with something simple
    • Having full control over your money
    Adaptable Timely Workflow

    Time And Material

    The controlled agile engagement approach is ideal for individuals with a limited budget who yet want some flexibility in response to changing circumstances.

    • This product has no hidden charges
    • Working hours that are dependent on requirements
    • Invoices are paid on a monthly
    • Only pay for activities that can be quantified

    User Guide

    What is Golang?

    Google created the programming language Golang, usually referred to as Go. Go was developed with the intention of offering a quick, easy, and effective language that could manage the complexity of contemporary software development.

    Go was initially released in 2009 and has since shot to the top of the list of programming languages. The group was searching for a language that would enable them to create software more quickly and effectively. They desired a language that was simple to learn but robust enough to manage challenging software development tasks. The outcome of this endeavor was Go.

    In Go, variables must be defined before they can be used because the language is statically typed. This makes the code simpler to comprehend and maintain while also assisting with error prevention. Go is a garbage-collected language, meaning developers do not have to manually manage memory allocation because memory is automatically managed by the language.

    Concurrency support is one of Golang's most noteworthy features. The capacity to perform several activities concurrently is known as concurrency, and Go has a built-in system for managing it. This enables programmers to create parallel programs that execute more quickly and effectively.

    Go is renowned for being straightforward and effective. The grammar of the language is simple, and programming is done in an uncomplicated manner. This makes it simple for developers—even those who are new to programming—to learn and write code.

    What are the uses of Golang?

    The uses of Golang are as follows:

    • HTTP and RESTful APIs

      GO is frequently used to create web services and APIs because of its capacity for handling high volumes of traffic and handling concurrent queries. Creating scalable and effective online applications, such as social media platforms and e-commerce websites, is the best option.

    • Cloud Computing

      Due to its capacity for handling enormous volumes of data and processing power, GO is also utilized for cloud computing. This makes it a great option for creating cloud-based software, including data analytics platforms, cloud storage services, and other kinds of cloud-based software.

    • Programming for systems

      Because it can manage system resources and low-level system calls, GO is also useful for system programming. This makes it the perfect option for creating system utilities like file systems, network protocols, and other kinds of system-level software.

    • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

      Due to its capacity for handling enormous amounts of data and processing power, GO is also utilized in machine learning and artificial intelligence. This makes it the perfect option for developing machine learning and artificial intelligence applications, such as platforms for natural language processing and picture recognition systems.

    Is Golang a good choice for blockchain?

    Yes, given its traits and advantages, Golang can be a wise choice for blockchain development. Golang is appropriate for blockchain development for a variety of reasons, including:

    • Performance: Golang offers the high performance needed for blockchain applications because it is a compiled language, making it quick and effective.
    • Scalability: Golang is ideally suited for blockchain systems that manage massive volumes of data and traffic since it comes with built-in concurrency features that make writing scalable apps simple.
    • Security: Golang was created with the goal of enhancing security. As a result, it offers features like memory safety, garbage collection, and strict typing that serve to lower the likelihood of coding errors and security flaws.
    • Cross-Platform Compatibility: Golang is a fantastic candidate for cross-platform blockchain development since it can run on a variety of operating systems, including Windows, Linux, and macOS.
    • Growing Community: The Golang community is expanding swiftly, giving blockchain developers access to a sizable pool of programmers, resources, and tools.

    Overall, Golang is a great contender for blockchain development due to its performance, scalability, security, and cross-platform compatibility. Developers looking for a flexible and dependable language to create blockchain applications will find its expanding community and large standard library appealing.

    What are the disadvantages of Golang?

    Although Golang has many advantages, there are a few limitations to consider when utilizing it for software development:

    • Limited Library and Tool Ecosystem:

      Compared to more well-known programming languages like Java or Python, Golang has a smaller library and tool ecosystem, which might make it more difficult to find libraries and tools that meet specific development needs.

    • Strict Typing:

      Golang has strict typing requirements, therefore variables must be declared with a specific type that cannot change while the program is running. Despite providing security and stability, this might also limit the flexibility of the code, which can be problematic for engineers used to more dynamic programming languages.

    • Immature Community:

      Although the Golang community is expanding swiftly, it is still small when compared to the communities for other programming languages. As a result, developers may have to put more effort into locating tools and support when needed.

    • User AcceptanceSteep Learning Curve:

      Although Golang is intended to be simple to learn, coming up to speed with it may require a steep learning curve for developers used to other programming languages due to its syntax and capabilities.

    • Limited garbage collection:

      Golang's straightforward garbage collection method can be constricting for developers who require more control over memory management.

    Is there a future for Golang in the software industry?

    Yes, Golang has a bright future in the software sector. Golang is one of the most well-liCertainly, Golang would have a great opportunity in the software industry. Golang is one of the most favorite programming languages that is widely used as for creating scalable and distributed systems built for cloud computing or just enterprise-grade applications.

    One of the top benefits of Golang is that it is user-friendly and some developers find it so pleasant to work with. It facilitates the creation of clean, effective code which is good for meeting the timeline. Go is an excellent platform platform for cloud and web-based apps because it attaches great importance concurrency, which is one of the crucial traits needed to create programs that can handle parallel activities.

    What is more important, Golang is a language that is supported by the developing and the growing community that is of a great assistance to the increasing acceptance of this language. People add new libraries getting the language easier to use for creating software products. In addition, this community helps a lot to provide information and support to the developers who learning and mastering GoUrgently to persist in this area of technology.

    In a nutshell, the software universe will encounter many challenges in the next decades. Some of them will be software language related and Golang will be a frontrunner in the language competition among other programing languages.

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    However, make sure you give the right go developer all the details of your task that you wish to be done for you..

    Finally, sign the agreement with YourBigScal sales team.

    Lastly, upon your confirmation, the golang developer will be introduced to you.

    Our Golang developers could help you scale your applications with minimal effort while keeping them safe. Here are some of the services our Golang development company offers:Here are some of the services our Golang development company offers:

    • Custom Golang Development
    • Cloud app development
    • Web App Development
    • AI Development
    • Microservices development
    • Maintenance and Support

    There is no straightforward answer to this.

    • The cost to hire a go developer depends on several factors like the Development platform,
    • Type of project,
    • The complexity of the design,
    • Number of pages,
    • Features and functions,
    • Maintenance cost, etc.

    Our golang development company help you to hire go developers to give you excellent results. BigScal offers ample benefits like

    • Flexibility
    • Cost-effective
    • Higher output
    • Special skill sets
    • Easy to handle
    • Quick response

    Our golang development company provides do not provide source code before payment completion to protect our rights.

    We can provide you with images of one or two coding chunks to make sure that you are satisfied.

    BigScal makes remote development easy, compliant and secure our Golang development company offers effective coordination via

    • Automatic time tracking
    • Virtual daily stand-ups
    • Time zone management

    The easy-to-manage, high-visibility ensure that you’re always working with the best Golang developers.

    Yes, Our Golang development company can provide you with a team when you need to scale your development team. Get in touch with a BigScal expert to hire your golang developers.

    BigScal typically takes 3 to 5 three-five business days, and sometimes within the same day hire go developers.

    No, there is no upfront cost of hiring a Golang Developer through BigScal.

    Most of the go developers that come to Bigscal are seeking full-time, long-term work. Our golang development company does not offer part-time work.

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