Top 5 Incredible React Animation Library

A React Animation Library comprises online pre-made animation files available as open-source or in a third-party repository.

Usually, the React Animation Library is Javascript code that is good for your projects.

While performing on React Projects, you can also employ the TypeScript React Admin Template.

It helps you to build interactive designs and enhances the user experience of your web applications.

When it comes to designing such animations many designers and developers favor these simple and ready-to-use React Animations Libraries.

Want to add some fantastic animations to your React web pages?

Then, this is the perfect place for you. In this article, we have curated the list of the most useful React Animation Library you can employ in your React Projects.

As a React js developer, you need to accept that animations on web applications play a very paramount role in improving the overall User experience.

It creates your web applications more visually appealing by animating the text and images, adding transition effects, scrolling events, components, and many more.

Top 5 React Animation Library

Let’s get started adding awesome animations to your web pages with the Best React Animation Libraries, without wasting any time.

Using these React Animation Libraries and the best IDE for React can be very useful to raise the productivity and efficiency of your projects.

1. React Spring

Firstly, React Spring is a spring physics-based React animation library that can assist you to design all your UI essentials and uses modern animations to provide the most satisfying user experience.

Furthermore, small, clear, utility functions can give motion to static data.

Also, it supports all platforms like the web, react-native, and react-native-web.

Additionally, there is also a demo page where you can see different examples of React Spring in action.

This React animation Library manages everything like Colors, CSS variables, Absolute & Relative Lengths, Angles, Arrays, and many more.

Lastly, it is open source, easy to install, and provides handy documentation to get started on your React Projects.


  • Supports Web and React-Native Applications
  • Jest for Testing
  • Presents hooks to endure a variety of situations
  • Supports Cross-platform
  • Well documented
  • Huge community support

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2. React Motion

Firstly, It is an open-source React animation library that facilitates realistic animations.

Secondly, React Motion uses physics ideas that make the animation look natural and real.

Furthermore, it is one of the most prevalent React Animation Libraries among developers and designers.

Thirdly, This library encloses various types of examples ranging from different levels of complexity.

Also, the community has delivered a huge set of examples and demos of animations, transitions, games, and valuable tutorials on YouTube to get you started fast.

In addition, you will also get proper documentation of the source code for the components.

Lastly, it is a useful library for all React applications. You can also use React developer tools in your application to increase your overall workflow.


  • Lite bundle size
  • Supports server-side rendering
  • Huge Community Support
  • Easy-to-Use
  • Well documented

3. Framer Motion

Firstly, the Framer Motion library lets you create animations for React on the web with an open-source and production-ready approach.

Secondly, It is a famous React animation library that eases the work.

In addition, it is easy and strong to handle difficult user interactions with robust, semantic markup.

Thirdly, There are numerous ways to animate in Framer motion based on the intricacy of your needs.

Also, it enables simple animations, transitions, Enter-Exit animations, keyframes, Gestures, Scrolls, and many more.

Lastly, you will get valuable documentation and examples to easily discover the animations, and execute them on your web pages.


  • Lite Bundle Size
  • Highly Customizable
  • Multiple Animation Options
  • Components for every SVG and HTML element

4. GSAP (GreenSock Animation Platform)

Firstly, GSAP is an open-source React animation library that can be utilized in React Projects very easily.

Furthermore, this library functions across all main browsers delivering a high base performance.

In addition, It encloses the ScrollTrigger plugin which can design awesome scroll-based animations with less code.

Also, this animation library is a high-speed property manipulator, editing values over time with powerful accuracy.

Lastly, It is a Flexible React animation library and you can employ it wherever you want with no dependencies.


  • Comfortable Workflow
  • Staggering Animations
  • Provides Bezier paths with auto-rotation, momentum, physics, and advanced effects
  • FLIP technique
  • Intelligent overwriting, GC management

5. React Transition Group

Firstly, React Transition Group reveals components which is good for entering and exiting transitions.
Secondly, This React animation library animates styles by itself.
Furthermore, it reveals transition stages, handles classes and group elements, and uses the DOM in the proper ways.
In addition, this makes the performance of actual visual transitions effortless.
Also, It has valuable components like Transition, CSSTransition, SwitchTransition, and TransitionGroup which eases the transition process.
Lastly, it also provides proper documents to execute the library on your React Projects.


  • In-Place transition states
  • Provides Excellent ng-animate library
  • Multiple Enter, and exit transitions
  • Easy-to-install guide
  • Well Documented

To Wrap Up

So here we highlighted the most useful React Animation libraries that you can use in your React Projects.

Moreover, you can easily design outstanding animations and changes by using these libraries.

In addition, the majority of these above React js libraries are customizable and have amazing built-in functionality.

These React animation libraries are free and you can smoothly customize the animations of web pages.

All of them enclose valuable documentation to smoothly get you started and enforce animations on your web pages.

Always pick animations that nicely suit the essence of your project.

Sometimes using excessive animation can divert your user from the workflow if it’s not suitable.

Thus, make sure you use animations that are appropriate and serve your project needs.

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