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Quick Summary: This blog will help you to hire top-notch Ruby on Rails developers and companies. Read this blog to streamline your search and make informed choices for successful web application development.


There is a growing demand for professionals who specialize in Ruby on Rails as the platform continues to grow in popularity: In 2022, Rails ranked as the second-most in-demand software engineering skill, with its developers having 78% better chances of being interviewed than the marketplace average.

So where to get the best Ruby on Rails developers for hire? ROR experts are harder to find than developers with the phrase somewhere on their résumé. In the Rails world, many engineers have different expertise, experience, and motivation levels. Businesses should not simply hire Ruby on Rails developers but check how they serve their business needs.

This blog will help you find the best developers or Ruby on Rails development company for your project. Let’s get started!

What is Ruby on Rails?

The Ruby on Rails framework (RoR) is one of the most popular open-source software frameworks available today. RoR supports various operating systems like MacOS, Windows, and Linux.

Furthermore, the framework follows the model-view-controller (MVC) architecture and pattern, and it is loaded with a rich toolkit that covers all the core features of the front end and back end.

A set of libraries, predefined patterns, and frameworks make Rails easy for beginners and professionals.

For example, Rails leverages an object-relational mapper (ORM) pattern (also called Active Record ) that provides Ruby objects and allows developers to interact with the database.

Skills to check when hiring a Ruby on Rails Developer

A skilled RoR developer should be able to work on the Rails framework to construct robust and scalable applications that fulfill all business needs. Furthermore, they can also assist pre-existing development teams in defining new features, optimizing code, and aligning best practices with coding standards.

Before you partner with a Ruby on Rails development company in the USA, evaluate the following skills :


Ruby is a primary language that developers leverage to design Rails projects. If you seek assistance with a Rails development company or hire someone not proficient in writing Ruby’s syntax, you might face readability issues in your code. Additionally, these concerns will increase your development costs, especially if you are building long-term projects.

Object-oriented programming (OOP)

Object-oriented programming is a well-established paradigm perfect for Ruby since everything is an object. A Ruby on Rails outsourcing firm should understand OOP concepts like polymorphism, inheritance, and encapsulation to build clean, maintainable Rails code.

SQL databases

SQL is a scalable way of storing data in the form of tables. Additionally, Rails can be used to scaffold Rails applications with SQL databases such as SQLite and SQL databases. Anyone looking to hire a Rail agency should check that developers have good SQL proficiency.

Moreover, Ruby on Rails developers often use PostgreSQL and MySQL, but this decision will depend on your requirements unless you’re doing a greenfield project with much flexibility.

Front-end development

As we know, Rails is a full-featured technology, so developers understand standard front-end technologies well. These include:


Significant browsers have supported these front-end programming languages for decades. Furthermore, JavaScript provides unlimited options to developers for constructing interactive and elegant websites and web apps.


HTML is the primary programming language for designing every web page. Furthermore, developers who stay on top of web standards and browsers can leverage new features sooner, reducing development costs.


Cascading style sheet is a valuable language for designing web applications. In recent years, developers have seen significant performance gains when switching from the JavaScript way to the CSS way. The web landscape is constantly changing, so RoR developers must stay on top of CSS features.

QA testing

The manual and automated testing of the application ensures that your code adheres to the specific functionality.

Furthermore, Automated testing helps developers to scale the application efficiently and allows them to verify the application even after adding new functionalities and doing major code refactoring. Additionally, this is a vital skill to check when hiring a Ruby on Rails company.

Don’t forget to check your proficiency in essential software tools like Git or Docker.

Furthermore, Ruby on Rails developers with these technical skills will also excel at programming, problem-solving, and interpersonal communication—whether you’re looking for a developer remotely, a Ruby on Rails engineer on-site, or somewhere in between.
Ruby on Rails Developers

Why do companies hire Ruby on Rails Developers?

Ruby on Rails application development allows developers to handle backend and front-end development.

Mostly, companies hire a Ruby on Rails developer to handle all backend tasks, such as building APIs and collaborating with other team front-end development team members using JavaScript libraries like React With Ruby On Rails or connecting APIs to mobile applications.

Hiring a reliable Ruby on Rails web development company confers numerous benefits, such as cost-effectiveness, speed, and high-quality work. Furthermore, RoR features rapid prototyping and MVP development components that streamline the workflow compared to other platforms.

Another critical factor that contributes to Rails’ popularity is its performance. Furthermore, Rails leverages many tools and libraries that allow developers to build high-quality web applications. Moreover, Rails updates are released frequently with new features to align with the evolving needs of applications without compromising the quality.

Rails has a large and active supportive development team. Furthermore, it provides access to extensive documentation and open-source libraries and plugins that streamlines the application development process.

Additionally, the convention-over-configuration approach makes Rails framework code clean, organized, and maintainable, which ensures long-term scalability and flexibility.

How partnering with Bigscal helps?

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Rails provides a strong foundation for building interactive web applications for a growing number of companies. Hiring a top Ruby on Rails company will help businesses get faster, cost-effective solutions that ensure scalability, maintainability, and high-quality code that fulfills the ever-growing digital landscape needs.


Depending on your needs, RoR developers can cost a lot. Furthermore, it can either be a one-time payment per project or a charge per hour. Additionally, developers typically charge between $35.00 and $100.00 per hour, depending on their location.

Rails developers should be proficient in application development, design patterns, and maintaining security. In addition, the developer should be experienced in identifying the requirements and exact specifications of the application. Additionally, it is vital to have strong mathematical and problem-solving abilities.

No, Ruby is not dead. While its popularity may have decreased compared to other languages, it still has an active community and is used in various domains. RoR framework continues to be utilized in many projects worldwide.

RoR is a full-stack platform that helps developers build the application’s front-end and back-end. Furthermore, this reduces the need for multiple tools or libraries to develop end-to-end web applications.

RoR offers rapid development, clean code structure, and extensive libraries that simplify tasks. Furthermore, its conventional -over-configuration approach enhances productivity, making it ideal for building scalable and maintainable web applications.

Companies like Airbnb, Github, Shopify, and Hulu utilize Ruby for their Web application, showcasing its effectiveness in creating dynamic and user-friendly online platforms.