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    Our dedicated software development teams are competent, skilled, trustworthy, and professional.

    Hire dedicated developers in India as outstanding talent as your specialised offshore development team to avoid the hassles of recruiting, training, and infrastructure costs, as well as the expense of updating to new technologies. To assist agencies and organisations grow their software design and development skills, we employ bespoke teams.

    Outsourcing software development teams is something you’ve been considering. Want to employ a team of offshore development specialists? Get a free quotation by contacting us now!

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Types Of Dedicated Offshore Development Teams

Web & mobile app development teams at Bigscal are highly competent and experienced. An experienced team of developers provides full-cycle software solutions to startups and large organizations alike.

On-Demand-Dedicated-Team - Bigscal

On-Demand Dedicated Team

At Bigscal with deep knowledge in a variety of industries. As a result of our skilled internal development team and well-established development processes/methodologies/tools, we enable businesses to achieve their goals.

Full-Service-Development-Team - Bigscal

Full-Service Development Team

A full-time software development team is provided with a ready-to-use IT infrastructure to complete the project. As a result, you have the freedom to modify your priorities and to seek changes.

Maintenance-Teams - Bigscal

Maintenance Teams

Through the utilization of multi-level end-user support staff, we may deliver evolutionary feature augmentation. It is our job to supervise the launching of your proprietary software product through a series of releases using specialized teams.

What Do You Get From Dedicated Developers?

dedicated software development teams

In-house-Control-Level - Bigscal

In-House Control Level

The same degree of control over each developer is available when you employ a specialized software development team, thanks to a wide choice of Project Management tools.

No-time-or-money-is-spent-on-recruiting - Bigscal

No Time/Money Is Spent On Recruiting

You may hire a team of skilled developers in a matter of minutes, bypassing the lengthy hiring procedure and expensive hourly costs in your local area.

Scalable-Resources - Bigscal

Scalable Resources

Scaling up and down resources as needed allows the owner of a software development team to drastically decrease expenditures. Starting with one developer, a team is formed.

Expertise-in-a-broad-range-of-technologies - Bigscal

Expertise In A Broad Range Of Technologies

Bigscal offers access to a large pool of specialists for rapid response no matter how far along the development process is tomorrow.

Get-access-to-a-team-of-developers-who-can-help-you-now - Bigscal

Get Access To A Team Of Developers Who can Help You Now

By using Bigscal, you may eliminate the need to hire a recruiting agency and save yourself time and money.

Maximize-the-utilization-of-your-own-internal-resources - Bigscal

Maximize The Utilization Of Your Own Internal Resources

As part of your software development project, Bigscal will make use of your current internal resources, including technology and personnel.

You May Wonder Why You Should Engage A dedicated Team Of Software Developers?

When it comes to software development, Bigscal provides the Dedicated Software Development Team service.

Save-money-by-simplifying-your-budget - Bigscal

Save Money By Simplifying Your Budget

A Dedicated Development team allows you to set the team size, the engagement timeline, and budget. We are the only thing you have to pay for, and that’s the most essential thing.

All-key-technologies-are-at-your-fingertips- Bigscal

All Key Technologies Are At Your Fingertips

Bigscal developers are well-versed in all main technologies, allowing them to provide you with the greatest amount of versatility. So that you receive the finest team possible, we match the expertise of our experts with your software demands.

Bigscal Expert Technologies And Frameworks

As an offshore custom software development company, our developers create secure and scalable software using your preferred technology.


Mobile Application Development

As a leading custom software development company, we tend to are experts with all the most recent mobile technologies and platforms. when you choose us for mobile app projects be rest assured of quality and competency.

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hire xamarin app developers bigscal
hire Ionic app developers bigscal
hire flutter app developers bigscal

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Front End Web Development

Build web & mobile applications with JavaScript and full-stack technologies. once you choose custom software development outsourcing services from us, we have a tendency to guarantee to use the latest front-end frameworks for interactive web fronts.

ReactJS for Front-end Development Bigscal
AngularJS for Web Programming Biscal
hire vue js developers bigscal
NodeJS for Web Server Biscal

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Backend Web Development

Custom software development services from us and build scalable, secure, and interactive web applications. As a leading software outsourcing company, we have skilled back-end technologies to create a strong software base.

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hire python developers bigscal
hire ruby on rails developers

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Advantages Of The Dedicated Development Team

Service That Is Both Efficient And Easily Accessible

For the lowest possible price, we provide a unique worldwide business model. Located in Austin, Texas, with a European development center, Bigscal is accessible whenever you need us, and we work around the clock to complete your project on time and to your satisfaction.

A Culture That Is Customer-Focused

Customer service is at the heart of Bigscal’s corporate culture. Software quality is a passion shared by all of our workers. The Bigscal team becomes a genuine technological partner when it is hired.

Teams Of Professionals With A Variety Of Skills

Team members work on backend REST APIs using PHP, Python, and NodeJS; single-page apps using Javascript, React and Angular; enterprise apps using Java and Spring; cloud automation using AWS and GCP; as well as DevOps with Python and Ansible.

Exceptional Engineers

We use a rigorous hiring and training system to ensure that our engineers are some of the best in the industry. Every Bigscal engineer has expertise with at least two different technology stacks and versatile development experience to meet your unique business needs.

Pricing And Timelines That Are Transparent

Bigscal’s pricing is fair and clear at every point of your project’s lifecycle. They are also trained to modify their performance if your company’s demands change.

Rapid Ramp-Up Times Are Necessary

Your project can be ramped up quickly with Bigscal, unlike smaller firms. As a result, you can focus on your business while we choose your dedicated development team.

Industries We Serve

Every developer at Bigscal website development company India has deep know-how of the excellent advantages that a well-achieved software can carry to a business enterprise throughout all industries wherein we operate.

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FAQ About Dedicated Software Development Teams

The following are some of the most commonly asked queries by our clientele. Please feel free to contact us if you require further information or have any other questions.

How can you locate India’s best-in-class dedicated development teams?

If you want to employ India’s top dedicated software development teams, look for a software business that has:

  • Have at least 5-10 years of expertise in the business.
  • Have created at least 100 apps.
  • A committed staff of more than 20 specialists.
  • Customers from more than 10 different nations.
  • An open and transparent selection procedure.

With 11+ years of expertise, Bigscal is one such devoted development company in India. We’ve completed 400+ projects for 500+ clients throughout the world. We have a staff of 150 + people and have worked with customers from all around the world.

Furthermore, we have a 97% client retention rate and excel in most open-source technologies. We allow you to conduct as many interviews as you like during the selection process and project onboarding, and we also provide you with various engagement models such as dedicated, hourly, and full-time.

As a result, if you’re looking for the best-dedicated development teams in India, go no further and get in touch with us.

How can I engage dedicated software development teams from India at a low cost?

If you need to employ applications software developers but don’t have a lot of money, a mid-sized Indian devoted development services provider is a good option. Then you must look at the various recruiting models that they provide. We are a full-stack development firm based in India with over 16 years of expertise and various engagement options (dedicated, hourly, or full-time basis).

How long does it take to begin the on boarding procedure?

We onboard the resources within 1-6 days after analyzing all of the needed resources and skillsets, and begin working on your project.

Is it possible for you to sign an NDA for my project?

Yes, we do, and we at Bigscal (a custom software development business) are completely dedicated to satisfying our clients’ operational needs. Because we are committed to delivering results, we will gladly sign an NDA if necessary.

What is your current level of expertise?

We’ve delivered 400+ software projects to 500+ worldwide clients over the course of 11 years.

Is there a policy or a bond in place to protect the confidentiality of my project information?

Yes, safeguarding and maintaining the confidentiality of your information is a major concern for us. As a result, we sign a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) with our customer, which is a document that guarantees the confidentiality of your information.

Is there a chance I’ll obtain a resource addition in the midst of the project?

Yes, of course! We will increase or decrease the size of the offshore development team as needed, so you won’t run out of resources and the project won’t come to a halt.

In what way will I be able to maintain track of my project?

To assure the efficiency and quality of your project, you may use real-time web-based project management solutions to track all processes and developments.

What does it mean to have a specialized software development team?

A dedicated development team is a group of people who have agreed to work exclusively for a customer for a set period of time. In software development, such teams devote all of their time to a single project and have no other obligations.

What kind of application programming do you specialize in?

Our full-stack development teams provide VPN security, ERP, CRM, dating connectors, HR portals, and invoicing apps, among other things.

How should a software project be structured?

To begin a software development project, we use these fundamental stages.

  • Make sure there are clear routes of communication.
  • Establish standards and best practices.
  • Define the term “done” in a way that makes sense to you.
  • Select a continuous integration solution that is suited to your needs.
  • Select your apps and tools.
  • Make intelligent use of version control technologies.

Is there any other expense that I should be aware of?

We don’t believe in secrecy at all. Once you have placed an order for your website design with us, we will review your website needs and price them appropriately. We put in a lot of effort to make sure that the price quote we provide is followed to the letter.

Why You Should Choose Bigscal?

Efficient Project Management - Bigscal

Efficient Project Management

We practice a holistic technique to venture management with factors together with responding to recommendations promptly.

Progressive Road Map - Bigscal

Progressive Road Map

We are a results-orientated software program improvement employer and we constantly try to move the more mile for our clients.

Flexible Engagement Model - Bigscal

Flexible Engagement Model

We provide a completely unique aggregate of skilled builders and superior technologies.

Consistent Expected Delivery - Bigscal

Consistent Expected Delivery

We have evolved a rigorous system that guarantees that clients and builders are constantly on an equal page.

Shorter Time To Market

100% Client Satisfaction

No Box Approach

See Why Our Clients Love To Work With Us

“Very good cooperation! The work was always professional and always on time. We will hire them definitely again.”


BigScal’s dedicated and talented staff made the effort to understand my complex requirements and met these challenges with insightful.Their greatest strength is an ability to listen to what a client need.

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