Awareness about Virtual Conference and Video Conference

As we all know, the covid-19 and omicron pandemic is currently spread worldwide. that’s why all countries’ government has applied curfews for public gathering.As per the current situation, now it’s time to use engineers’ founded new technologies.

As the Virtual Conference is also one of the parts of new technologies.

As per the below topics, we will learn more about Virtual Conference.

What Is a Virtual Conference?

The virtual conference means we can communicate with different countries people via the internet and they all are connected with their computers. so there is no need to get together in one place.

Types of Virtual Conference

Mainly three types of virtual conferences are mostly preferred by the people which are as follows.

  • Video Conference
  • Tele Conference
  • Web Conference


1. Video conference

Video Conference is one type of platform where all users can see each other so they can not feel boring while long discussion and it’s like an oral discussion. As now all have smartphones with good internet speed so it’s not too difficult for video conference. In the market some of the apps and software that provide the facility of video conferences like Skype, Zoom, and ezTalks.

2. Tele Conference

A teleConference is one type of platform where some people are connected simultaneously via landline from different locations. In teleConference, all users can hear voice only.

3. Web Conference

A web conference is one type of that platform where users can able to do video conferences as well as text-based messages, and voice calls also. That’s why most companies prefer web conferences. Google meet is one of the best web conference tools. In the web conference, users can also able to share screens so they can easily explain what about they talking.

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Tips that are useful for Virtual Conference

Some important tips which are helping to make them more interesting virtual conference.

  • BE THERE means users must need to attend conferences physically as well as mentally. The presence of mind is the most important thing when we attend any virtual conference.
  • BE PRESENT means users must available at the time of the virtual conference. Don’t do like just join the meeting for the presentation.
  • BE INVOLVED means if users have any doubt then immediately ask the question no need to sit like a statue.
  • BE PREPARED means users have to invest some time for research regarding topics that are included in the conference before some time so they can easily ask the question and it’s made easy to understand also.

Benefits of Virtual Conference

  • Possible to make business worldwide
    • Through the virtual conference, all users communicate with people which are from different countries so it’s helped to make business our as world wide.
  • Less Travelling
    • Due to virtual conference users do not need to travel long distances so it helps to save traveling time as well as cost also.
  • Possible to connect all employees from a different location
    • Using virtual Conferences we can set one single meeting for all employees who might be living in different locations and we all connect with them simultaneously so it save time to explain common things to individual people.

Limitations of Virtual Conference

  • Less face-to-face contact with clients and team members
    • As we all know that most of the persons are prefer nightwear or jogging wear while they work from home so they are not ready for video conferencing so here face to face contact is becoming less compared to a regular meeting. that’s might be affected important conversations.
  • Difficult to organize
    • Sometimes it’s difficult to organize a virtual conference for a limited number of people. here if anyone is virtual, everyone must need to be virtual so it’s not good for all.
  • Pay for Software
    • Virtual conferences are not free they may even end up more expensive than face-to-face meetings. As we all know Zoom is a popular choice for video conferencing and conference calls. It’s free for one-on-one meetings and group meetings with up to 100 people only and also time limit is 40 minutes only. However, if we want to host longer group meetings, we will need to pay. Same as GoToWebinar is also a top choice.


In the last, The virtual conference is best for the current situation, yes as here some limitations are there but that is not tough if we take it positively then it will handle and make a good for future.