React JS VS Code Extensions For Application Development

React JS VS Code Extensions For Application Development

One of the most widely used text editors, Visual Studio Code, has evolved into the standard text editor for the majority of developers. React JS VS code extensions have made it easy for developers to give the best user interference to web applications.

Free for both personal and professional use, moreover these react JS VS code extensions are an open-source project on Github. Furthermore, they also enable developers from all over the world to alter and add to it in order to improve it as a text editor for software development.

Although, To the untrained eye, react JS VS code extensions appear to be just a straightforward text editor with code highlighting, similar to Google Docs and Microsoft Word. Moreover, it actually has a tonne of productivity-enhancing features that you’re definitely not utilizing yet.

We will show you the best react JS VS code extensions that can boost your productivity. Moreover, we will also give some extra VS Code Extensions at the end for you to use in your workflow.

These popular VS Code extensions are for JavaScript and ReactJS developers. Although there are certain VS Code extensions that are useful for everyone.

In this article, we will discuss amateur VS Code techniques. Henceforth before delving deeper into professional VS Code techniques these code extensions will help you to write and analyze code faster.

About React

An open-source JavaScript library for building front-end user interfaces or UI components is React JS, usually referred to as React. Moreover, together with a network of independent developers and companies, Facebook oversees its management.

Furthermore, this is one of the best libraries for building component-based GUIs that have emerged in recent years. ReactJS gets utilized to access some of the greatest React Admin Templates.

On the contrary, if you’re not familiar with admin templates, they are basically a group of web pages made with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, or any other JavaScript libraries. Furthermore, the use of these is to construct the backend user interface of an online service. Moreover, you can make any kind of web application.

In summary, with React, creating an interactive user interface is simple. On the other hand whatever the complexity of the data, ReactJs makes it easy to construct dynamic charts and UI elements. Facebook built and maintains it, so you don’t need to worry about the caliber of how well it handles difficult codes.

About VS Code Extension

In any case, modern web programming requires the use of VS Code extensions. They effectively serve the same purpose as a source code editor for modern web apps. Additionally, you may expand your installation to support your development workflow by adding debuggers, languages, and tools via VS Code extensions.

Therefore, their strong extensibility strategy also enables extension creators to connect directly to the VS Code UI and add features using the same APIs that VS Code uses. To assist you in selecting the extensions that will benefit your system more than they use up resources, we’ve put together this list of the best trendy react JS VS code extensions.

Meanwhile, some of these extensions are well-known and frequently used, and other extensions for Visual Studio come highly recommended by seasoned developers.

In fact, an enormous selection of extensions available in the marketplace is one of Visual Studio Code’s best advantages. Additionally, your life as a developer can be significantly simplified by adding the appropriate react Js VS code extensions.

Benefits Of Using VSCode Extensions

VS Code supports hundreds of languages and offers features like syntax highlighting, bracket matching, auto-indentation, box selection, snippets, and more to help you get work done right away. Secondly, you can traverse your code with ease thanks to intuitive keyboard shortcuts, simple modification, and community-contributed keyboard shortcut mappings.

The benefits of VSCode Extensions include:

  • Supports multiple languages: Indeed these VS code extensions assist various programming languages.
  • Compatible with all platforms: Likewise compatible with different languages they also work across all platforms and web browsers.
  • Intelli-Sense: It can also determine whether any incomplete code snippets are present.
  • Extensions and Support: Typically, they assist all programming languages.
  • A hierarchy of levels.
  • Implementing optimal practices.
  • Automate a few of the routine procedures in our development process.

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React JS VS Code Extensions

Install some of the react js VS code extensions that we have listed below to speed up work and make life easier. Additionally, this will make your development will be much more powerful than it would otherwise be. The react js VS code extensions are namely:

1. Bracket Pair Colorizer

This plugin enables colored identification of brackets that match. Moreover, the user will specify the colors to use and the characters to match. Moreover, this extension’s main goal is to make it possible to distinguish between matching brackets using colors. Furthermore, VS Code now also includes this functionality, and Bracket Pair Colorizer is no longer supported. No need to install them separately.

2. change-case

It is a wrapper for Visual Studio Code’s node-change case. The primary task is to swiftly change the case of this suggested or used the word. Additionally, it supports numerous cursors.

3. Code Spell Checker

It is a straightforward spell checker that functions nicely with camelCase. In essence, it aids in spotting frequent spelling mistakes while minimizing the incidence of false positives.

4. Duplicate Selection

Similar to how VSCode operates by default, this addon allows for the inline repetition of specified text in a manner reminiscent of Sublime.

5. EditorConfig for VS Code

With the help of this plugin, VSCode now supports EditorConfig and.editorconfig files. This plugin’s primary function is to replace user or workspace settings with.editorconfig file settings.

6. VSCode React Refactor

For React developers, this straightforward addon offers to refactor code actions. It converts JSX elements into files or functions. Additionally, it assists TypeScript and TSX syntax. The classes, functions, and arrow functions all function well with this extension.

7. npm Intellisense

This plugin will automatically complete each npm module import statement. This plugin automatically manages all imports for npm modules.

8. ESLint

It incorporates ESLint into your VS Code environment. Your code is statically analyzed by the ESLint to immediately identify any issues.

9. ES7 React/Redux/GraphQL/React-Native snippets

This addon assists in giving VS Code users access to JavaScript and React/Redux-related snippets in ES7 with choices for Babel plugins.

10. Prettier – Code formatter

It is formatted code. Use this VS Code package to make your JavaScript/math/CSS usage prettier. In essence, it parses your code and prints it again using its own logic.


These are the react js VS code extensions that can help react js developers get the best for react js application development.

There are many tools already available in the market that can help you with guiding the VS code extensions.

The world is opting for the era of application development. Moreover, this has eventually increased the competition in the software development industry.

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