What is A/B Testing and how to do A/B testing?

A/B Testing Introduction:

  • A/B Testing is the process of comparing two versions of the same webpage with each other to determine which one performs better.
  • A/B testing is nothing but a user experience research methodology.
  • In the field of statistics, we called it statistical hypothesis testing or “two-sample hypothesis testing”.
  • A/B tests are used to identify the user’s satisfaction and also find out the user’s engagement with new online features or products.
  • A/B testing means not only testing between two variants, we can test against multiple variants, called the A/B/C test.

How A/B Test Works

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How does A/B Test work?

Let us consider in any e-commerce website we are running an A/B test where we change the Add to Cart button and determine which is influencing the user or not?

  • Define test hypothesis(Goals): In this step, you set up the goals you want to achieve from this test.
    • Example: Our goal is to get the maximum number of click actions as compared with control and get more conversion rate.
  • Design the test: In this step, we simply research a website and create something attractive where users influence more.
    • Example: In our design, we have changed the size and color of the Add Cart button
  • Old Design:
    • Old Design
  • Updated Design:
    • Updated Design
  • Gather data: We run the A/B test on testing tools like Google Optimize, vwo, optimizely, A/B Tasty, etc. for some time duration with splitting traffic between both versions.

1. Google Optimize Tool for A/B Test

Google optimization provides a free website optimization tool that online marketers and webmasters use to make user conversion rates and user satisfaction by continuously testing different combinations of website contents.

To make any test on google optimize is a very simple process, you don’t need to have any extra prior knowledge of any technology. Any non-technical person is also able to work on google optimize.

Google optimize provides us with target devices by their category where we can set targets to specific devices.

Google optimize also provides us to create a Split test, redirect test, and personalization test also.

The main advantage of using google optimize is to create separate pages of a single test if we have multiple URL tests.

Google optimize tool

2. VWO Tool

Recently fast-growing companies use the VWO tool for AB testing to implement AB testing on their websites and calculate conversion rates easily.

To use VWO, you only need to add SmartCode to your website and make tests on vwo.

When any user loads a page the vwo servers interact with code you added to your website and act accordingly.

VWO Tool

Analyze the result: In this step, we calculate the conversion rate where which version has performed better.



In the end, we conclude which version is more attractive for users and perform the required action on the website so it will get more traffic.

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