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Reasons To Outsource ReactJS Development Services

Quick Summary: React is a popular JavaScript framework that is utilized by major organizations and startups to assure faster and more efficient development, stimulate scalability, and benefit from high-code usability.Outsourcing React Development is a better way to get the benefits of the framework. Moreover, if you are wondering how to outsource Reactjs development for helping your business, this post is definitely for you.


Businesses have landed into a competitive age where cost-cutting, and optimizing work in an efficient way; are no longer a way out. Yet, in today’s expanding internet marketing industry, generating a profit and increasing sales appears to be a bit difficult!

Therefore, just merely creating a website is not enough! You have to input astonishing features that are useful and a back-end of innovations. Here is when a software development company comes into the picture. Finding the correct expertise to produce high-quality work is the goal of an outsourced web development project. You have to be sure that your project is in the right hands.

Creating an in-house ReactJS team takes lots of investment. Moreover, it also restricts the people in terms of geographical availability and willingness to work with them, if you pay them in the long run. In the absence of resources, this reduces the quality of React development. Additionally, you can Maximize Business With A React JS.

You are not responsible for supervising an outsourced team’s daily responsibilities, even if they are situated anywhere in the globe and contain the greatest talents with needed expertise. Meanwhile, you receive high-quality work done for a fraction of the cost of doing it in-house.

Employing an offshore React.js development team is a proven approach to utilize this library’s technical prowess and gain access to React.js programming skills.

In this article, we would go through the fundamentals of ReactJS Development services outsourcing that would include the do’s and don’ts, business reasons, and many such factors while hiring an outsource ReactJS development company.

How popular is React.js?

All we can say is that ReactJS dominates the framework sector. It is quickly expanding and evolving at the same time, attracting teams of all sizes. It is a free and open-source JavaScript library that can be used to create interactive apps and webpages. ReactJS is a prominent front-end development framework that has successfully produced firms such as Netflix, Instagram, the New York Times, and Dropbox.

Reasons To Outsource ReactJS Development Services Graph2
In the survey of Stack Overflow’s 2022 development survey, ReactJS is the most used developed framework with 22.54% of developers trying to learn and build it. It is the second most popular programming technology, with 42.62% of professional developers, coding students, and businesses using it.

Reasons To Outsource ReactJS Development Services graph3

ReactJS is a good reason for,

  • Easy to adapt and learn.
  • Extensive knowledge of Javascript code.
  • Excellent cross-platform performance.
  • It is simple to create templates and dependencies.
  • Including some of the top development tools.

ReactJS is perfect for building UI, reusable UI components, and single-page applications.

Why choose React?

Facebook launched ReactJS in 2013, and it has since risen in popularity and growth. It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie who has just entered the technology realm or a highly experienced ReactJS developer that has matched the user’s expectations. With a market share of 35.9% as per Statista, ReactJS is the second most commonly used framework in the world.

Why choose React
It makes your application unbothered by reloading it as data can be changed. You can easily create UI components for your application using this tool, as well as make the application reload quicker as no data need to be modified in the application. In addition to that, it is convenient, versatile, and straightforward, and it can be integrated with a wide range of JavaScript libraries, such as Angular in MVC.

We have now enlisted a few reasons below, that will make you choose to outsource ReactJS development.

Code reusability

ReactJS specializes in SPAs that work autonomously. The entire structure consists of smear lumps that are related to specific components for creating attractive frameworks. In addition, these frameworks can also be reorganized. Also, the parts can also be reused for future undertakings that allow the SaaS engineers to have a base to be utilized for manufacturing, rather; beginning without any prior preparation.

Swift rendering

Because the Virtual DOM is an updated version of the original DOM, this is conceivable. It is ready for better execution, organic SEO, and the capability to look after it very well. The re-rendering elements are easily discovered. As ReactJS has a simple route, it improves clients’ experience.

SEO Friendly

Your Google ranking and user experience for keeping you in front matters, if you want to stay ahead of the competition. The major drawback is the low loading speed of the site that turns-off end users. This is the reason why the ReactJS development company uses it not only for speed but for creating SPAs that are awesome in performance.

The website pages and segments work without taking back the HTML data. Moreover, they take prompt reactions between the two tabs into account. The HTML information changes according to client needs. SEO can be customized by highlighting headers, labels, and titles that make your SaaS application more helpful from a business sense.

Power of flux and redux

They are tools that streamline the power of ReactJS. Flux is a paradigm that aids in the resolution of in-app data management complexity by allowing data to be seamlessly sent from parent to kid. Moreover, Redux is a state container that assures that future apps behave consistently across client, server, and native contexts.

Equally important, Flux and Redux when used together makes the data consistent and debugging easy.

Compatibility and adaptability

The key benefit of ReactJS is its modularity. If you hire dedicated ReactJS developers they follow a step-by-step approach that avoids change in the whole system and leaves the room for ultimate scaling.

ReactJS is easily compatible with backend frameworks like NestJS and ExpressJS. When these technologies are integrated, they form an excellent foundation for developing an enterprise-level application capable of handling massive data loads.

Significant development community support

ReactJS is supported by a vast tech community because of its rising popularity, applicability, and simplicity of mastery. Apart from that, it is one of the most used tools with substantial documentation. Because it is open-source, many programmers are eager to contribute to its development.

JavaScript extension- JSX

JavaScript has an optional extension of JSX. However, it uses HTML quoting for writing React.create Element. JSX lets you create your own components that have a large tree structure without typos. Besides, HTML mockups render ReactElement trees more easily. Because of instructive errors and warning signals, code injection may also be avoided. System components that can be reused.

Reusable system components

As the app components are connected to each other, the updates can be installed easily without affecting the rest. The main benefit of React, which is a reuse component, is the reason behind its popularity. A consistent look can be got through the entire website, as it has features of quickening codes, testing, and maintaining.

Virtual DOM

The DOM-Document Object Model in the upper layer is affected by the entire system that eradicates annoying bottlenecks. For heavy-load systems, the Virtual DOM enables developers to assure excellent performance and a smooth user experience.

Tool for React Developers

ReactJS has a useful set of tools known as React Development Tools. It aids developers in the management of components, the discovery of parent and child elements, and the creation of bug-free applications.

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Reasons to Outsource in Business Development of ReactJS

ReactJS is one of the most value-driven development tools that works excellent if you hire dedicated ReactJS developers. However, you should keep in mind that if you hire an in-house ReactJS development team, it would require a recruitment process and project management skills.

Nevertheless, if you outsource ReactJS web app development service to an offshore software company, it becomes a wiser solution. We have here discussed a few reasons to hire ReactJS development services.

Reasons To Outsource ReactJS Development Services reasons


The budget of the project is the first thing that comes to mind when deciding to outsource the ReactJS development process. A notable amount of money is saved for the company. The hiring process for React developers involves training, health, and insurance benefits.

Whereas, outsourcing eliminates all the expenses. The talents can be hired from geographical areas, where the pay scale goes according to the budget. Startups and small companies are advised to choose outsourcers for extensive React development.

We have compiled a comparison of React developer salaries in various countries and regions.

ReactJS Developer working in a CountryAverage Annual Salary

Work with highly talented ReactJS Developers

As ReactJS is a popular framework development tool, outsourcing it gives you a golden opportunity for collaborating with experts that has out-of-box solutions other than those based in local communities. However, by doing this you will get a solution that is ahead of competitors’ applications and lets you attract the most ongoing users-the millennials and Gen-Z.

Easy adaptable

If you want to scale your project, a remote group of ReactJS developers is an easy way rather than hiring full-time developers. It is good to prepare an MVP, hence; the entire task will be easy for you. For example, instead of assembling a team of architects, developers, or project managers, just hire ReactJS app developers to complete your project effectively and without constraints.

Strict deadlines

Usually, ReactJS development companies need to complete the projects undertaken on time. When they outsource ReactJS web development services, the work is distributed among their team, and the task is easily finished at the right time without any difficult processes.

Focus on core business activities

There are lots of hiring troubles that a company goes through while hiring an in-house team. With outsourcing a team, you may focus on business operations like marketing, correct competitive strategy, and much more. If you choose a perfect agile methodology and outsource ReactJS development, no one can stop you from winning.

Market Delivery

While you do ReactJS development outsourcing, your web application is easily ready to deploy in a given time period in the market. However, the main motive behind quick delivery is the time-tested approach. While if you hire ReactJS app developers, the entire development process is handled smoothly making no room for complexities.

No team maintenance

The main benefit to outsource the ReactJS development service, is you need not take out time for maintaining a team as it takes considerable time investment, money, and effort too! However, there are many other things such as employee recognition, handling corporate crises, and development issues that lead to burnout and reduce efficiency in every manner.


Outsourcing React development is the polar opposite of employing an in-house team in that it allows you more freedom in every manner. For example, you may add new team members to the project or stop the cooperation as soon as you believe it is no longer relevant. Moreover, in an in-house team, if the project is usually overestimated, the number of employees is cut down which is very painful and exhausting.

Latest practices

If you outsource ReactJS development services, you will find fresh perspectives every time, as they are always loaded with new insights, updated practices, and methodologies. Furthermore, the in-house locals have a distinct train of thinking when it comes to user acceptability testing, validation, and other development issues.

Custom development

You are not liable to develop an application, just like others do, and limit yourself! Even if your ReactJS development team chooses to work on a project, you can add more talented experts and expand the area by outsourcing. Furthermore, it has a rare capability to deliver the specific requirement of company outcomes, that result in one of the best!

Maintenance and support

Of course, the ReactJS development service outsourcing providers offer relevant support and maintenance for the completion of the project.

Risk reduction

A legal bond of the contract is to sign with the external firm before you hire them for your ReactJS project. To minimize needless back and forth throughout ongoing development, ensure that they understand your objectives, constraints, and goals before commencing work on any project.

Certain glitches like postponed deadlines, bad quality of product, and data leakage can be acted on legally. Besides, there are usually experienced people, who are handling the entire project and so the risk is lowered for unfavorable results.

Tax benefits

If you hire a full-time employee, you are liable to pay any taxes that are included in salary, benefits, and company tax rules. Usually, there is a 50% hike in employee taxes in certain countries. Nevertheless, if you hire ReactJS developers from an outsourcing agency, the overhead expenses are lowered. It also reduces your tax burden, significantly bringing down the development costs.

Do’s and Don’t of outsourcing React.js development

While you outsource ReactJS development services that are best practices and pitfalls that are necessary to avoid. It is important to stay clear and transparent while communicating with remote developers. Before beginning work on any project, make sure they understand your needs, restrictions, and goals to avoid unnecessary back and forth throughout ongoing development.

However, you cannot interfere daily in their work, that would only result in development difficulty and creates a bad impression of you. Next, it also impacts largely on the quality of the product.

In this table, we’ve highlighted a few things you should be aware of!

Do’s while outsource ReactJS developmentDon’ts while outsource ReactJS development
It is good to make them understand goals, needs, wants and expectations initially.Don’t ever treat remote developers as a dispensable resource.
Try to communicate by channels that are easy to use and convenient such as Slack, Teams, Zoom etc.Don’t complain to developers for any sort of irrelevant issues and waste their time.
Created a partnership built on trust and collaboration.Even if you believe you know better, don’t try to direct or meddle with the project.
Keep the track on project by setting up periodic meetings.Don’t make lengthy or schedule daily calls with the developers, rather, let them stick to the important highlights to know.
Divide the development process into phases with different deadlines and stick adhered to it.Its not good to mix the workflow stages and keep all the backlogs, as you move a step ahead.
Try to share any specific knowledge you have for the product.Don’t think your developer can understand without you trying to explain. Communication should be transparent.
Be very clear about budget, to avoid extensive during the project.Try to avoid unrealistic timelines and budget which cannot be followed.
Trust your developers skills and let them take the expert hand is the areas you are unfamiliar.Don’t make unnecessary changes, unless they are needed.

Choose the finest company to outsource ReactJS development services

If you are willing to outsource ReactJS web application development services, you should surely do this many things. It is extremely stressful as this is the most essential step, as the company’s future is entirely dependent on it. Look for firms who have a strong reputation.

Choose the best firm to outsource ReactJS development services


Finally, be certain that these situations are genuine. You can cross-check with different vendors to find out what review their customers left on Clutch, LinkedIn, Upwork, etc. Ask the clients and also the company if they are interested in a short call in sharing their experience with you.

Case Studies

Another step is to evaluate the ReactJS development services outsourcing company. Next, is to check their previous cases and their work on them. What were the techniques used to develop or what industry they served? Finally, be certain that these situations are genuine.


Check if the partners are compatible to work with you. If you share an idea with them, what kind of response do you get or what are their business plans? Are they better than you?

What is the location of their time zone? Will they manage to communicate with you? What are their working hours for staying in touch with you, and how quickly do they respond when you text them?

All of these elements are vital since you must establish a working relationship with them!

Experience and expertise

There are lots of bucks that are spent while you outsource ReactJS development services, hence; you have to make sure that you ask the right questions and screen a top ReactJS development skill set.

Besides, before trusting them for your React development project, find out their expertise and experience.

  • You may look at the applications or websites they’ve created.
  • Look at their portfolios in detail.
  • Match their skills with requirements.
  • Look if the company is suitable to handle your project.

Client testimonials

Examine the company’s website for client testimonials on prior work. The feedback you received, is a confirmed indicator of the company’s working methods. While you outsource ReactJS development services, it is necessary to ask the right questions.

Reviews and recommendations

Reviews given by individuals are mostly true, hence, find the reviews on websites such as Google, Trustpilot, Glassdoor, etc. Moreover, try to find the lowest to highest reviews. Nowadays, the company’s own staff are usually giving reviews, as ordered by the company which can’t be judged well enough. Therefore, look for all the comments to view the entire picture, and to take a balanced decision.

Knowledge of JavaScript

JavaScript should be no doubt, be learned by every developer. Since JavaScript is a language used in ReactJS, it is inevitable for developers to be fluent in basic form. Therefore, it’s necessary for ReactJS developers to have an understanding of JavaScript.

Understanding of architectural patterns

If the developer has the ability to understand all the architectural patterns, it would be a bonus. Furthermore, in addition to JavaScript, the developer needs to comprehend architectural patterns in order to offer entire ReactJS development services.

Basic understanding of other technologies

While you should outsource ReactJS development services, the developer should also have a fundamental grasp of other technologies. Understanding technologies like Vue, and Angular allows the developers to work more competently with ReactJS.

Sound understanding of testing and third-party tools

Usually, React development requires integration with other tools and technologies just like Vue and Angular. However, a developer who has knowledge of technologies can develop better products.

Furthermore, any development project is incomplete without the testing phase. The ReactJS developer should also be an expert in testing so that bugs and errors can be avoided in all the phases of app development.

Outsourcing React Developers Services From Bigscal

Hiring a ReactJS developer is a task for ReactJS development services outsourcing. You must go through hundreds of resumes, choose the best candidates, hire them for the job, and occasionally choose the incorrect person.

If you outsource ReactJS development services, the technical power is leveraged as the libraries are accessed with ReactJS programming talent. Bigscal has pre-vetted, dedicated ReactJS developers from the top 3.5% of the talent pool. Furthermore, you can skip the time-consuming process of identifying the finest developers for outsourcing ReactJS developers by letting Bigscal handle the research for you.

Examples of successful projects that are build with ReactJS

At Bigscal, we help the companies to build world class software by providing them experts who are of middle to senior level engineers, for those who have requested specific tech expertise. Thankfully, we have till date covered many successful projects and having happy clients under our belt.

Below, are name of Innovative React.js Solutions that are created using it as part of tech stack

Cyber Intelligence

Close Digital Protection (CDP) monitors thousands of open, deep, and dark web sources to discover dangers affecting and directly targeting your organization’s or individuals’ footprints.

Adappt AI

Adappt AI has a wealth of technical expertise, knowledge, and experience, having developed numerous software solutions, Mobile Applications, and Websites ranging from multi-million pound systems and solutions for leading corporate organizations, NGOs, and Councils to solutions for small and medium businesses.


BigDesk is a cross-platform time tracker that allows you to precisely measure your employees’ working days by tracking their computer usage and activities. It will monitor activity levels, active programmes, and webpages, as well as snap random screenshots.


Lastly, if this is your first time outsourcing, you should be clear about who has the finest knowledge and gives the quality you want. Additionally, there are many reasons to pick up the green or red flag for finding the right option for an upcoming ReactJS development project.

Therefore, if the company wants to leverage its project, it should look for an outsourced ReactJS development company that has a proven track record for successful projects. Furthermore, while looking for outsourcing ReactJS development partners, it is critical to ask the proper questions.


Certainly, it is profitable to outsource ReactJS development, even if you lack the necessary technical expertise or do not want to devote all of your time and resources to finding a suitable professional. Worry not, they are having their talent pool already waiting for you. A right outsource partner will have all the flexibility, and save resources and if you have a possible recession, they will cover you!

Of course, Yes, react is popular due to its open-source nature and is most liked in the front-end framework behind NodeJS.

The cost of employing ReactJS engineers is determined by a variety of factors. It is determined by the seniority level, degree of skill, project scope, and location. Hiring a ReactJS developer in the US and European countries is pretty costly that’s up to $150/hr.

We provide high-quality solutions on time and within budget.

There are several advantages to outsourcing ReactJS development. The main benefit is to cut down the development cost without taking quality risks for the final product. In Addition, you can hire dedicated ReactJS developers that are talented in project management, payroll, and compliance issues by a tech-savvy outsourcing company and concentrate on your core business activities.