React Js Vs Inferno Js The Difference You Should Know!

React Js Vs Inferno Js: The Difference You Should Know!

ReactJS Vs Inferno Js is the toughest competition as both are javascript libraries and have been contributing their best in development. The world is developing technologies and thus there are many shortcuts that are available in the market to compete.

Today technology has been moving at a speedy pace and it has become very important that your business owns a website. Websites made with javascript frameworks are efficient and interactive. They have good user interference and good graphics too.

Let’s see the comparison between ReactJS Vs Inferno Js.

What Is React JS?

Facebook created React js, a front-end JavaScript framework. Furthermore, it uses itself to develop composable UI efficiently using declarative programming. Moreover, it is an open-source, framework responsible for building the layers of the application.

Further, it is well-known for its ability to create single-page applications and mobile apps.

Features of React JS

To know the exact comparison between React js Vs Inferno js, first, we need to look at both features.

JavaScript Syntax Extension (JSX)

Although JSX is not required for development, there is a difference between authoring react js documents in JSX and JavaScript. JSX is a JavaScript syntactic extension. Moreover, developers use this to write HTML structures in the same file as JavaScript code.

Data Flow and Flux in One Direction

React is designed to only support data that flows downstream in one direction. If the data must flow in a different direction, you will require additional features.

It also includes a collection of immutable data that provides the component to render as HTML tag properties. The components cannot directly edit any properties, however, they do allow a call-back function for doing so.

Virtual DOM

Virtual DOM is a lightweight representation of real DOM in memory in React. Real DOM manipulation is much slower than VDOM manipulation because nothing is on the screen. When the state of any object changes, VDOM modifies only that object in real DOM rather than updating entire objects.

This allows things to move quickly, especially when compared to other front-end technologies, which must update each object even if only one object in the web application changes.


In the development of any website or application, it supports server-side rendering, Flux, and Redux. React Native is a popular React framework for developing cross-platform mobile apps.


Because of the large community support, testing React apps is simple. Even Facebook provides a small browser extension to help with React debugging.

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What Is Inferno Js?

Inferno is a lightweight JavaScript library that is similar to React js. Inferno is only 9kb when minified and gzipped (React gzipped is over 40kb). It is also exceptionally fast in benchmarks and real-world applications. Inferno can render on both the client and the server, and it is currently the fastest JavaScript UI framework available.

These benefits are appealing, but many JavaScript developers get overwhelmed by the number of tools and frameworks available. React js is one of the tools that has emerged as a mindshare and usage leader.

If you want to know the exact comparison between react js vs inferno js then it is very important to know the features of inferno js also.

Features of Inferno JS

The features of inferno js play a crucial role in understanding the concepts between react js vs inferno js.

One-way data flow architecture based on components

System of partial synthetic events.

A linkEvent function eliminates the requirement for arrow functions or binding event callbacks.

With the inferno-server, you can achieve isomorphic rendering on both the client and the server.

Functional component lifecycle events.

Components that can be controlled for input/select/textarea elements.

ReactJS Vs Inferno Js: The Ultimate Comparision

Below is the comparison between React js Vs Inferno on the basis of size, speed, syntax, and popularity. Let’s take a look at the ultimate comparison between React js Vs Inferno js:


Bundlephobia reports that the inferno JS bundle is 8.4kb (Minified + Gzipped). React js, on the other hand, is only 2.5kb in size. Using React for single-page apps necessitates the use of another package named react-dom, which has a size of 42kb (Minified + Gzipped). Because Inferno JS already includes a renderer, no additional library is required. Because of the react-dom library, a React Web App is somewhat heavier.


When selecting a framework, performance speed is a critical criterion. According to the investigation, Inferno JS outperforms React js in terms of speed. The benchmark compares framework and Vanilla js speeds (Which is faster than any framework or library). It lists them in order of speed from fastest to slowest. Inferno JS outperforms React in all three categories where the benchmark compares the frameworks: duration, startup metrics, and memory allocation.


Because of this, there are similarities in syntax between Inferno JS and React. The main grammatical distinction between Inferno JS and React is the absence of hooks in Inferno JS’s functional components in favor of lifecycle method names used as props. React does not support CSS properties, but Inferno JS does. Since the majority of the other features of the two frameworks are comparable, moving to Inferno JS as a React developer is easy.


When choosing a framework, popularity is an important consideration. The larger the community, the faster a developer will receive assistance. This is because many other people have most likely been in that situation previously. When comparing the popularity of React and Inferno, it is clear that React is more popular and has a larger community. But how huge is Inferno’s community?

Inferno JS was not ranked as one of the top ten front-end frameworks in the most recent yearly poll for Javascript developers, State of JS (2021). But it doesn’t imply there isn’t a community in Inferno.


In conclusion with the comparison of ReactJS Vs Inferno Js, you can conclude that even if inferno beats react in speed still reacts js remains at the top. Moreover, react has a wide community that equips the developers with seamless and uninterrupted user interferences.

If you want to develop websites and applications then there is no one in the competition to react js. To make your development more accessible, faster, and perfect you should hire react js developer from a reputed software development company.

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