6 Proven Tips To Prevent Software Bugs For Developers

Everyone heard the word “software bug”, But that is not a big deal and we can resolve that. Software bugs occur while some mistakes are in programming, that’s why below given some basic tips to prevent software bugs.


  • Think like the user, not a programmer

Every programmer must think like an end-user who will use the software so if programmers think like an end-user then they can easily get an idea, if the user enters this type of data then also need to handle it in the system so the programmer can easily create code that way

Ex. If the programmer creates one registration form at that time possible user enters the wrong mobile number, so this way programmer needs to think like the user and needs to put code to validate the mobile number.

  • Need to cover all scenarios for testing

Every programmer or developer first needs to prepare all test cases from their side which need to include all positive and negative cases, based on all test cases developer needs to develop a code.

Ex. If anywhere need to put an if-else condition then the developer must test with correct data as well as incorrect data so they can get the idea that the else condition also working fine otherwise time error will occur from the else part.

  • Use quality code

Every programmer must knowledge about Quality Code. If the developer writes quality code so they can avoid common pitfalls. Quality Code also helps to fix the bug.

  • Code must be reviewed by an experienced person

Sometimes developers work with deadlines that’s why they can not check all the things in the code that’s why before the code commitment need to be code reviewed by an experienced person. here reviewer must have good knowledge and experience about all things which are done by the developer if any third person reviews code then they can not find out the mistakes and due to that bugs are occurred.

  • Don’t be nervous when bugs occur in your code

We all know that if any bug occurs in a particular person’s development at that time that person be nervous and they do not accept their mistakes. so, in the end, the bug is not a big deal everyone can resolve that. so no need to be nervous be normal and try to resolve bugs asap.

So if any mistakes or bugs occur then take them positively and learn something from them.


  • Must clear with all requirements

Every developer must have clear with all necessary requirements because if developers are not clear with all requirements then they developed something else and it’s totally waste of time.so, take your time and understand all requirements properly so it is helpful for development and t’s make speedy.


In the last, if we take care of the above points then it’s good for all developers because small tips are very useful when we write the code and also help reduce the count of bugs so our software quality becomes good.


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