React js vs Python: Which is better?

React JS vs Python, which framework will be best for your business?

It is a very common question.

Hence, preferring one out of React JS vs Python is not easy.

Because both Python and ReactJS are emerging technology for web and mobile app development.

As both technologies are robust, and scalable and work best for your business.

Both are competitive and have advantages, but ReactJS vs Python remains the biggest dilemma among entrepreneurs.

It uses reusable React JS components to render the fastest applications possible using One (React JS).

Other (Python) is a general-purpose programming language for the web, operating systems, AI, Video Games, and mobile application development.

Both Python and ReactJS include useful features, benefits, pros, and cons.

Hence it is not easy to choose which one can skyrocket your business.

Here in this article, we will provide insights into a detailed comparison of ReactJS vs Python.

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React JS vs Python: Quick Overview

React JS Overview

Firstly, React JS is maintained by Facebook and has huge community support.

Secondly, it is an open-source library written in Javascript for creating.

Thirdly, it is one of the emerging front-end development technology, holding an excellent record in the web development space.

Fourthly, React js web development develops fully interactive and elegant user interfaces.

Fifthly, this framework includes small components, wherein each component is a combination of HTML and JavaScript, which captures the logic required for each section of a large UI.

Lastly, update and render the right react js component wherever necessary.

Therefore, React engineers ensure faster application as compared to other frameworks.

Overview of Python

Firstly, Python was developed in 1991 by Guido Van Rossum.

Secondly, It is one of the most popular languages globally in recent years.

Thirdly, a high-level, general-purpose programming language for building websites, software for testing, and machine learning.

Fourthly, it is easy to learn, and accepted by many non-programmers such as scientists, and accountants for handling everyday tasks.

Lastly, its versatility and beginner-friendliness are the prime reasons for its acceptance.

React JS vs Python: which is popular?


Here we highlighted some interesting facts about Python and React JS. This will help you to examine ReactJS vs Python in detail.


According to the survey by stack overflow, React js web development framework is the most accepted among developers.


Both Python and ReactJS are emerging frameworks according to Google Trends, Python is more popular than React JS.

React JS vs Python: Which includes more features?


Finding the best out of React JS vs Python is not easy but the below-listed features will help you to understand more about Python and ReactJS.

Features of React js JSX

Features of reactjs


Firstly, React js JSX is a markup syntax, and use to describe the appearance of application UIs.

Secondly, It is used to write HTML & JavaScript quickly together in React framework.

Thirdly, allows React js developers to build the building blocks of React JS and also eases React js web development process.

One-way Binding

Firstly, One-way data flow is the main reason businesses widely accept ReactJS.

Secondly, Unidirectional data flow does not allow React developers to change any component directly and can be achieved by a call-back function.

Thirdly, The one-way data binding help developers have better control over React js web development and mobile app development.

As a result, the applications are more robust and flexible.

Declarative UI

Firstly, Declarative UI allows React js developers to design the user interface based on the data received.

Secondly, It helps React js to update and renders the right component.

Component-Based Architecture

Firstly, React js framework divides the application into multiple components.

Secondly, React js developers can pass the data without impacting the DOM throughout the applications.

Features of Python


Object-Oriented language

Firstly, The object-oriented approach is one of the main features of Python.

Secondly, Python uses the concept of class and object encapsulation which allows programs to be efficient in the long run.

GUI Programming Support

Firstly, Graphic User Interface GUI is one of the crucial aspects of programming language, as it makes the application more visual by adding flair to the code.

Secondly, Python’s front-end framework includes a wide range of libraries for designing a Graphical User Interface for the application.

Thirdly, provides various tools for easy and fast development of GUI, such as Tkinter, wxPython, and JPython.

High-Level Language

Firstly, Python is regarded as a high-level programming language.

Secondly, So when you write code in Python, it is not necessary to focus on architecture, coding structure, and memory management.

Integrated by nature

Firstly, Python Interpreter runs code in one line because it is an integrated language by nature.

Secondly, This way makes the debugging process effective and more accessible.

Thirdly, After executing the Python codes, it transforms into an intermediate form( byte code). Thus, making it easier to execute and save runtime.

Supports other languages

Python is the most versatile language, as it is coded in C, and it also supports code execution in other languages like- Java, C, and C++.

Dynamically Type

This is a dynamically typed language, so values are not typed in advance but at runtime only. Hence while declaring data, we don’t need to define it.

ReactJS vs Python: Use case

This is the deciding point of React JS vs Python, which may determine your project’s winner.

Let’s take the four situations of both Python and React JS frameworks.

Four situations where ReactJS is best for your project are:

Working Prototypes

React js apps with streamlined UI

Basic cross-platform apps

Apps without heavy use of React js APIs

Python is best for:

The desktop app and software development

Backend web and mobile app development

For mathematical computation and performing big data

Giving instructions to tell computers to do tasks

Wrapping up

As discussed in the above blog, both ReactJS and Python have many advantages and disadvantages, you can select one as per the project requirement.

To summarize, React JS is best for website and application development whereas Python is a general-purpose language and it works best for machine learning, numerical computing, game development signal processing, and backend scripting language.

So, before selecting the best out of ReactJS vs Python for your project, we advise you to check the above-mentioned details of both Python and React JS. After this, you can figure out the points as per your project needs and make the right decision.

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