React Js Vs Mithril: Which Javascript Framework To Use?

React Js Vs Mithril: Which Javascript Framework To Use?

React js Vs Mithril is in fact the comparison between the two biggest competitors that are known for developing single-page applications and websites.

Giving the reality check to you there are many javascript frameworks that help in developing websites and applications with ease. Many businesses do the mistake of using complex javascript frameworks to develop applications and websites but they forget that it should be simple and user-friendly.

Let’s understand the react js vs mithril comparison so that you can choose wisely.

What Is React Js?

React Js is the most popular javascript framework used to create websites and applications. Moreover, react js benefits the developers by aiding them with easy updating and modification.

Furthermore, the developers don’t need to change the code they can reuse the same code for updating. React js also equips with the reusability property of the code. Therefore react js has become the most popular javascript framework.

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Advantages Of React

Easy To Learn And Use

React js is easy to use due to its reusable quality. Moreover, it is easy to learn as you don’t need anything specific to learn except the javascript language.

Creating Dynamic Web Apps Becomes easier

React js helps in creating dynamic web apps by integrating itself with the HTML codes. Furthermore, it uses HTML tags also equips with fewer codes and more functionality.

Reusable Components

React Js has reusable components that equip the developers with good quality development of the website.


ReactJS allows for major data changes, which result in automatic updates to chosen areas of user interfaces. Because of this progressive functionality, you do not need to do any additional functions to update your user interface.

JavaScript reference

A strong combination of JavaScript and HTML syntax is always used, which simplifies the entire coding process for the planned project. The JS library includes a number of functions, one of which converts HTML components into required functions and modifies the entire project to make it easier to understand.

Support for Components

During this period, ReactJS acts as a mediator, representing the DOM and assisting in determining which components require changes to achieve the desired results.


It helps to create SEO Friendly websites and interferences.

Data Binding Expertise

This means that everyone may see the modifications made to any single data segment.

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What Is Mithril?

Mithril is a client-side javascript language that has the same use as react js which is to build single-page applications.

Renowned companies like Vimeo and Nike currently use MIthril. It also is in use with the open-source platform Lichess.

Moreover, Mithril supports IE11, Firefox ESR, and also the last versions of Firefox, Edge, Safari, and Chrome.

Advantages Of Mithril


With a small API and limited learning, curve mithril is extraordinarily lightweight with 7kb gzipped functionalities without any dependencies.


Mithril moreover includes everything including routing, request, and hierarchical MVC via components. Also, mithril integrates well with other frameworks.


Mithril is fast and has virtual DOM diffing and compilable templates. Plus also has intelligent auto-redrawing systems.


The documentation generated in GitHub is more as compared to the source code. Moreover, the documentation is not auto-generated.


Helps the developers to get discoverable code bases without getting stuck in the frameworks.

React Js Vs Mithril: Detailed Comparision


Facebook maintains React, a popular and feature-rich web frontend library for creating modern Javascript web interfaces. Mithril is a similar but lesser-known library that claims to generate smaller bundles with excellent performance.

The purpose is to create a pair of simple skeleton web apps with each framework, compare the development process and products, and investigate the viability of adopting Mithril for particular use cases.

We will compare some variations in the source code, followed by a comparison of React Js Vs Mithril with the help of build time and bundle size for development and production.

Differences in Code

The main distinction between React Js Vs Mithril is in how components are implemented. Moreover, Mithril components are Javascript Objects with a view method, whereas React components can be functions.

Mithril requires some additional babel settings to use JSX. Mithril defines DOM elements without JSX by using the m(…) function.

Construction Comparison

Even though the CSS output should be the same for both approaches, build time includes transpiring and CSS compilation/purging. Because these were all measured on the same system and are CPU-dependent, your findings may differ.

Case Studies

React is a well-maintained, widely used framework that transpires quickly to manageable bundle sizes. React is still the best option for large or frequently updated projects. Most front-end devs will be familiar with (or benefit from learning) React for business applications.

Mithril’s advantages include its small bundle size and fast render speed, making it ideal for very simple Single Page Applications or devices with limited space or compute capacity, such as embedded systems.

React Js Vs Mithril: Final Verdict

Facebook created the React component engine. It’s comparable because it employs the same design as Mithril’s templating engine: it recognizes that DOM operations are the bottleneck of templating systems and implements a virtual DOM tree that keeps track of changes and only applies diffs to the real DOM when necessary.

The most obvious distinction between React Js Vs Mithril is that React’s JSX syntax does not execute natively in browsers, whereas Mithril’s uncompiled templates do. Although both may be compiled, React’s compiled code still contains function calls for each virtual DOM element, but Mithril templates compile into static Javascript data structures.

Another difference is that Mithril is an MVC framework rather than a templating engine. As such, it has an auto-redrawing mechanism that can render views quickly without clogging application code with redraw calls or allowing the developer to mistakenly bleed out of the MVC pattern.

Despite having a wider scope than React, Mithril also has a reduced file size.


The above blog has given you a detailed comparison between React Js Vs Mithril so that now you can decide which one to choose.

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