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Ariglad saves time by automatically capturing HR communication and organizing it into a ticketing system. By offering AI-powered analytics and SLAs with key personnel data, leaders are empowered to make informed data-driven strategic decisions.

Ariglad is an HR management system to help employees in the industry and empower leaders to make data-driven HR decisions for a happier workplace. Users can assign specific shifts to HR staff that gives transparency for team members to know what they need to focus on and when. Having a centralized system with all your shifts organized allows team leaders to update it accordingly. Whether it’s sick days, attrition, or other unforeseeable events, having your shift management updated and accessible allows for your HR leadership to act fast. They automatically detect local holidays. Users can create customized shifts and it’s visible across the globe. Depending on the shift and the employee, users can create assignments that are customized for the situation.

Web URL : www.ariglad.com