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Top Reasons to Hire React JS Developer for App Development

Quick Summary: Hiring a React JS developer for app development is a strategic move for several compelling reasons. React JS offers lightning-fast performance, a rich ecosystem of pre-built components, and strong community support, ensuring efficient and cost-effective development. Its reusability and SEO-friendly nature further boost its appeal. Ultimately, choosing a React JS developer unlocks the door to creating high-quality, user-friendly applications that stand out in the competitive digital landscape.


It’s hard to Hire React JS developer who will be as efficient as you want without carefully examining certain factors. But it is important to become a Leading React.JS Development Company.

You should hire a React JS developer who can translate your project needs into technical and performative standards.

App development has become a vital component of a business’s success; it serves as the company’s virtual identity.

Businesses require skilled React JS developers capable of providing high-quality services to consumers in a timely and effective manner.

A competent team of React JS developers ensures that the delivered software is robust and high-performing by utilizing cutting-edge technology.

Due to the popularity of React, there is a large pool of React JS developers available to engage for work.

This article will discuss imperative factors and why you should hire a React developer or a React JS development company.

Before we move ahead, let’s first understand React js basics.

What is React js?

React js framework is the most popular, out of the 83 JavaScript-based web libraries currently in existence.

It was released publicly in the year 2013 and is still flourishing.

In 2021 the react framework bragged an 87.49% satisfaction rating from more than 17,000 of its users.

Giants like Airbnb, DropBox, Netflix, and Instagram all rely on the react js framework, and it’s maintained by Facebook and many other individual developers and companies. It’s an open-source framework, so anybody can rely on it.

React js is a front-end library that uses declarative code to design interactive user interfaces (UIs).

A declarative program is a high-level programming method of describing what software or program does, rather than how it works.

Additionally, Declarative code defines what you want, rather than how you want it done.

As React js works in declarative code, developers can use it to create React js UI framework in predictable, efficient ways.

It is also used to design single-page applications, or more sophisticated ones if it’s used alongside other libraries.

In short, it’s an incredible tool for making React js app development more engaging and dynamic.

Features of React js


Apart from its simplicity and accessibility, some of its excellent features include:
JSX or Javascript XML
Component-based architecture
One-way Data binding
Virtual DOM
Let’s discuss React js features in detail.

React JSX(JavaScript Syntax Extension)

JSX is a combination of HTML and JavaScript code.

You can insert JavaScript objects inside the HTML elements. JSX is not supported by the browsers, therefore Babel compiler converts the code into JavaScript code.

JSX makes codes simple and it is easy to learn if you know HTML and JavaScript.

Virtual DOM:

DOM stands for Document Object Model.

It is the most vital part of the web as it divides into modules and executes the code.

JavaScript Frameworks update the entire DOM at once, which makes react js web development slow.

But react js uses virtual DOM which is an exact copy of real DOM.

Whenever there is a modification in the react js website, the whole virtual DOM is updated first, and search the difference between real DOM and Virtual DOM is.

DOM updates only the part that has been modified recently and everything remains the same.

One-way Data Binding

One-way data binding means one-direction flow.

The data in react js flows only in one direction i.e. the data is transferred from parent components to child components. As a result, react js development becomes modular and fast.

Component-based architecture

React js divides the web page into multiple react js components. So the component logic which is written in JavaScript makes the react js development environment easy, and faster. React js codes can be reusable.

What are React js developer roles and responsibilities?


When you hire react developers for your firm, they hold the following roles and responsibilities.

Firstly, it designs and creates interactive features for websites and React JS apps. Or follow a proper guide to hire React developers.

Secondly, they are responsible for the appearance of the application to provide an impeccable user experience.

Thirdly, React JS developers should proficient in various programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, etc.

Fourthly, able to design a fully functional, bug-free application with excellent performance.

Fifthly, develop new plug-ins and ensure react js app is updated regularly.

Lastly, collaborating with React JS testing experts to evaluate the React JS codes before releasing the web application or website.

How to improve your React js skills?


If you’re unfamiliar with React and want to get started, set up a React js development environment and install react js extension on your browser.

The extension will enable you to look through React js components in the same way you can with HTML.

You’ll be able to view the state and props of each react js component.

React js documentation comes with a React js tutorial, so you’ll get a light intro to its basic concepts and syntax. The React docs will be your bible for understanding React js web development.

Once you understand the concept of React js components, follow these best practices to improve your skills.

Firstly, always define PropTypes

Secondly, use fewer states and props for clean react js code.

Thirdly, ensure the state is as simple as possible

Fourthly, do calculations inside the render method.

Lastly, rely on a single responsibility principle – one react js component holds the responsibility for single functionality only.

Additionally, keeping yourself up to date with the latest JavaScript and CSS approaches and best practices is also important to improve your React js skills.

Now the question arises,

Where to learn React js?

Refer React js w3schools has some free exercises for practicing react js.

What are the benefits to hire React js developers for front-end development?


Here we highlighted the benefits to hire react js developers and understand why to React js stands out from other front-end development frameworks.


React allows React js developers to use individual parts of their application on both the client side and the server side, which ultimately elevates the speed of React js web development.

In simple terms, different developers can write individual react js code and all changes made won’t impact the logic of the application.


Compared to other front-end frameworks, the React js code is easier to maintain and is flexible as it possesses a modular structure. Hence, saves a huge amount of time and cost for businesses.


React js framework was developed to provide high performance. It offers a virtual DOM program and server-side rendering, which makes complex react js apps run extremely fast.


Deploying React js is simple to accomplish if you have some basic knowledge of JavaScript.

Reusable React js Components

One of the main benefits of using React JS is its ability to reuse react js components. It saves time for React engineers as they don’t have to write various React js codes for the same features.

Furthermore, if any changes are made in any specific part, it will not impact the other parts of the application.

Why hire React js developers?


Here we highlighted the top 16 reasons why you should hire React js developers for your business.

1. It’s easy to learn

Firstly, React js, is much easier to learn than other popular frontend frameworks like Angular and Vue.

Secondly, It helps businesses quickly build their react js website projects.

2. Build elegant React js UI

Firstly, react js develop high-quality UI, there are better chances that your users will love to use the React js app.

Additionally, designing rich user interfaces is necessary for React js app to survive and thrive.

Secondly, React js UI framework is designed through its declarative components, which brings us to our next point.

3. Allows writing custom components

Firstly, React JSX is an optional syntax extension, that allows you to write your components.

Secondly, React js components enable HTML quoting, enabling all subcomponents to make a delightful experience for developers.

4. Elevates React js developer’s productivity.

Firstly, combat the problem of frequent updates.

Secondly, React js component reusability feature eases the modification of sophisticated components.

Lastly, allows react engineers to reuse digital objects.

5. Fast rendering

Firstly, React js features a virtual DOM that allows all changes to the virtual DOM to be tested first to calculate potential risks.

Secondly, this approach aids high react js app performance and delivers a better user experience.

6. SEO-friendly

React framework significantly minimizes page load time.

As a result, it incredibly helps businesses in securing the first rank on Google Search Engine Result Page.

7. Useful React js development tools

React js framework consists of dev tools and Chrome dev tools.

The React js tools primarily help developers identify child and parent components, observe component hierarchies, and inspect components’ present state and properties.

8. Strong community support

Firstly, React js possess powerful community support, which is one of the main reasons to choose React JS for your project.

Secondly, react js developers experts are also regularly uploading free React js tutorials on Youtube and writing platforms on the internet.

Additionally, React engineers are also regularly solving doubts on QA sites like Stack Overflow and Quora, meaning if you ever get stuck while using React, you can always get reliable solutions given by experts.

9. Better code stability

Firstly, whenever any changes are made to the child structure, React js ensures that the parent structure is not affected.

Secondly, whenever a React js developer makes any changes he or she only needs to modify its states and make proper amendments. This way only a specific react js component will be updated.

Thirdly, provide better code stability and smooth performance of the application.

10. Adopted by many fortune 500 companies

Firstly, it is adopted by thousands of companies, including some Fortune 500 companies, who have chosen this framework for React js websites and mobile apps.

Secondly, Airbnb, Tesla, Tencent QQ, and Walmart are among the top brands that use the framework for React js web development.

Therefore, React js must be a truly useful frontend framework.

11. Proficient Data binding

Firstly, it uses data binding with flux, which is an app designer that deals with data flow from one point.

Hence, anyone can track all the changes that are made to specific portions of the data.

12. Extend your tools and capacities

Firstly, developers can write on javascript and also on modem React js JSX.

Secondly, can use HTML inserts in code, and as a result, there is a massive chance for restructuring and elevating productivity.

13. Testing and Functionality

Firstly, React performs well in testing any application.

Secondly, easier to develop a clear design that is test-friendly.

Lastly, can be supervised by triggered outputs, functions, events, etc. React js first perform the test before utilizing it and makes it easy.

14. UI-focused designs

Firstly, provides the potential for any React js UI layout.

Secondly, allow significant data changes to modify particular UI elements automatically.

Additionally, updating the React UI does not require anything.

15. Unique abstraction layer

Firstly, offers a good abstraction which means it does not display any complex internals to the user.

Secondly, react engineers must know some basic concepts and retain what they learn from examining the internal functionality of the software.

16. Easy template designing

Firstly, React js website template design saves hours of development time for amateurs and professionals.

Additionally, permits you to write the app code immediately after setting up the React js development environment using the create-React app.

Technical Skills required to hire a React Js Developer


To create an effective React Js app, you’ll need highly qualified react engineers.

Here we highlighted a few essential abilities to seek when you hire react js developer.


Firstly, React js developers should be proficient in HTML and CSS development.

Secondly, hire ReactJS developers who can design elegant React js UI.

Thirdly, able to work with responsive web principles.

Fourthly, react engineers should know the utilization of media queries effectively.

Lastly, a good understanding of Flexbox.

2) JSX

Firstly, able to write React JSX syntax.

Secondly, capable of using React.createElement () to generate a complete application.

3) Git

Firstly, able to analyze changes with add, commit, push, and pull.

Secondly, can prepare strategies for branching and merging.

Lastly, proficient in handling merge conflicts.

4) Third-party Tools

React engineers should be well-versed in technologies such as Redux, React Router, Create React App, Material Kit React, and others.

5) Node + Npm

React js developers should understand the npm registry.

Soft Skills need to hire React JS Developer

Understanding and Analyzing project requirements

Firstly, hire a React developer who can transform your business needs into technical and performative standards.

Secondly, you are capable of designing a React js app that your customers enjoy it.

Problem-solving Skills

Firstly, hire React Js developers who excel in fixing problems.

Secondly, selecting the proper tools to develop an elegant React js UI.

Lastly, ensure a seamless user experience in the project.

Planning Skills

Firstly, Hire a react js developer to fulfill project deadlines and objectives.

Secondly, proficient in planning and executing tasks within a single scope.

Excellent Communication Skills

Hire a react js developer who provides relevant ideas and accepts others’ suggestions to work efficiently and consistently.

Therefore, this sort of teamwork should be executed daily, not only during the planning stage.

Why does your business need to hire React Js developers?


React js developers are in high demand, whether you’re a startup, a medium-sized business, or a large enterprise.

Here we highlighted two compelling reasons to hire React js developers:

Firstly, It is the preferred choice by developers: As per the Enterprise JavaScript in 2019 survey, 63% of React engineers claimed that they preferred React Js code to design applications.

Secondly, using React Js development tools gives joy and pleasure.

Lastly, they can design robust applications and reuse React js components.

How to hire React JS developer?

Step 1:Outline your project, needs, and budget

Firstly, If you want to hire a react developer, set your expectations.

Secondly, communicate your requirements clearly with your candidates.

Thirdly, sign a win-win agreement that covers all vital areas such as budget, deadlines, and fines in the contract.

Step 2: Conduct telephonic interviews.

Firstly, when you hire react js developer, check if candidates will be the best fit for your project.

Secondly, screen the candidates using ‘resume filter’ applications.

Thirdly, call them and access their talents, experience, and skills.

Step 3: Check the portfolio

Firstly, check the projects your candidate has participated in.

Secondly, review their responsibilities, contribution level, project output, and employer commendations.

In addition, Profile evaluation is a non-compromisable step when you hire React js developer.

Step 4: Assess technical skills

Firstly, evaluate the technical skills of React JS developers.

Secondly, asking technical questions will help you to access the candidate’s necessary technical expertise to complete the project successfully.

Mistakes to Avoid when you hire React JS Developers

Fast pre-screening candidate process:

Firstly, when you hire react js developer make sure to have one-on-one phone calls to check the information.

Secondly, determine whether the candidate is a good match for your organization as well as their interest.

Hiring developers solely based on a resume:

Firstly, do not hire react js developers solely based on their resumes,

Secondly, make sure to conduct tests to assess their skills and expertise.

Getting developers to perform an antiquated whiteboard test:

It is never a good idea to ask candidates to solve whiteboard problems on the spot.

This creates unnecessary pressure and puts your company in a bad lame light.

Reasons for the popularity of React Js framework


React JS has become the most accepted framework for most fortune 500 companies, including Facebook, Walmart, Bloomberg, and even Netflix.

Additionally, there is a severe shortage of well-versed, experienced high-level talent in the sector, which results in developers charging outrageous salaries, according to Indeed data.

Therefore offshore hiring and outsourcing of React js developers have been on the rise in recent years.

The CTC (cost to company) of your software can be reduced by 40% by partially remote staffing your React JS development team.

In short, India has become the leader in ReactJS and NodeJS talent, proving to be a veritable goldmine.

If you do decide to hire a React developer remotely, India should be top of your list when looking for dedicated candidates.

Job demand for React JS developers

A recent report by Quess IT Staffing has revealed the exponential growth in demand for React engineers.

Comparing the period Mar-Oct 2020 with the same period in 2019, the number of open positions for ReactJS developers increased by 184%.

There was also a demand for other skills, such as Java development, but the demand had increased by 62%. A poor third-place finish with 28% was achieved by Azure.

Which IT companies are seeking to React Js skills?

Tata Consultancy Services employs almost 6,000 React js developers.

It is followed by Infosys (approx 4,800), Cognizant (approx 3,600), and Accenture (approx 3,000).

Capgemini, Wipro, HCL, IBM, Microsoft, and Publicis Sapient are other huge companies with 1,000-2,000 React engineers on their rolls.

Best practice to hire React Js developer

Here we highlighted several fundamental best practices when attempting to hire a react developer.

Build Your Company’s Resume

Firstly, Customize your organization’s resume with brand advocacy, allowing employees to have a voice. Therefore, it will not only strengthen your culture but also make you seem honest.

Secondly, encourage employees to share their working experience and spread the word by attending events, conferences, and workshops.

Lastly, leverage what makes our organization “special”, for example, flexible schedules, comfortable work environment, good culture, training opportunities, etc.

Hire Culture Fit React JS developers

Firstly, prepare an attractive company resume and a list of culture-fit candidates,

Secondly, screen those candidates before posting the job.

Thirdly, collaborate with HR and prepare a set of questions for your future React engineers. Don’t just call them for an interview.

Use Recruitment Tools

Firstly, use an image post like “React js developer WANTED” instead of plain text on all social media platforms.

Secondly, Using memes to hire a react developer can also be an excellent strategy to attract top talent.

Lastly, the more personal you get, the better your chances of hiring a dedicated react js developer.

Organize a Hackathon

Firstly, hackathons allow you to judge a candidate’s skills from an outsider’s perspective.

Secondly, help you assess huge skills such as team spirit, programming abilities, problem-solving skills, collaboration skills, competitiveness, creativity, and the list goes on.

Why is it so tough to hire React js developers?

Let’s highlight why hiring React engineers becomes so hard so you can prepare.

Firstly, all top companies such as Uber, Airbnb, PwC, Walmart, and Netflix. are relying on JavaScript nowadays.

Secondly, there are plenty of React engineers on the market.

Thirdly, with the increase in demand for React js developers, harder to hire developers if your company is smaller or when you run your business in the USA or UK.

Lastly, React engineers should not only have a good skill set but also they should fit in with your culture.

Top 10 interview questions to hire a react js developer

Here we highlighted a few React Js questions and answers for hiring a dedicated React Js developer.

  • What is React? Why Use It?
  • What is JSX?
  • How do you pass data to React components?
  • What is the difference between state and props?
  • What are React Fragments used for?
  • Why do we need keys for React lists?
  • What is a ref? How do you use it?
  • What is the effect hook used for?
  • When do you use React Context vs Redux?
  • What are the user callback & useMemo hooks?

What are the Reasons to Outsource React Js Development?

Here we highlighted a few advantages of outsourcing React Js development to remote programmers.


Firstly, With outsourcing, you can reduce expenditure on a lengthy recruitment process, training of new hires, employee benefits, and health insurance, as well as on additional infrastructure, office space, and equipment.

Secondly, It helps start-ups, small and medium-sized businesses, that cannot afford to hire a permanent react js developer.

Faster Project Start

Firstly, When you hire a React Js development company remotely, you will get a contract stating the timeframe for the project.

Secondly, allow you to deploy your product as soon as possible.

Highly focus on core business activities

Firstly, outsourcing helps business owners stay focused on their products and services and never get sidetracked.

Secondly, this development approach streamlines business operations.

Access to an advanced know-how

Firstly, By hiring a top-notch outsourcing service to handle React js development, you are confident about the hiring process that the Contractor is hiring React js developers by accessing their skills and knowledge.

Secondly, corporate learning activities should not be run by you – they should be handled by a contractor.

More scaling flexibility

Firstly, by outsourcing React js development you have access to a larger pool of developers with different specialties and skills.

Secondly, if demand for React js developers demands increases suddenly, then outsourcing would be a better option than trying to handle everything in-house.

Thirdly, By hiring react engineers, you can create a custom react js development process that can be optimized as per your company’s needs.

Fourthly, Organizations can use their resources effectively and ensure that they aren’t putting additional expenses on manpower.

Lastly, it helps in getting new ways to improve efficiency and communication within your business.

Get More Experience

Firstly, outsourcing can be a great way to exchange experiences with other companies.

Secondly, you may find a solution to problems you have struggled with for a long time when you work with other people.

Forget About Micromanagement

Firstly, an outsourcing company will handle all organization managing work such as collaborating with your staff members, dealing with organizational issues, answering questions, resolving conflicts that arise in the team, and handling crises.

Secondly, You can focus more on business development.

Additionally, a good outsourcing company will help you get rid of the headaches related to the organization’s work.

Forget About Formalities

Firstly, Hiring a React js developer, managing payroll, accounting for taxes, and firing an employee when necessary need a huge bureaucratic work.

Therefore, By outsourcing, React js development services you can forget about it.

Secondly, an outsourcing company for React Js development takes responsibility for the entire work.


Firstly, Hiring a good React js development company in India can save money on salaries.

Secondly, it saves the employer money on bearing the cost of getting the React engineers on board, providing them with the necessary software, and, in some cases, training them.

Top 8 tools to boost your React Js web development


Here, we highlighted React js development tools – what they are, what they do, and how businesses are using them in projects.

What is React Development Tools?

The React development tool includes extensions, libraries, frameworks, code generators, and debuggers that simplify the development cycle of React applications.

Such React js component design tools play a crucial role for a business in developing, maintaining, testing, and launching applications.

With the help of these React developer tools, developers can create cleaner, easier-to-maintain, and more stable codes, resulting in immediate value for businesses.

Why Do Businesses Need React JS Development Tools?

Here we highlighted a few reasons to use React JS development tools including

Firstly, it streamlines and accelerates React js development by empowering professionals to write faster and more efficient React js code.

Secondly, it permits the inspection and debugging of applications.

Thirdly, inspect various states, hooks, props, etc, to identify inappropriate React js components.

Fourthly, monitor and test multiple component states without affecting other components.

Fifthly, allows you to easily inspect the root React js components rendered on a page.

Lastly, analyzes performance quickly and thoroughly to detect and highlight performance bugs.

In addition to these benefits, React development tools are available as Chrome, Firefox, and other browser extensions.

Check out the list at the top React js development tools. Let’s get started!

1. React developer tool

Firstly, React dev tool provides a quick view of the root components rendered on a page. As a result, you can inspect and debug these React js components easily.

Secondly, give a visual representation of our component re-renders with accurate time information, using flame graphs. In addition, it is great for debugging performance-related issues.

Lastly, this tool is available as an extension for both Chrome and Firefox. However, if, you can use the NPM package if you are in another environment like a mobile browser, an embedded web view, etc.

2. Reactide

Firstly, as a new IDE dedicated to React js development, Reactide comes with hot module reloading and component visualization right out of the box.

Secondly, offers an expandable React js development environment that operates on a Node server and custom browser simulator. As a result, this removes the need to configure any servers, build-tools.

3. Storybook

Firstly, Storybook is an open-source tool for building React js UI framework and pages in isolation.

Secondly, It streamlines React js UI development, testing, and documentation.

Thirdly, this tool is a React js development environment for UI components.

Fourthly, enables us to independently create React js components, and display them in an interactive environment.

In addition, Storybook operates outside of the application so we can develop React js UI components without worrying about the business logic.

4. Bundle Analyzer

Firstly, a bundle analyzer is a Webpack plugin and the CLI utility provides an interactive treemap representation of your application bundle.

Secondly, we can use this tool to determine what modules are taking up the most space in our bundle and what modules can be removed.

5. Why Did You Render

Firstly, this tool is a path for React and React Native to alert React js developers about avoidable component re-renders.

Secondly, good for debugging performance-related issues.

6. React Testing Library With Jest

Firstly, Jest is a popular and feature-packed React js testing library, that ensures the correctness of your code.

Secondly, simplifies the setup and does not require any configuration.

7. Formik and Yup

First, Formic simplifies building forms by providing declarative React js APIs that are easy to debug and test.

Secondly, You can integrate Yup with Formik, to design seamless customized React js forms.

8. React Hook Form

Firstly, this tool provides complete React js APIs that use uncontrolled React js components and refs.

Secondly, creates a more performant form than other form-building React js libraries.

How to optimize the performance of a React js app?

Page speed is a vital factor in buying behavior.

Therefore, the performance of an application can impact the prosperity of a business.

Therefore, its improvement can become a software project rescue.

Here we highlighted a few ways to improve the performance of React Js app.

Method 1. Reduce the number of element redraws

Firstly, by using this method you will get rid of unnecessary drawings of elements on a page

Secondly, optimize the code correctly for faster processing of events.

Lastly, React js offers 3 optimization methods:



React. memo.

Method 2. Break React Js code with dynamic imports

Firstly, React js divide a huge file into multiple parts using dynamic imports to boost page speed.

Secondly, eases the merging of all codes.

Method 3. Use the Reselect library to avoid re-rendering

Firstly, Using Reselect allows you to cache calls and receive data based on the ‘STATE” current status.

Secondly, this will return a reference to the same array, and everything will work correctly.

Method 4. Use Web Workers

Firstly, Using Web Workers helps to create separate threads for executing code.

Secondly, improves page performance by executing code on a separate thread for tasks that take a long time and utilize maximum processor resources.

Method 5. Use libraries for list virtualization

Firstly, use the React-window or react-virtualized libraries to boost the React js development process and to avoid unnecessary operations.

Secondly, using this method allow you to display only the part visible to the user in the DOM.

Method 6. Start lazy loading of images

Firstly, using the react-lazyload library minimizes the page load.

Secondly allows you to load objects asynchronously for the faster running of React js apps.

Method 7. Build Gzip compression in the back-end

Firstly, boost React js development, by optimizing server-side processes.

Secondly, Gzip compression in the back end permits faster data fetching and client service and elevates React js component loading and rendering times.

Points to remember before optimizing the APP

These properties of React js as high performance and the ability to constantly improve made it possible to adapt this framework to design complex react js apps.

React works best for developing financial software, marketing platforms, logistics solutions, insurance websites, and telemedicine tools.

You should not optimize any React js app in this way. This applies to sophisticated large-scale websites that have major performance issues.

Therefore, you should first check the issue and assess its nature.

Then discover which of the above methods will help you to boost the speed of your React js app.

And then take the right decision to optimize the platform.

Is React js is good for SEO?


React framework has emerged as one of the leading JavaScript platforms in use on a variety of different websites, particularly on e-commerce sites.

In terms of search engine optimization (SEO), React websites have some specific considerations, with some best practices unique to React Single Page Applications (SPAs).

Here we highlighted a few ways to ensure React js website is correctly configured for SEO and some of the pros and cons of using this framework on a search-optimized e-commerce website.

Why is React good for e-commerce?

Firstly, React excels at creating smooth, seamless e-commerce websites that put the user experience (UX) at the core.

Secondly, the content is served on the client side, so pages do not need to be refreshed, which makes navigation easier and faster for customers.

Thirdly, React js developers who want to create Progressive Web Apps can use React to create desktop e-commerce sites as well as react js mobile apps.

Can search engines crawl React js websites?

It’s important to know how the robots (and especially Googlebot) see the content on a React site.

A Google crawler generally identifies the content of a website in two stages.

Firstly, Googlebot will crawl the website and retrieve the source code, including the HTML, page headers, and so on.

Secondly, renders the Domain Object Model (DOM) including any JavaScript used on the page.

React js is a client-side framework written in javascript, which means Googlebot may face difficulty in identifying pages.

This is because, unlike a traditional website, React js does not send requests to the server when navigating between pages, so Google cannot identify them.

When navigating your site, Googlebot will still not render JavaScript files and other server-based resources, even if React js is configured to use server-side rendering.

Hence, it’s important to build your React e-commerce website for SEO and start with best practices.

Common SEO problems with React e-commerce websites

React js websites has several SEO problems:

Firstly, for every site it crawls, Googlebot assigns a ‘render budget’ that it will spend when it is done crawling.

Secondly, it ensures smaller websites get their fair share of crawler attention and avoids infinite crawling cycles.

As React js websites function as SPAs, the complete website must be rendered before all of its content can be crawled. As a result, it can delay the discovery of content resulting in fewer pages crawled and indexed.

Thirdly, Server-side rendering and pre-rendering help to improve the speed with which new pages get indexed.

Fourthly, updated pages go unnoticed for longer by Google’s finite crawler resources.

Fifthly, deep-buried pages are less likely to be accessed by Googlebot, especially if your site’s higher-up pages have already been rendered.

Lastly, pre-rendering is a powerful tool to help search crawlers explore the folder structures of your website before their crawl budget runs out.

How to optimize React Js E-commerce websites for SEO?

Here we highlighted a few best practices to optimize your website for SEO, you can give your website a better prospect for fast indexing.

Unique Page URLs

Firstly give every page its own unique and static URL on your website that helps search engines to crawl, index, and rank with confidence in their results pages.

Secondly, React Router is an effective way to achieve this on React js websites. React Router assigns a permanent URL to every page, as well as aligns the UI with a particular URL.

Isomorphic React

Firstly, Isomorphic React is an effective way to enable server-side rendering, to lessen the pressure on crawlers’ render budgets.

Secondly, it vanquishes the visibility problems for search crawlers,

Thirdly, improves the discoverability of pages, thus providing a smooth and seamless user experience.


Firstly, Pre-Rendering generates a cached version of the rendered HTML, which crawlers can then access instead of the raw source code.

Secondly is another productive way to provide a good user experience.

In addition, there are many pre-rendering services available Google Puppeteer,, and SEO4Ajax.

Optimizing Metadata

Firstly, ensure your content includes optimized metadata, a unique, optimized URL, a unique title tag, and any other relevant metatags to allow search engines to crawl.

Secondly, React Helmet is an effective way to achieve this, by giving direct access to edit metadata SEO on React e-commerce websites.

Thirdly, provides a mobile-friendly React e-commerce website.

Which is better React vs React native?

Firstly, Both Reactjs and React Native are important pillars for application development.

Secondly, they both possess flexible functionalities and huge libraries.

Thirdly, Reactjs is a javascript library, and React Native is the entire framework.

Fourthly, works best for designing apps with sophisticated functionalities, and React Native gives a native feeling to your mobile apps.

Every framework has some limitations, and the same goes for Reactjs and React Native. This is why, it is important to figure out the pros and cons of both of these technologies, and then take an informed decision as per your business needs.

Limitation of React js

Here we highlighted a few limitations associated with ReactJS which are:

Lack of Proper Documentation:

There are several tools and libraries like React js Redux and Reflux that can elevate the performance of React.

React js technologies are updating and moving so fast that there is no time to document it.

The only documentation available to react js developers is the sparse text that doesn’t cover every detail.

Development Speed:

Some developers think that React is consistently being improved and making their work easier, but there are still some limitations associated with it.

The reason for it is that everything is constantly evolving, resulting in react js developers being annoyed by the need for constant relearning of processes

Few developers are not comfortable with keeping up with such a pace.


React js JSX would be considered an advantage by a few react engineers, rather than a disadvantage, and yet, it may also be viewed as a stumbling block.

It is a JavaScript extension that makes the react js code more concise.

The combination of HTML and JavaScript in JSX makes React JS much more sophisticated to learn and that may look repulsive to ambitious React js developers.

Developers and designers complain about the complexity of learning JSX and the consistent hard learning curve.

Problems With SEO:

Google faces problems with indexing dynamic websites with client-side rendering.

Thus, it requires proficient React js developers. If executed wrong, it would not be possible for it to work.

7 Best Practices Every React js Developer Should Follow


In React framework you can reuse code and design components that save developers time.

But while creating React js components developers should focus on some basic rules to make them reusable, otherwise, it can create a complete mess.

1. Break larger components into smaller ones

Firstly, break the larger component into smaller ones to make React js components reusable.

Secondly, create one component that will be responsible for single functionality, instead of putting multiple functionalities on a single page, the principle is called “single responsibility.

Thirdly, Separating React js components helps to maintain, debug, reuse and scale code in long run, as the project sizes increase with time due to the addition of new features.

2. Use Functional Components instead of classes

Firstly, Functional components are the stateless component that simply Reacts js development.

Secondly, easy to test, debug and refactor as they include JavaScript functions without state and lifecycle hooks.

Thirdly, minimize the number of lines of code

Lastly, remove the use of ‘this’.

3. Select a styled component over other CSS-in-JS libraries

Firstly, Style-Component is one of the most accepted libraries that provides a simple way to use CSS.

Secondly, allow developers to write CSS which is an isolated component while preserving the full power of cascading.

Thirdly, gives freedom to design custom components with CSS.

Fourthly, impose the use of props in the place of classes.

Fifthly, enables server-side rendering with stylesheet rehydration

Lastly, able to perform unit testing with Jest Styled Component(A set of utilities to perform testing of style components with Jest).

4. Create separate folders for all files of each component

Firstly, a properly maintained folder and file structure helps in understanding project flow Secondly, it facilities code maintenance and extraction to any other project.

Thirdly, helps to maintain the same hierarchy in the entire project.

In addition, all the Form components such as CSS files, icons, images, tests, and other sub-components are placed in one folder.

5. Avoid using Indexes as Key Props

Firstly, Key props allow us to identify which item has been changed, added, or removed. Secondly, React uses key props to understand what to render or re-render, as react doesn’t re-rendering duplicates.

Thirdly, when the two elements have the same key one will be omitted by React.

6. Use default props and prop types

As JavaScript cant set default properties to the objects or components, or specify which properties are required and which are optional in React framework.

Using prop type and default props helps to improve your code quality making it faster and more secure for React js testing and debugging.

7. Isolate stateful aspects from rendering

React JS components can be stateful or stateless. The stateful components monitor changing data while the stateless components always render the same data.

To minimize the complexity of components, always keep apart your stateful data-loading logic from rendering stateless logic.

Top 8 React js UI frameworks


1. React Bootstrap

Firstly, React Bootstrap is the oldest React JS library.

Secondly, The library contains crucial elements to create the user interfaces of React js websites and native mobile applications.

Thirdly, React Bootstrap removes the need for bootstrap.js and jQuery dependencies within the code.

Lastly, React js developers can even import individual components from the library.

This feature enhances faster development, shorter time to code, less code, better stability, and efficient code management.

2. Semantic UI React

Firstly, Semantic UI integrates with React to offer a customized library of React js UI components.

Secondly, it has no virtual DOM, as it is independent of jQuery methods.

Thirdly, the Semantic UI React js library includes many customizable elements for front-end development.

Lastly, this framework features augmentation for designing responsive web pages with unique react js component functionalities.

3. Material UI

Firstly, React js Material UI (MUI) contains pre-built material components and themes for developing user interface elements with React.

Secondly, includes navigation tools, sliders, drop-down menus, and many more customizable components.

Thirdly, its elements follow the Google Material Design standards that improve the application speed.

Fourthly, offers many tools and React js APIs for assisting mobile development.

Fifthly, features automatic color changes and interoperability between styling components and CSS-based modules.

Lastly, this framework assists upcoming developers to wade through the react js documentation and clear their doubts.

4. React Redux

Firstly, React Redux is a simple component library with solid code-testing capabilities.

Secondly, contains multiple reacts js development tools to identify application state changes, maintain logs and send error reports.

Lastly, Developers can connect React js code to various components, able to write consistent code, and edit it while the app runs with Redux.

5. Blueprint UI

Firstly, Blueprint UI is a CSS-based React js framework for designing desktop applications.

Secondly, works best for designing UIs for sophisticated and data-intensive web pages.

Thirdly, possesses a multi-touch interface that is simple, intuitive, and helpful for faster React js app development.

Fourthly, contains core components with distinct components for selection, date-time, tables, icons, and more.

Lastly, provides both dark and light-themed modes and customizable design elements like classes, typography, and color scheme.

6. Ant Design

Firstly, Ant Design is a CSS React js framework developers greatly use to design engaging UI components.

Secondly, offers a wide range of design libraries for front-end development and a GUI design for client development.

Thirdly, this framework’s create elements are easy to integrate, and its components can be used directly with React.

Fourthly, includes several customizable themes, design elements, and React js development tools.

Lastly, its library contains more than 50 components and helps build UIs for enterprise-class applications.

7. Grommet

Firstly, Grommet is a CSS React framework with component packages for building responsive mobile websites.

Secondly, features a vibrant layout, great accessibility, appealing themes, modularity, and simplicity.

Thirdly, can be combined into existing projects or used in designing new ones with modern themes.

Lastly, encloses components for customizing UIs with several utilities, media options, input visualization, layouts, colors, and controls.

8. Chakra UI

Firstly, Chakra is a React js component library that utilizes less time for writing code.

Secondly, enables faster react js development and provides accessible, modular, and flexible UI components for designing apps.

Thirdly, allow React js developers to build newer components effectively.

Fourthly, all components are customizable, reusable, and follow the WAI-ARIA standards.

Lastly, encompasses several inputs, accordions, tips, and icons.

Additionally, the Chakra UI library is new and has a huge community to support.

Top 5 Reasons why Startups prefer React JS

The user experience of the product is at the heart of all startups, regardless of their size.

Also, startups are concerned about development costs, product deployment, and robust technology frameworks.

Furthermore, there has been an upward rise in numerous javascript frameworks in the last few years.

It has become even more difficult for startup owners to choose the best framework for their business.

There are many UI frameworks available that provide an amazing user experience.

The accepted frameworks are React, Angular, Vue, Svelte, etc.

The frameworks are assessed based on a few factors such as ease of adoption, development speed, product quality, community size, and technical documentation available.

Based on the above factors, ReactJs is the most accepted choice among startup owners.

ReactJS framework is free & open-source and maintained by Meta and a large community.

Here we highlighted reasons to prefer the React JS framework for your product.

1). Reduces Time to Go-To-Market

Firstly, React js helps to design a robust, elegant, and hassle-free UI experience with high development speed.

Secondly, possesses numerous component which helps the react engineers in designing the react js website in a lesser time.

2). Large Community & Rich Documentation

Firstly, ReactJS is supported by large developer communities and companies

Secondly, provides rich & detailed official react js documentation for the developers which ease its adaptability and scalability.

3). Developer Tools

Firstly, React JS development tools are the best for designing, developing, and debugging.

Secondly, improves the efficiency and effectiveness of React js development.

Thirdly, Tools such as Firefox & Chrome browser extensions provided by Meta allow examing React js component hierarchies.

4). React Native Compatibility

Firstly, React Native can migrate all React js components to native which eases the performance of react js apps.

Secondly, helps to design apps for both IOS and Android platforms with a single code base and native-like interface.

5). Top Brands use ReactJs

Many famous brands such as Facebook, Netflix, Uber, and Instagram with millions of traffic on their web & mobile applications are using React js UI framework.

In a Nutshell, ReactJS is gaining popularity since its inception. Its ability to deliver high-performance web & mobile applications in less time is remarkable. Any startup or enterprise
Using this framework can leverage the benefits & robustness for many more years.

Top 7 ReactJS Project Ideas for startups


ReactJS framework is an easy development process, but the question arises of what type of app your business needs, as there is an abundance of web apps available in the market.

If you want your idea to stand out among the various React JS project ideas, you need to find something popular and necessary for people.

Here we highlighted a few React js app ideas you must try by hiring a Reactjs development service.

1) E-commerce App:

Firstly, designing an eCommerce app will help you develop a web app with less budget and time.

Secondly, Reactjs offers flexibility and advanced features to design a modern app like Shopify, Amazon, etc.

Time required: 3-4 days

Level: Intermediate

2) Movie Recommendation App:

Firstly, your data management abilities will also be evaluated, so you need to focus on data analysis techniques.

Furthermore, the app’s UI/UX must be uniquely engaging for engagement. Keeping a questionnaire will allow you to provide useful advice to your users.

Time required:4 hrs-2 days

Level: Intermediate

3) Dating App for Pets:

Tinder is the most accepted app in the market. If you want to start your business in this area by hiring a react js development company to create such an app, you can implement the idea. You can design a similar app to tinder but for pets.

Time required: 1 week -12 days
Level: Advanced

4) Blog:

Firstly, the blog is an amazing way to use your knowledge and time. However, it must include an elegant interface and a working backend to provide information.

Additionally, ReactJS and Node.js may be used to design the CMS and backend, respectively.

Secondly, articles and other information must be easy to add, update, and delete on the blog.

Lastly, for security reasons, you should invest an additional amount on backend encryption.

Time required: 3 hours-3 days

Level: Intermediate

5) Meme Creation App:

You might find that meme-making web development is your goldmine since memes drive most social networks.

React JS tutorial helps you to design a straightforward yet engaging React js UI framework.

Users can add text and additional emoticons to meme images easily.

It can be helpful if users can log in to their accounts to store memes, retrieve photos from their devices, and share them on other social networking sites.

Time required: 1.5 hours -1 day

Level: Intermediate

6) Chat App:

Firstly, ChatApp is a fantastic way to start your journey toward progress.

Secondly, to improve user experience and avoid complexity, you can choose chat app ideas, also you can design a real-time chat platform.

Lastly, allows you to focus on the React js app UI and the backend can be handled by Mirrorfly.

Time required: 1 hour -1 day

Level: Beginner

7) Fitness App:

Firstly, Fitness apps are the biggest entrants in the application development market. As a result, you can begin building your exercise-tracking app.

Secondly, The user interface of the fitness app should be functional.

Lastly, include all the relevant information, such as the duration of time spent working out, calories burned, and distance walked.

Time required: 1 week-10 days

Level: Advanced

What are the reasons to choose Bigscal Technologies Pvt LTD??

React js development company hires react engineers who have completed sophisticated projects in multiple industries, and they are a wise option for the project.

Here we highlighted a few reasons to outsource your project to React js development services.

Responsive UI

React Js developers create outstanding user interfaces that are responsive and interoperable with various devices, operating systems, screen resolutions, and browsers.

On-time delivery

Hire a React developer for your project and they will adhere to the work schedule so you get your order on time.

Feature-rich solutions

React js developers design feature-rich react js websites and mobile apps for you.

Easy Migration

Hire React Js developers to ensure a smooth transition from other platforms to React JS while taking into consideration all your project needs.

Easy accessibility

React developers are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and are simple to reach from anywhere on the planet.


Hire React js developers to provide you with systematic and cost-effective solutions.


Outsource companies provide a well-designed and robust infrastructure that is good to support and manage contemporary services and top-level applications and also ensures a seamless data security mechanism with the most modern equipment.


App development has become a vital component of a business’s success; it serves as the company’s virtual identity. Businesses require skilled react js developers capable of providing high-quality services to consumers promptly and effectively.

A competent team of React engineers ensures that the delivered software is robust and high-performing by utilizing cutting-edge technology.

React JS is simple to learn and more focused than many other JavaScript frameworks. Many businesses are shifting or adopting React js framework because of the simplicity it offers and ease of use. Hire a React developer who can transform your business needs into technical and performative standards and is capable of designing a React js app that your customers enjoy it.


To kickstart a React JS project, follow these steps:

  • Set up your development environment with Node.js and npm.
  • Create a new React app using “create-react-app” or set up a custom project structure.
  • Write your components and UI elements.
  • Manage state and data flow with React’s hooks and context.
  • Test and debug your app.
  • Build and deploy your project for production.

To set up a React JS front-end:

  • Install Node.js and npm.
  • Use “create-react-app” to generate a new project scaffold.
  • Navigate to your project folder and run “npm start” to launch the development server.
  • Start coding your React components in the “src” directory.
  • Customize your app, manage state, and integrate with APIs as needed.

Some notable React JS applications include:

  • Facebook – React’s creators use it for the social media giant’s web interface.
  • Instagram – Instagram’s web version employs React for a responsive user experience.
  • WhatsApp – React powers the web version of this messaging app.
  • Airbnb – React enhances the performance and interactivity of Airbnb’s website.
  • Netflix – Parts of Netflix’s web UI use React for dynamic rendering.

React JS offers several advantage

  • Component-Based: Allows modular UI development.
  • Virtual DOM: Enhances performance by minimizing DOM manipulation.
  • Reusable Components: Promotes code reusability.
  • Rich Ecosystem: A vast library of pre-built components.
  • Strong Community: Extensive support and resources.
  • SEO-Friendly: Server-side rendering capabilities.
  • Performance: Fast rendering and efficient updates.
  • Mobile App Development: React Native for cross-platform mobile apps.

Yes, ReactJS is excellent for app development. Its component-based architecture, virtual DOM, and extensive ecosystem make it a popular choice. React allows efficient development of responsive and interactive user interfaces, making it suitable for web, mobile, and even desktop applications, making it a versatile and powerful tool for app development.