Which PHP Framework is your best fit? CodeIgniter or Laravel?

Choosing the Right PHP Framework: CodeIgniter or Laravel?

Quick Summary: The world is advanced by PHP application development, whereas laravel vs codeigniter are considered industry benchmarks. As a business owner, which option should you choose? Does Laravel go well for big projects or what are the advantages of CodeIgniter? Developers can opt for any of the frameworks from both as per project requirements, framework knowledge, use cases, etc. In this article, we will be detailed about these two PHP frameworks that help developers to make the right choice.


A bespoke solution is always developed by PHP which comes with a dominant programming language. Besides, there are many Expert PHP Development Services that are enhancing the web development process. Amongst them, Laravel and CodeIgniter are trendy PHP frameworks that have made their way into web development and are increasing in popularity.

However, both of these languages are capable enough for speeding the web development process, whereas; there are still many basic differences between Laravel and CodeIgniter. Well, if you are searching for the best PHP frameworks for developing your web projects, a detailed comparison between Laravel Vs CodeIgniter helps to determine the best PHP frameworks for your next web development project.

Overview: Laravel framework

Laravel is a diverse framework that has many implementations in web application development. The PHP framework is specially designed for full-featured web development projects. Moreover, the Laravel framework is popular for its outstanding HTML authentication, server-side handling of routine, templating, and much more.

Choosing the Right PHP Framework CodeIgniter or Laravel_LARAVEL

Therefore, if you are having a roadmap to build an app with pre-defined architecture, custom backend, developed web portals, templates, or a full-stack app, Laravel is the perfect framework to choose from.

Laravel Market Usage Statistics

Choosing the Right PHP Framework CodeIgniter or Laravel Graph

  • In terms of market share, Laravel accounts for around 0.32% of the total market share across all existing web frameworks.
  • Laravel has 68k Github stars, 21.5k active projects, and 544 devoted people helping to optimize the real-time framework.
  • Laravel powers approximately 648,115 websites worldwide, with more than 1.78% of them situated in the United States.

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Popular web solutions built with the Laravel framework

If you are wondering, which solutions have got benefits from the Laravel framework, well; here is the list!

Websites such as Worldwalking.org, Asgardcms.com, Laracasts.com, and web applications like My Rank, Toyota Hall of Fame, and Startups. co. Neighborhood Lender and CachetHQ are a few lucky names that are top on the list.

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What are the use cases of the Laravel framework?

Features of Laravel Framework

Laravel is an open-source PHP framework that is found on GitHub. It was created by Taylor Otwell, who took inspiration from Symfony, which is another PHP framework built on Model View Controller (MVC) architecture. However, below we have listed some features of the Laravel framework,

Artisan tool

This tool is built with a command line user interface, which is a developer’s version of Zapier that allows to automate repetitive common tasks. Moreover, adding context is used to create projects, test functions, conduct migrations, and build custom commands.

MVC Architectural pattern

MVC framework allows separating web applications into different categories. It allows you to compartmentalize understanding of what is going on. With MVC, the application is divided into three distinct components; view, controller, and model. Besides, MVC architecture lets the developer divide the project logically.

Articulate ORM

The MVC framework expands on the model section. We will elaborate, specifically; on its interaction and relational object-oriented eloquence. The eloquent model allows you to create, modify and delete database tables. This is only possible, by adding PHP syntax that opposes writing SQL manually.

Community support

Screencasts or laracasts are hosted by Laravel for its community members, and there are other ways for developers to get support from the community on many platforms. Mostly, they are filled with people who are ready to cross the learning curve.

Choosing the Right PHP Framework CodeIgniter or Laravel CTA1

Pros and cons of the Laravel framework


  • Laravel framework has multiple pre-packaged tools for verification, testing APIs, etc.
  • A templating engine called Blade is with Laravel that offers excellent power for formatting data and developing complex web layouts.
  • It is easy to learn as compared to other PHP Frameworks.
  • Laravel has a reverse routine feature that supports the automatic propagation of route changes.
  • This framework is design with dependency injection features that allow class dependencies in a class by the constructor or setter mode.
  • An accessible testing environment and method are provide that streamlines the user’s behavior and increases the speed of testing time.


  • It is too lightweight which leads to backend congestion of database queries, lower performance, etc.
  • The Laravel framework has a large community that makes it difficult to evaluate the quality of Laravel libraries. Next, it becomes complex for developers to choose which library is more reliable and scalable.

Reasons to Consider Laravel Framework

  • If you are thinking about why Laravel is the best option recommend amongst many competitors. Let’s see some reasons that make it outstanding.
  • Laravel framework is popular for robust application development and for creating dynamic websites.
  • As it is develop with using Symfony, it uses a dependency manager.
  • Laravel has a default blade templating engine which allows you to add code and create unique layouts.
  • Next, it comes with inbuilt unit testing tools which help to see how the application is running.
  • You can integrate it with apps such as SparkPost, Amazon SES, Mailgun, Mandrill, STMP, and more.
  • It also develops applications that function in multiple languages.
  • Laravel offers support through its learning center Laracasts, which has multiple free and paid videos which help to understand creating codes using Laravel.
  • Last, Google Trends recognizes it as the most sought-after PHP framework.

Overview: CodeIgniter framework

CodeIgniter is the name that comes while building dynamic websites. This framework is considered by developers when it comes to building an attractive yet simple web development application with overall features.

Choosing the Right PHP Framework CodeIgniter or Laravel_CodeIgniter

Moreover, developers and businesses prefer CodeIgniter for web development due to its reliability, great data encryption procedures, security, third-party plugins, and many more. Therefore, if you are searching to develop a dynamic website by using PHP you can opt for CodeIgniter development company.

CodeIgniter framework statistics

Choosing the Right PHP Framework CodeIgniter or Laravel Graph2

  • This framework holds 0.22% of the overall market share amongst all the web frameworks available today.
  • On GitHub, it achieves 18.2k stars and 7.8 forks.
  • According to a recent study, more than 1,453,681 websites build with CodeIgniter framework globally.
  • Popular applications built with CodeIgniter
  • CodeIgniter is a web framework that is ideal for building e-commerce websites.
  • Some popular websites using CodeIgniter is,
  • The Mail & GuardianCasio, McClatchy, Nissan, Bonfire, Creditflux, Buffer, and a few names to it.
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What are the use cases of CodeIgniter?

CodeIgniter is mostly used for building e-commerce applications, invoice management applications, payroll web applications, on-demand applications, and SaaS applications.

Features of CodeIgniter framework

Ellis Lab introduced CodeIgniter in February 2006. It is precisely an object-oriented PHP framework that allows hierarchical model view controller (HVMC) architecture to be implemented which is an extension of MVC. Now, let’s look at the similarities.

Easy development process

It has easy web solutions, as well as, reliable and efficient. Moreover, it has an extensive library that allows you to make your own system. CodeIgniter is easier to understand than the PHP language and allows you to create web solutions faster.

Allows no errors

Just as easy to use, CodeIgniter has better error handling. Of course, being easy to use, it has a limited amount of error. Second, it has an interface that has an error logging class which allows it to detect errors. You can rectify them as you go. As advanced, you can write codes in a single line.

HVMC Architecture

As it’s built with MVC architecture, it’s not strict just as Laravel is, and gives more flexibility and freedom. It also makes things easier for users. It allows the HVMC patterns to come into motion, as they can be configured. These structures are for addressing the gaps MVC faces, like giving support to organizations to provide reusability of codes and allowing web solutions to become more extensible.

Community support

CodeIgniter has a thriving community of web developers and users just like Laravel. The active spaces of the CodeIgniter forum allow to divide the discussion into several types. Apart from that, there are many platforms such as social media and the web that you can explore.

Pros and Cons of Choosing the CodeIgniter Framework


  • CodeIgniter is one of the fastest PHP frameworks and is lightweight.
  • It is easy to set up. Due to it, both freshers and experienced PHP developers like to use CodeIgniter for developing a variety of web solutions.
  • The web development projects are speed-up by implementing page and database caching.
  • It offers security like several security threats such as SQL injections, cyber-attacks, and code execution that creates web applications with many complex features.


  • There are some issues with CodeIgniter, that result in poor code maintainability.
  • Due to the absence of modular code separation, the developers have to put extra effort into modifying and maintaining codes.
  • It has an absence of exhaustive libraries that leads to lack of development, growth, and lesser updates.

Reasons to Consider the CodeIgniter Framework

There are a multitude of advantages in CodeIgniter and hence, it is the most considered choice for building PHP web development solutions. Here are the key reasons for choosing the CodeIgniter framework for your next project.

  • It offers Support and stability to developers by CodeIgniter.
  • It is a complete framework that is well-structured and simple to use having an intuitive interface.
  • The documentation of this framework is easy to follow.
  • The caching of the site is permitted which boosts the performance and simpler loading time.
  • It offers SEO-friendly URLs and other SEO features that can optimize user traffic on the website.
  • CodeIgniter has outstanding community support that answers all kinds of framework matters.
  • CodeIgniter is very minimalistic and provides support to lots of third-party plugins and libraries.

The Ultimate Comparison: Laravel Vs Codeigniter

Learning CurveIt has a steep learning curve that has many functionalities. However, it takes much time to master and utilize this web framework.It has a shallow learning curve, hence; it is minimalistic and has lots of features to be implemented.
Unit TestingIt has an inbuilt Unit Testing Feature that helps the developers to test their apps as they develop it.It doesn’t have a unit testing feature. Moreover, you can use third-party libraries for testing the application.
DBMS SupportIt supports many database management services such as OrientDB, Oracle, IBM, DB2, PostgreSQL, JDBC, and MYSQL.It supports MySQL, PostgreSQL, Microsoft SQL Server, Oracle SQLite, OrientDB, and MongoDB.
Eloquent ORMDevelopers can interact with the database by using a single model due to the availability of the Eloquent ORM feature.CodeIgniter doesn’t support Eloquent ORM.
HTTP routesLaravel developers can create specific URLs for different HTTP routes as they are customizable.While designing a web application, the HTTP routes via the response and request mechanism is set.
Online supportA detailed official documentation is constantly updating, backed by an outstanding community that helps learners to always interact and get unstuck.A large community of developers who are able to solve queries and have easy-to-follow guides are always available on the website.
Inbuilt modulesThe inbuilt modularity features helps the developers to split codes into small modules using the bundle.Whereas CodeIgniter doesn’t have in-built modularity libraries, then too, the developers can easily split codes using an extension.
Authenticationfeatures are in-built that allows users to register, log in and retrieve passwords while using web applications that are created by using Laravel.The user permission and authentication are implemented by custom extensions, as the developers lack an authentication feature.
Inbuilt CaptchaThis PHP framework doesn’t have captcha system as default. However, it also includes packages that allows developers to quickly and easily implement captcha support.The helper class of CAPTCHA available with CodeIgniter, helps to create and manage captcha codes easily.
JS LibraryWhile Laravel doesn’t includes JavaScript library, it support another popular library such as jQuery.The JavaScript library available with CodeIgniter CI_JS, is simple to build JavaScript codes.

CodeIgniter Vs Laravel: Which is better?

You have witnessed and understood the entire article on these two PHP frameworks. However, you might be aware that both of these are sharing the same roots but have differences in their own areas.

Both of these frameworks have multiple features that simplify, stabilize, secure, and scale the project using PHP in a way that suits the entire development process.

Hence, you have to be sure what time of system you need to construct and what is the necessary technology involved in it.

Besides, we have elaborated some ideas that might help you decide whether to use CodeIgniter or Laravel in many ways.

Choosing the Right PHP Framework CodeIgniter or Laravel CTA2

When to use CodeIgniter?

You can use CodeIgniter when,

  • Better results, and less code
  • CodeIgniter is popular for giving better results with few lines of code. Moreover, the development speed of web app development is changed as you don’t need third-party libraries.

Simple and error-free configuration

Guide To Hire PHP Dev syntax is simplified by a linear and flexible folder structure that is available with CodeIgniter. You can create web applications easily without encountering syntax errors with the construction style of CodeIgniter. Besides, it works well for simple and scalable websites.

Faster performance

It has a faster execution rate and development process that makes CodeIgniter run ahead of Laravel. You can choose it if you want to build a fast and efficient website. While the performance changes in accordance with the size of the websites.

For a beginner

This PHP framework is the best choice, if you are a new developer and seeking to develop an app. It is easy to use, as it keeps everything concise and streamlined to use.

When to use Laravel?

  • For large and complex websites.
  • Laravel suits you better if you have an extensive website that has multiple operations running at the same time. The framework can proficiently handle complex systems, while CodeIgniter struggles with large projects.

Numerical Computations

It is a better choice if your website requires performance numerical analysis. For instance, if you want to develop a stock or trading website, Laravel can be the best choice. Additionally, it can handle large sets of data, and multi-thread performs complex calculations without interfering with the performance.

Fast Development

As it has pre-built templates and community assistance, it is one of the quickest application development frameworks.

High security

It has a built-in security and authorization system which allows BCrypt hashing algorithms for password encryptions. Moreover, Laravel doesn’t allow the storage of plaintext passwords in the database. You can build a A high-security website with Laravel.

If you are an expert

Laravel can be an ideal tool for you, if you have a background that includes working with intermediate systems.


CodeIgniter and PHP are the best PHP frameworks. In current years, programmers are praising these frameworks’ unique features and usefulness.

Both of these frameworks are unique and have their own set of benefits, but the need of users and the development process determines the choice of framework. However, make sure that you hire the right web development company that helps you choose the right framework. When you are in the hands of professionals who are successive in the completion of many projects, you don’t need to worry

Choosing the Right PHP Framework CodeIgniter or Laravel CTA3


Presently, Laravel is the most in-demand PHP framework that is for development in the marketplace. This happens as it offers flexibility and scalability.

As per studies, the majority of developers and businesses prefer Laravel as the best framework in comparison to CodeIgniter due to its coding patterns that give the most favored and elegant look.

Yes, Laravel is a full-stack PHP framework. It is an open-source, robust, and easy-to-understand framework. Besides, Laravel is a scalable framework that offers a rich set of features and functions. These functions boost the speed and performance of web development projects. Moreover, you can hire a full-stack developer who helps to create a reliable web application.

Laravel is the most popular framework that helps developers to handle complex web applications by providing additional security and speed. Besides, it accelerates the app development process and reduces the complexities. Importantly, Laravel provides a vast ecosystem with instant hosting, a deployment platform, screencast tutorials hosted by the official Laravel website, and more.