Angular vs React vs Vue – Which Framework Will Be Better?

This post is a complete guide on which is perhaps the right choice for you: Angular vs React vs Vue.

We aim to provide a structure for evaluating front-end JavaScript frameworks in general, not just Angular vs React vs Vue.

Here we have highlighted various aspects of Angular, Vue, and React to see how they suit your needs.

You will know exactly what parameters to consider if a new framework is introduced next year.

If you are a developer and cannot decide on which JavaScript framework to use for your project, this guide will help to take a decision.

Choosing the right technology for your application development is a good decision.

It is our goal to lift the clouds so that business owners can easily choose between Angular vs React vs Vue.

Angular vs React vs Vue: Benefits

What is Angular and why is it used?

Angular quickly established itself as a mainstream technology used by millions of developers in a world of old, new, and emerging front-end JavaScript frameworks.

Benefits of using Angular.

  • Firstly, excellent app performance.
  • Secondly, providing offline support and PWA capabilities.
  • Thirdly, the best option for designing large-scale applications.
  • Fourthly, all angular projects are expandable, scalable, and developed more quickly.
  • Lastly, Ensure end-to-end testing.

What is React and why use it?

React is a frontend library for creating highly reusable UI components that allow data to be changed without reloading the page.
Benefits of Using React JS
Firstly, Ensuring faster loading
Secondly, data separation and presentation are possible with React;
Thirdly, is based on JavaScript, it is easy to use
Lastly, a single file includes both markup and logic (JSX).

What is vue.js and why use it?

Vue.js is a popular and fastly growing JavaScript-based framework.
It is a progressive framework that allows you to design progressive single-page apps.
Like Angular and React, Vue is also all about designing User Interfaces by combining reusable components.
Beyond that, Vue integrates React and Angular less, which makes it superior to Angular.

Benefits of vue.js

  • Firstly, Vue has in-detail documentation.
  • Secondly, its Reusable components make the development process much faster and easier.
  • Thirdly, it has Component-based Architecture (CBA).
  • Fourthly, provides flexibility and simplicity for app development.
  • Lastly, provides a list of tools and libraries such as official CLI, Development tools, Vue Router, State Management, and more.

Hire Dedicated Developers

Which Framework is better?

Here we will quickly review all the frameworks step by step.
By the end, you will be able to figure out which framework you should use over the other.
The three factors we will consider :

  • DOM manipulation determines
  • Startup time
  • Memory allocation

For highly dynamic applications that interact with the DOM extensively, we can use DOM manipulation to determine which framework performs best.

For applications that require faster loading times, startup time indicates which framework provides a faster initial loading time.

Lastly, memory allocation determines which framework operates with better memory. An example, reading or writing thousands of records from a database in bulk.

Check out Stefan Krause’s excellent analysis to compare the performance of these frameworks.

The green color means the framework performs better than another framework.

Red and yellow mean that the framework performs less than another framework.

Angular vs React vs Vue.js: DOM manipulation comparison

DOM manipulation works better with the Angular framework.

Angular vs React vs Vue: Startup time comparison

Vue performs best for startup time.

Angular vs React vs Vue: In memory allocation comparison

Vue performs best in terms of memory allocation.

Angular vs React vs Vue: What should I use?

At the end of this blog, let’s figure out the features of each framework and try to get the answer: Angular Vs React Vs Vue: Which is the best choice for web app development?

We will help you to evaluate the features of each framework much more clearly, we have highlighted the crux of these frameworks.

Angular: Angular is one of the excellent frameworks, and provides a complete package for app development. On the other side, it requires steep learning and angular developers need to check updates which may put off new angular developers. An angular is a great option for companies with the requirement for large-scale apps.

React: React is now half a decade old and has a maximum community for support. It has gained popularity across the world and is a great choice for front-end development. It is the best option for startups looking to create SPAs.

Vue: While it’s a young library without any major backing, it still stands as a strong rival to Angular and Reacts. Due to its flexibility and ease of use, it has become the best choice for industry giants.

Wrapping up

As you notice, each framework holds different attributes. Therefore, there is no definite answer to the debate of Angular Vs React Vs Vue. So hiring a web developer is a wise choice to proceed. However, before moving ahead, it’s always better to do your own research to decide which option is better for your business venture.


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