Top 5 React Component Libraries For Developers

Top 5 React Component Libraries For Developers

In 2013, the React component libraries were launched and started getting massive recognition worldwide. For all types of applications, developers need to use React Component libraries.

One of the key and important reasons for the growth of React JS is the outstanding collection of React component libraries.

React js Developers have developed beautiful user interfaces for web, desktop, and hybrid applications using these easy-to-use React libraries.

React is the most commonly used framework among professionals, followed by Vue at 33 percent, Angular.JS at 21 percent, and Angular at 20 percent, according to a report.

Therefore, in this article, you will learn about a wide range of React JS component libraries that excel at design frameworks, user interfaces, components, utilities, animations, and layouts.

You can build a beautiful React interface by using a variety of user-interface frameworks that are widely used.

We have also researched the best solutions for 2022 and beyond so that you can find the perfect framework with ease.

To help you choose the most appropriate React UI framework for your needs, we’ll review the many features and user-friendliness of each framework in the following sections.

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Best React Component Libraries

1. Material UI

Firstly, it is one of the most recognized React components libraries and is well known for faster and easier web development.

Secondly, you can smoothly and quickly construct your design system or start with the material design.

Thirdly, React component libraries offers developers a wide range of spotless and highly customizable components.

Fourthly, The React component libraries enclose a collection of impressive, ready-to-use components that you can insert into any application without app developers.

Furthermore, The material UI offers a wide range of tools and APIs for improving the app’s design.

Lastly, Material-UI is one of the most dominant React component libraries, with a vibrant React community of 1 million+ development professionals in more than 180 nations.

2. Ant Design

Firstly, it lists itself as one of the top React component libraries for enterprise-level applications.

Secondly, Ant Design delivers a complete and flexible design and includes a 50-component library.

Thirdly, Ant Design is the right component library for an application. You can design and develop a full-sized application.

Fourthly, There are absolutely crucial components of the Ant Design that make it stand out.

Additionally, 115 companies employ Ant Design, including Kaidee, QRPoint, and Evooq.

Lastly, it delivers a collection of more than 50 components. Also, these components perform as building blocks for enterprise applications.

3. React-Bootstrap

Firstly, Bootstrap is quite popular across HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.

Secondly, it encloses outstanding UI creation components for both web and mobile applications.

Furthermore, bootstrap has been regarded as the JS library. But it is the whole revamp for React.

Thirdly, You will get full compatibility with the terms of React-Bootstrap themes that are already present.

Additionally, React-Bootstrap includes a long list of components having complete power over each of them.

Fourthly, The updates with React-Bootstrap guarantee the most long-lasting solution for development by incorporating the bootstrap features in the virtual DOM.

Lastly, it also minimizes the amount of code for sending to the client.

4. React Router

Firstly, React Router gained huge popularity for the declarative programming model.

Whenever you design an application with React, it proves to be an outstanding idea to place some elements that you can organize declaratively in the app.

Secondly, React Router, the group of such components, allows you to add some URLs to bookmark if you want.

Thirdly, you can use React Router to solve numerous tasks with React Native.
Additionally, It is one of the most useful React component libraries that provide you with the effortless option to manage navigation on a single app page.
Lastly, you can also use the library for seamless screen-to-screen transitions, and server-side rendering with precise nesting support.

5. Semantic UI React

Firstly, designing a customized library by incorporating React with Semantic UI is one of the most profitable ideas.

Secondly, is entirely it is one of the best React component libraries that are free from jQuery because, unlike React, it does not include the virtual DOM.

Thirdly, by utilizing articulate code, developers can easily form striking and responsive web pages without relying on the semantic UI React library.

Furthermore, Semantic UI React offers an abundance of customization elements that will unleash your creativity.

Lastly, it is important to have hands-on experience using them. It is possible to encounter a few complex issues in the library sometimes.

Key Takeaways

In the above blog, we have discovered the list of the most well-known and fastest-growing React component libraries. All of these are available today with multiple support systems.

Additionally, you can see what kind of applications best suit your needs.

Therefore, before you implement a React project, take the time to review frameworks that will save you a lot of time.

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