Hiring top-notch developers for your startup!

Effective Strategies for Hiring Top Developers for Your Startup in 2024

Quick Summary:: Software developer is a role that is high in demand and challenging to find as well. Startups have to push beyond their limits in terms of compensation and hiring strategies to seek best talent. Hence this text will help startups understand different strategies for hiring software developers in 2024.


If you are searching for developers for your startup, know that about 75% of startups tend to fail in their initial years. Most of these downfalls happen due to hiring the wrong people and teamwork problems. Although launching a startup is exciting, maintaining it is a tough call.

Hence, to ensure your startup does not fail, you must hire developers with the right skill set. So where to look for this talent? And how to hire best-in-class developers?

The recruitment process of developers is a crucial part of any business. No matter the size of business, recruiting correctly could have a heavy impact. The successful recruitment strategy will completely vary on your business needs. This text will help you understand hiring the best developers in 2024.

Why Do Startups Need Software Developers?

The software industry is growing swiftly due to the increased usage of software. And interestingly, people are using it even when they aren’t aware of it. It has become an important aid for companies and individuals to carry out certain procedures. Leveraging technology to carry out daily functions has made their lifestyle much easier. Therefore software development solutions is an integral part of any company.

A classic example of this is interaction with technology using mobile phones. It facilitates easy access to data and services.

And all the apps you use today have been made by developers at the backend. It is why companies need to hire dedicated developers. The best applications in the market have been made with the combined efforts of software engineers and programmers. In any business, it is necessary to have software developers that can make technology a plus point and not a hurdle.

Software is also subjected to issues even after full implementation.

Many times it can be unstable and not serve the need. Hence hiring a developer for your firm can ensure that the software serves its purposes all time and helps achieve goals.

Where Can You Find Developers For A Startup Organization?

When hiring Choosing Software Partner and hiring developers you must know where you can find them. So, check it out:

Where can you find developers for a startup organization

1. Personal networks

One of the most beneficial ways to hire a developer is by searching the personal network. Know that about 75% of jobs aren’t published. Therefore it indicates that networking is necessary for finding ideal candidates. And if you cannot spot any ideal candidate from your network, you can ask your friends, colleagues or family. You can also ask them about any good fit they know for the job. And surprisingly, you might find a perfect fit. Hence referrals are a good method for finding suitable developers.

2. Job boards

Job boards are an ideal option if you want to find developers easily. Huge job boards such as Glassdoor and Indeed possess many resumes. You can filter these per your preferences, such as skills and location. Hence this will help you find a perfect candidate for the job.

3. Social media

Social media can be a great tool for finding out developers. These days platforms like LinkedIn are full of software developers. Having an embarking presence on these social media platforms could help. Just be active and keep promoting your company. Make sure to establish yourself as an employer brand.

4. Recruitment agencies

The most compelling way to hire a developer in no time is by contacting recruiting agencies. They have a huge database that has information regarding qualified candidates. It could help you reach a perfect match for your job. If you choose an external recruiter, you might have to pay about 25% of an employee’s salary in the first year. And this could also vary as per the job.

5. Job fairs

Another interesting way to get a proficient developer on your team is by attending job fairs. It will help you get in touch with some extraordinary candidates in a small amount of time. Also, it will help you have an in-depth idea about their skills and expertise.

6. Professional Societies

Professional societies Like The Association of Software Professionals could help you hire developers. There are plenty of sites which candidates prefer. Hence these professional societies are overlooked by many professionals.

7. Conferences

Attending conferences can also be a good idea to contact the best software developers. It is a platform to talk about their work and portfolios without any hindrances.

8. Hiring events

Hiring events can also facilitate you with a chance to hire developers. It might be a less preferred alternative, but it could help you present your company to new developers.

9. Campus recruiting

Campus recruitment is also a great place to gain developers for your team. Colleges have a great amount of talent. Hence visiting campuses and learning about their skills could help.

10. LinkedIn Recruiting

LinkedIn has gained a huge community within a few years. There are plenty of developers waiting on this platform. You can sort them out as per your preferences and find the perfect developer for your team.

Also, a study conducted in 2017 proves that a casual conversation on LinkedIn has given rise to great opportunities. And many say regular interaction within the LinkedIn network also brings up job opportunities.

To hire on LinkedIn, you will have to develop your employer brand. Hence start posting on your LinkedIn page and develop engaging content. Later keep engaging with developers in groups and try reaching out to candidates. But this doesn’t mean you have to keep spamming. Only reach out to suitable candidates.

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What Must You Know Before You Hire Developers For A Startup?

1. Establish your employer’s brand

When you start hiring developers, how will you attract them? Know that top-notch competition exists for people wanting to hire the best talent. And it’s more true with developers. Hence if you are looking for a specialized developer, you must think unusual.

According to a recent survey hiring a software developer is a big threat. The study also reveals that each business’s biggest challenge this year is recruiting developers. And the majority of professionals also agree with this statement.

Also, hiring dedicated developers might be a costly affair. Hence you won’t feel like settling for less. Hiring a full-time software developer might cost you about $28,549 to $35,685. So what if you want to seek the right talent?

You will have to create a solid employer brand for this. This image must encourage the best talent to interact and establish a career with you.

Hence you have to showcase the culture of your company and its personality in a manner that attracts potential candidates. But this does not limit to only culture. Your brand identity will build on small details.

It will depend on your job posts and how you convey to candidates that they aren’t chosen. Therefore, take time and think about how you want to put your brand forward. And how you want to engage candidates.

2. Make clear what you need

So are you looking for ways to hire developers for startups? But the question is why? Why are you looking for developers? What do you expect?

At first, you must be clear with your expectations. It will help you define the most suitable candidate for your project. Maybe you might need a full-time developer, or there are chances that you can complete a project even with a freelance writer. Hence predefining your expectations could be helpful.

Here is a list of certain questions to interrogate yourself with before you look for a developer:

  • What sort of commitment are you expecting? Do you want a full-time person or one for part-time? Will that person work remotely or from the office?
  • What will be the involvement level of developers? Will they be powerful enough to take technical decisions? Or do you want them to do just as per instructions?
  • What amount of experience should they possess? Are they familiar with similar environments?
  • How much do you want to spend on hiring? Know that better quality is expensive.
  • How important is this project for your business? If it’s not so crucial, you can go with freelancers. And if it’s important, you can spend more on hiring.

Giving answers to all these questions will help you make choices. You will finally understand what sort of person you are looking for. Therefore it’s crucial to be in terms with your expectations. And lastly, make sure you hire a quality developer.

3. List out your ideal developer must have

One of the most crucial things to consider while hiring a dedicated developer is their skills. It should be parallel to your expectations.

You can see their open-source projects and how they serve your community. Also, another thing to check in a candidate is their experience. Check if they can train their juniors or not. And if not, then it isn’t very worth investing in a senior developer.

Also, if you are hiring developers for startups that can support business goals, choose one that writes maintainable code; it is shown by a report that developers tend to spend about 17 hours on maintenance problems. And most of this time is spent on fixing issues with codes. It could cost companies about $300 billion each year.

It’s also crucial that a developer should be able to work in a team. Hence look for a developer with great soft skills. It means emphasizing coding skills and looking for good communication skills. Not all members of the team know the technical part. Hence a developer should be able to explain them smoothly.

4. Set the bar for salary

Lastly, you must set the bar for the salary you would offer a developer. As per the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the normal annual pay for a developer in 2020 was $110,140. When the developer’s talent increases, the pay rate might also increase. Salary is not the limitation for the right candidate.

What Are The Challenges That Hinder The Hiring Of Software Developers For Startups?

Effective Strategies for Hiring Top Developers for Your Startup challenges

1. Less amount of qualified developers

Startups often face problems like fewer resources and the budget to hire a skilled developer. They have limited investments, so they cannot attract good talent. It is because senior-level developers generally seek a higher salary than what startups can offer.

But if you still have finances, you can easily overcome the challenge of a shortage of developers. The current scenario of the US market supports this problem. As per IDC, the US market is about to experience a shortfall in terms of good programmers in the coming years.

Hence the majority of US-based companies tend to hire developers from overseas. They mostly prefer candidates from Eastern Europe and Asia. They offer exceptional services at right prices.

2. Tough competition among employees

When as a startup, you look to hire developers, the biggest opponents are large firms. Along with great packages, they offer benefits like discounts, health insurance, flexible working hours and much more. These perks are generally tempting for employees.

And global corporations can easily gain access to better talent both locally and internationally. This research could help them hire the best developers with no geographical boundaries. Hence boundaries are a constraint for small companies and startups.

3. Not enough recognition of startup

One of the most competitive industries that exist to date is the tech industry. And less recognition in the market can be a negative point while hiring. Less people know about your startup. Hence it becomes difficult to convince them to join your team. After all, employees must conduct their own research before opting for a workplace. They cannot sign the contract anyway. Hence low awareness can be a challenge while you are hiring software developers for a startup.

4. Constantly changing standards of the industry

The technology landscape is under innovation and constant growth. Hence it can be tough to keep up with these changing trends. Startups that want to hire a developer must ensure they are in terms of all new mobile trends. They should know what’s coming.

Any information gaps could be an obstacle while hiring a professional. You might hire the wrong person. Therefore you must research the industry before screening candidates.

Know that your current team also needs the training to stay updated with trends. Hence ensure the same to sharpen their skills.

5. Bound hiring timeframes

The hiring process of developers, especially for startups, requires months. You will have to spend a long time searching and interviewing. And when you are tight with the timeline, it gets tougher. When the need is urgent, startups tend to settle with people with less experience. Also, they might get candidates with minimal experience. This hassle while hiring could lead to mistakes that don’t work out as planned.

What Are The Steps To Hire Developers As A Startup?

1. Describe your needs

Initially, you will have to begin by drafting your hiring plan. After you know the technology stack you want to use. Know that startups must hire developers that match their tech stack needs.

It will be the first step to ensure that the product developer’s creation will help achieve the company’s goals. Here is a list of factors that can help you figure out:

  • List out your requirements

Make sure what problem your product will solve. Will it need interactive UI, or should it be fast performing? It will all be based on the needs of your business.

  • Choose platforms

Make sure to decide which platform you are targeting: web, mobile, desktop or cross-platform.

  • Determine the tech stack.

Varied products are a requirement of various tech stacks. With huge programming languages and technologies available, choosing the right stack is tough. But doing so will ensure you meet your business goals.

  • Time to market

If you want your products to reach the market soon, choose from readily available ones.

  • Scalability

Know that the tech stack you decide upon must have the potential of scaling for better growth.

The tech stack that you choose must support scalability. It will promote faster growth.

  • Security

There are plenty of technologies, and not all of them are secure. Hence ensure best practices for risk mitigation.

2. Decide if you need an in-house or freelance developer

Startups have the flexibility to choose how they want to employ a developer. They can choose it as per their needs. It could be outsourcing, hiring freelancers, and even getting an in-house development team.

They can also hire developers and pay them per project. It will let you pay them a fixed amount as per the contract. And if you are a startup at an initial stage, it’s better to outsource an entire team. Although it might be costly, you can cut costs by using the right HR software.

Know that hiring an in-house team has both advantages and disadvantages. It would facilitate better communication and coordination. And this team also comes with better expertise that is not available outside.

But for startups, that are just.at grounds, remote developers can be a good fit. It comes with the freedom of employment model.

3. Make an ideal budget

No matter whether you are limited at funding or have a great amount of capital. It’s crucial to start the process with budgeting.

Like many priorities, hiring a web developer that is an expert is necessary. There is a neck to neck competition, and giant companies are hiring the best developers. They attract them with good perks and bonuses. Hence by offering flexibility and stock options, startups could also manage to get the right candidates.

Startups have limited budgets and great tension; hence being economical is good. Instead of spending much on recruitment agencies, you can invest in software. You can also cut back on costs by hiring developers that work remotely.

4. Write a compelling job description

Before you post your job anywhere, you must be sure about the type of developer you need. Know that having clarity about your needs could help you search better. Know that developers can be different as per their tech stack.

Hence beginning with defining what role the developer will play. Also, mention the skills developers must possess. It will help you draft a perfect job description. This process might be tough; hence using a template could be good.

5. Source ideal developers

It is an exhausting process to find an ideal candidate when you don’t know where to begin from. Here is a list of developer hiring platform:

  • Stack Overflow
  • Github
  • LinkedIn
  • ZipRecruiter
  • Reddit

Networking events could be a great way to make new bonds. An ideal way to get in touch without spending money is through job boards. Startups can also view data and decide which job boards can give them the best developers.

Hence this will help them focus on hiring the best developers. Getting in touch with startup consulting services could be a great idea to access skilled developers.

6. Shortlist candidates

Traditionally used methods for hiring developers were a costly affair. And the time when you seek a talented developer, they might have already gotten better offers. But new HR tools could help you shortlist the best candidates at the right time. As all the candidates submit their specialities, filtering them as per your needs gets easy. New-era HR software can help screen resumes and receive filtered applications per your needs.

7. Schedule final call

Your first impression can have a lot of impact on your journey of searching for the best developers. Your first email should be compelling to the best talents. Mention the advantages you offer and your expectations. After you set up the call with the candidate, you will know their interest and expectations.

8. Setup interview

The typical interview process is a must to find an ideal candidate. It is hard to narrow down the list of developers; you can do it using tools.

Interview scheduling tools available these days can help you carry out the entire process on the same platform. After you have conducted the interview and completed the programming assignment, here’s what you need to assess:

  • How cheerful are they about the role and their contribution to the startup?
  • Their experience, portfolio and expertise. They should be tangible to work.
  • Are they teamwork friendly? Do they go along with them?
  • Do they possess leadership qualities?
  • Hire skilled developers that have versatile experience.

9. Roll out offer

After you find an ideal candidate:

  • Tell them all the details about the offer.
  • Inform them about teams and work orders.
  • Roll out a contact.

You both must be on the same page and agree to the terms. Hence it would be best if you put up an offer as early as you can. There is software that can help you carry out the entire process smoothly.

10. Onboard the developer

Now that you have selected and hired developers for your team, they must know about work in the office. Make sure the person feels a part of the team. Equip them with the best work environment. A proper onboarding process will ensure that startups retain their developers. In this case, employee onboarding software could also be helpful.

How To Evaluate The Skills Of A Developer?

Technical assessments are a very crucial part of the process of hiring developers. You will always want to ensure the hiring developer can write quality code. There are different types of assessments that you can try. But the most preferred one is the take-home coding assessment. It has been gaining popularity in recent years.

This assessment can help you understand how precisely a candidate can overcome an issue. It would be based on the developer’s task in their job. They can complete the assessment at home with their tools. Here are a few things to consider before making a coding assignment:

  • Ensure that the assessment is not time-consuming. Candidates must be able to complete the task within the given time frames. Lengthy assessments could lead to bad experiences, and no need to develop complex assessments.
  • Keep the assessment as simple as possible. A difficult coding assessment will be tough to complete and even check. Hence keep an eye on always providing simple tasks.
  • Make it a habit to provide feedback. It will promote good candidate experience and be helpful in the long term. As candidates have also spent time in the process, they must be given improvement tips.

Other alternatives for coding tests are pair programming and questions. It will help you ensure how your candidate functions through a task. A hiring manager will oversee the assessment and be a part of it.

Screening questions are tools that help candidates pass the first round. It is not recommended until you have enterprise-grade organizations. They can have an impact on your employer brand when you overuse them. Hence it could be a good idea if you have more applicants.

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Hiring a dedicated developer is a necessary part for the progression of your business. When you are just a small firm, you must develop an on-primary mobile app solution. It will make you look appealing to the market. This blog might have given you enough ideas about hiring the best and most dedicated developers. Also to make the hiring process easier for you, startup consulting services could be an exceptional help.

If you are looking for the best talent in terms of software development, Bigscal can help you. We have a team of experienced developers that are updated with the latest technologies.

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One of the best ways to evaluate the developer’s ability is to make them go through a technical round. It should contain a combination of coding exercises and problem-solving tasks. You can also make sure to go through their previous projects.

Hiring a dedicated developer can charge you anywhere between $40-$150 per hour. The amount you spend on a developer will vary depending on location, experience, and others.

Hiring a developer on a remote basis can have benefits, such as

  • Access to a huge pool of talent
  • Less overhead costs
  • Achieve better work-life balance
  • Increased flexibility
  • Remote developers charge less

As a startup, it’s always difficult to attract the best talents. Hence if you want to do so, offer the best compensation packages. You can also provide them with the opportunity to enhance their creativity. And your job post must help them sense the scope for growth.

A developer is said to be the best in quality when they have a problem-solving attitude and exceptional field knowledge. They must also understand the tech stack that you want to utilize for your project.