ChatGPT AI Role in SEO Content Writing

ChatGPT: AI Role in SEO Content Writing 2024

Quick Summary: Thе Role Of Artificial Intelligence (AI) in SEO contеnt writing in 2024 is exceptional. Uncovеr how AI tools strеamlinе kеyword optimization, еnhancе contеnt rеlеvancе, and boost sеarch еnginе rankings. Lеarn about thе synеrgy bеtwееn human crеativity and AI-drivеn stratеgiеs, shaping thе futurе of contеnt crеation for improvеd onlinе visibility. Stay informеd on thе latеst trеnds and innovations, undеrstanding how AI continuеs to rеvolutionizе thе landscapе of SEO contеnt writing.


The Role Of Artificial Intelligence has been in the market for quite a long time and after the introduction of ChatGPT things have changed a lot. This AI chatbot has a lot to offer to all the users and that’s why people are going crazy behind it. There is also a chance you may have seen some content writers using it for generating content with the help of ChatGPT. We cannot forget the essence of human-written content is different from the one you found in AI-generated content.

But there are few people who are happily writing content with the help of Artificial Intelligence Development and some are not favoring it as well.

But the question is whether or not this is right. In this article, we will help you to know about the benefits and drawbacks in detail. So that you can know whether or not using ChatGPT for creating content is right or not and what is the Role Of Artificial Intelligence in SEO content writing. Let’s have a look!

Benefits Of Using Chat Gpt In Content Writing:

The primary factor important to know is the benefits of using ChatGPT and Role Of Artificial Intelligence these are as follows:

Benefits of using Chat GPT

Fast delivery of content:

As we all know when humans write content it takes a lot of time and sometimes it happens that when in hurry, they take time, and in the end, the results do not turn out to be fruitful. For all of these glitches, the AI tool is best to try. ChatGPT Ultimate Trends allows users to create content with rapid speed and as a result, they will be able to get the content on time. There is no need for users to wait for longer durations in order to get the content as per their needs.

Content for every industry:

When you belong to a writing industry you are not well versed in it becomes quite difficult to write the proper content. In that case, ChatGPT is a savior. This tool allows you to write content for every industry. From health to finance and from finance to law this tool has all the content till 2021 and users can get the content easily. They just need to give a command to the tool that in that tone they require the content and accordingly, the tool will write the content being the AI chatbot, it understands the need of the user and let them have the content as needed.

It doesn’t matter to which industry you belong, if you wish to get the content just give the command and the AI tool will generate the content for you. After getting the content you can verify whether the information it has been written is right or not. It is advisable for all the users to keep a track of all the details generated to avoid the chances of glitches throughout!

Trends followed before 2021 are there:

The trends that are in consideration till 2021 all are updated here. In case there is a need for a user to verify any of these they can get the details and learn about it. But unfortunately, the trends followed after 2021 are not there, and relying on it solely for getting updates is not a fruitful idea.

In some cases, it happened that people tried to generate content from this and unfortunately ended up with details that are not relevant to the subject they are asking for. In that case, they feel disappointed while generating SEO-friendly content.

The paid and non-paid versions are available:

ChatGPT is available in both free and paid versions. The free version is also suitable for generating content and users can use it without paying even a single penny. But when we discuss the paid version, it offers some lucrative features like access to the tool even when the demand is a bit high.

Also, they can have a conversation with the tool and it answers sufficiently as well. There is no need for a user to stay stuck to a single point when they wish to get an answer to a particular question. They just need to give the command and the tool generates the content accordingly.

Talks like a chatbot:

If you are feeling lonely and have no one to talk to, don’t worry as ChatGPT is here to talk to you. Although this will be a chat you can pour your heart out and have someone who can talk to you. Its ability will not only help you in writing the content but will also allow you to get your communication needs catered as needed.

So yes, it is right to conclude that along with acting as a writing tool, this will act like a friend to you as well. One just needs to be sure about the steps that are needed to follow for using it efficiently.

Can be used for any type of content:

It doesn’t matter what type of content you wish to generate from it, this tool successfully helps you to get it. Just give the command so that the toll can understand the same and you can get it directly. Make sure to include all the information in the command while generating the content so that the chatbot can understand your needs and process them accordingly. There will be no need for you to feel like this tool will not help. But make sure the content in AI is updated till 2021 and after it, you can’t get information on the ongoing trend as of now.


After knowing the features and benefits of using ChatGPT for SEO content writing, you might be curious to know about the drawbacks as well. But don’t worry as here we are exploring all the drawbacks in detail and you can also use Techniques To Block ChatGPT’s Access:

Skips Over Specific Content Types:

The primary drawback that you experience while using it is it sometimes skips over some specific type of content. As an AI model, it is not well versed with a certain type of content which makes getting user-friendly content next to impossible.

Some users are solely relying on ChatGPT for content creation and they end up disappointed due to its inability to create the content that is needed by them. Furthermore, in some cases, it happens that the ChatGPT is not sufficient enough in providing accurate information. In that case, it is important for users to verify the case and write the content accordingly.

Uses Different Vocabulary

In most cases, ChatGPT uses a vocabulary that is not near to human-writing and that’s the reason why a paraphrasing tool is far better. So, if your preference is to make your content more readable then paraphrase the text instead of generating by ChatGPT.

Unaware of Current Events:

Benefits limitation Role Of Artificial Intelligence
As we all know, ChatGPT is updated till 2021 only and there is no current information available to users when they need to get an idea about the current trends. If you ever try to ask ChatGPT about the ongoing trends it will not be able to update you in any case.

The only option left in that condition is to research the same on Google and get all the details.

There is a chance that users can rephrase the content and make it unique. But they cannot expect the content to be delivered with the same essence as a human can write it. So yes, considering it for drafting well-researched user-friendly content is not a viable option.

Has Built-in Biases:

We all know the major agenda behind developing this tool is to offer true content to users. But there are some biases in it. These intentional biases cannot be tackled without human effort. This business is due to the algorithm of the machine and it cannot be neglected at the time of curating the content.

Thus, it is essential for users to pay attention to all the aspects whenever they are curating content with the help of ChatGPT in 2023.

Needs Detailed Instructions:

Although this one is the Role Of Artificial Intelligence model, processing the request requires clear instructions and that too in detail. If detailed instructions are not available there are very few chances that users will be able to get the results as needed.

During giving the instructions to ChatGPT a user needs to be sure about all the basics in their head. If the detailed command is not there, very few chances are there that the tool will be able to understand the requirement and process the request as needed.

Google Webmaster Guidelines prohibit spammy content:

Google Webmaster Guidelines prohibit
It is important for users to be sure about the guidelines issued by Google in order to draft friendly and user-relevant content. Google hates the AI content generated and if a user is putting such content on their site they are directly neglecting the webmaster guidelines available.

It is important for users to be sure of the content they are putting on the website because it has a direct impact on their rank as well. In some cases, it happens that users forget what the guidelines are and in that case, they consider generating content. When they upload the same content on the site it results in blunders and there will be an automatic decrease in the ranking of the site.

Needs Human Assistance:

For operating ChatGPT human assistance is a must. If human assistance is not there one will not be able to operate the same at all.

Some people feel like they can use ChatGPT and generate the best content in the market. But unfortunately, they are unaware of the fact that without human assistance the same is not possible. It is integral that a human is there who is giving all the commands to the tool to work appropriately. Also, a human must get well-versed in all the keywords they need to include in the content to make the command work as needed.

ChatGPT’s Assistance To Human Writers:

The content generated with the help of ChatGPT lacks creativity and one cannot expect it to be the same as written by a human. Although it is quite common that this tool is helping users for generate content at a very fast speed there is no point in this speed if the content generated is not relevant to the topic.

AI-generated Content is Detectable:

How can we forget that right now Google is so smart and that’s why it is also in a race to detect the AI content published on the website? The AI content is easily detectable and there are several tools available that let people check out whether the content available is written by AI or humans written. The score gets available with these tools that are helpful in analyzing the content to the core.

What Is The Difference Between Ai-Generated And Human Written Content?

It is important for users to know the difference between AI-generated content and Human written content. Well, the basic differences are as follows:


The human mind is creative and that’s why in the content the same creativity can be noticed. Chatgpt is not that updated and creative so expecting it to deliver creative content is just a waste of time.

Lack facts:

Chatgpt is not that much updated as thought by the users. But on the other hand, the human approach is an updated approach, and by researching properly an individual will be able to create the best content as needed with all the facts and trends currently ruling out the market.

Lacks readability:

For Google, the readability of the content plays a major role. If the content updated on the site is not readable no user likes to engage in it and in that case all the efforts that have been made in drafting the content go in vain. Although some parameters information given by Chatgpt is correct the readability score for the same content is not fulfilling the standards set up by Google.

So, It Is Safe To Use Chatgpt?

After going through the benefits and drawbacks there is a chance you might be curious to know whether or not it is safe to use. Well, in general, it is not advisable to use ChatGPT because the content generated with it lacks creativity, facts, and a human approach. This has a major impact on the ranking of the site and a user cannot expect they will be able to get the ranking again.

Google is strictly against AI-generated content and it is not promoting any such use case. If Google detects the content published is written by AI it directly penalizes the site for the same. So yes, overall there is no point in using ChatGPT for SEO Content creation.


Here we have come to an end and analyzed the benefits and drawbacks of Chat Pgpt. After knowing all these it is quite easy to conclude that writing SEO-friendly content with the help of AI is not a recommended option at all. It is a must for a user to be sure that they are putting effort into writing the content instead of relying on ChatGPT for the same.


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Accеss to ChatGPT may bе frее or paid, dеpеnding on thе platform or sеrvicе offеring it. OpеnAI providеs frее accеss to ChatGPT, but somе platforms may chargе for additional fеaturеs or usagе bеyond cеrtain limits. Chеck thе spеcific platform’s tеrms to undеrstand thе pricing structurе and any associatеd costs.

Yеs, you can writе codе with ChatGPT by dеscribing your codе-rеlatеd quеriеs or providing codе snippеts. Howеvеr, ChatGPT may not guarantее еrror-frее or еxеcutablе codе. It’s suitablе for concеptual assistancе and gеnеrating idеas. For critical coding tasks, it’s rеcommеndеd to vеrify and tеst thе codе indеpеndеntly.

Thе cost of using ChatGPT dеpеnds on thе platform or sеrvicе through which you accеss it. OpеnAI providеs frее accеss to ChatGPT, but somе platforms may offеr prеmium plans or chargе basеd on usagе. Chеck thе spеcific platform’s pricing dеtails for accuratе information on costs associatеd with ChatGPT usagе.

To usе ChatGPT, you typically don’t nееd to install it dirеctly as it’s oftеn accеssеd through platforms or APIs providеd by OpеnAI or third-party dеvеlopеrs. You can usе it via thе OpеnAI wеbsitе or еxplorе platforms and apps that havе intеgratеd ChatGPT. Follow thе spеcific instructions on thе chosеn platform for accеss.