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Common Bugs that every developer should know

Every developer does the same mistakes, that’s why below given some common bugs that every developer should know.

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Functional Bugs:-

Functional bugs mean any functionality not working on software.


If Employee list page design is done with a search box but it’s not implemented from the backend side. so when any user types anything in the search box then nothing will change.

That’s why developers take care of this type of bug because this will affect software quality.

Logical Bugs:-

This type of bug occurs when by mistake somewhere is not given proper value. It’s possible to be in hurry sometimes developers miss to write some code like clearing variable values, assigning default values to variables, Actual parameters which are required, etc.


When the user login into the system at that time user’s credentials are stored in the session variable now when the user logged out from the system at that time developer forgot to clear session values then it will become logical bugs.

Workflow Bugs:-

It means every module has some proper workflow and if any developer does not maintain that workflow properly while implementing the module at that time occur workflow bugs.

Example:- When the user fills any registration form at that time user has two options

  • Save
  • Save and Exit

Now if the user clicks on “Save and Exit” that time if the system directly moves to the home page without saving the data then it becomes a workflow bug because here workflow is not maintained properly.

Cross Browser Incompatibility:-

Developers just need to take care of this thing that whichever they are developing should work perfectly with all browsers.

Sometimes developer-only tests only one browser like Chrome and due to some dependencies that functionality does not work in the firefox browser.

So that will become a bug when the tester test in another browser.

Cross Browser Incompatibility common bugs

Syntax Errors:-

Syntax errors mostly come from source code.

While developers were in hurry at that time they are just done with whatever they are doing they did not write the code as per syntax.

It’s not a big issue it’s a common mistake, and also at compile time developers can able to see that syntax error so they can resolve it that time.

Example:- Sometimes developers forgot to put semicolons to terminate the statement which causes a syntax error.

Syntex error

Sometimes developer forgot to check datatype that time also give a syntax error.

Syntax error bugs

Missing Static Code Analysis:-

Generally, developers work with local branches and when they finish the task after that they give their code to another team member for code review, if the reviewers forgot to check anywhere apply static code or not then on Production environment gives some errors caused by static code.

Example:- Developer use localhost for API URL and while they push code for production on that time they forgot to change API URL from localhost to actual URL on that time API will not work.

Missing Static Code Analysis


While we develop any design page at that time must need to take care of this design must be responsive to all devices like Mobile phones, tablets, Monitors, Laptops, etc.

Responsiveness common bugs

Performance Bugs:-

While some pages give a response after a long time and just spinner spin for too much time it will become performance bugs. While this type of bug occurs developer must optimize the code and find out the reason for taking too much time to give a response.

Example:- When some SQL queries take too much time for execution.

Security Bugs:-

This type of bug occurs while the software does not have any security. This is the most important bug which needs to take care of while we develop any system.

Example:- If the developer forgot to maintain a session for logged-in users and any user pastes the URL directly without logging in to the system then they can use hold software without login.

This will too much affect software quality. This type of bug increases the chances of hacking the system.

Missing Logs:-

Sometimes developers do not maintain proper logs in the system That’s why if any bugs occur they it’s difficult to solve. If the developer maintains a log in the system then it’s easy to find out from which code bug is occurring.

Log means not only for bugs log means every event’s information needs to store as a log like a user registered, Items added in cart, User’s updated profile detail, etc

Missing Logs for common bugs

Conclusion common bugs mistakes:-

In the end, if all developers have knowledge about the above points then it helps to maintain software quality.

Also, clarity of above all bugs will help to avoid mistakes in the development process.

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