React Cosmos: Why It’s Worth Choosing

The React cosmos framework saves developers a great deal of time and effort. Regardless of whether you write your code in JSX, ES6, or TypeScript, you can use React Cosmos.

Business logic is often mixed with component logic when components are created in projects.

As a result, we cannot reuse those components; however, reusable components can save a significant amount of money and time.

Using React Cosmos, you can develop and test UI components in isolation. It works with both React and React Native.

Here we will discuss a few reasons to pick this development tool for your projects.

What is React Cosmos?

One of the best reasons to pick React is that users can design components and can reuse the code repeatedly.

You can take this feature further with the help of this developer tool.

It is useful for designing scalable components. It lets you design a component in an isolated environment.

This development tool helps you to focus on different use cases and design patterns.

Additionally, it permits developers to design versatile components in isolation that work well in all conditions.

Reason To Pick React Cosmos

React Cosmos performs by using components of the application. Furthermore, all these components combine to build a component library structure.

A primary benefit of using React Cosmos is that it helps you to examine React projects to render components.

In this section, we will discover the advantages of using this development tool.

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Produces High-quality reusable elements

The complete success of the React project depends upon the quality of the components and the components that are integrated.

Furthermore, reusable components are helpful for designing attractive user interfaces.

Additionally, it helps to design reusable components in isolation, which further extends the benefits of react reusability.

However, you can design a robust architecture without rewriting the codes again. This enhances the productivity of the development process.

Enhanced Productivity

React Cosmos minimizes the time and effort required to conduct the development process.

Furthermore, this dev tool features a smart webpack that integrates with the component to help in bundling your code.

In addition, it generates a responsive component that allows developers to preview it on any screen size.

Simplifies the UI components sharing

Firstly, UI components are the building block of the React framework.

Furthermore, you can easily share the components of this tool across multiple projects in your portfolio. This evades duplication and inconsistency in your product development.

Additionally, by using the UI primitive set, you can give appealing visual effects to your apps.

Lastly, its component-sharing features simplify the product development work by improving the collaboration among team members in the organization.

Easy to perform Automated Testing and Debugging of application

This tool features API mocking, which helps to conduct regression and snapshot testing in a real-time environment.

Furthermore, its components structure is designed in an isolated environment. Therefore, it is easy to predict the error source of the application.

Additionally, it minimizes the complexity of the app’s UI component structure in the development process.

Lastly, using state and props panels permits you to make live modifications to the components.

Also, this tool helps react developers make changes to their desktop applications. They can check the live preview of the changes on their mobile or any virtual machine.

Lastly, it eases debugging by providing the tree view that has been generated from the file structure of the project. It also helps you to recognize which component you opened the last time.


A popular JavaScript UI library, React, has quickly gained popularity. Component libraries allow developers to create reusable user interface components. In spite of this, it is a complex task to reuse and implement tests within the components.

In React Cosmos, UI components can be reused, tested, and developed in isolation. We can modify component props interactively during development using the React Cosmos sandbox.

For projects that use the same frontend framework and base UI designs, reusable components save a lot of time and effort.

In this article, we explored React Cosmos’ benefits for creating reusable components.

Don’t forget to try React Cosmos the next time you’re working on a React or React Native project!

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