Dive into this epic showdown between PHP and Java.

PHP vs Java: The Ideal Programming Language in 2024

Quick Summary: Whenever you come across with the idea for software development selection of tech stack comes at top of list. So, in this segment we will let you explore the comparison of two iconic frameworks php vs java. So, keep reading if you are considering these two in your list.


The web application you are developing has become the face of your brand and value as many businesses are shifting to online marketplaces. If your web application performs poorly in the market, it will undoubtedly have an impact on your brand’s image.In this blog, we will provide you with the necessary information that will let you make a decision that will meet all your needs and requirements for a web development project.

PHP and Java are the most promising programming languages that has been adapted well in the world of technology. However, it has become the programming language of choice for many businesses to develop their application. Although, they have a varied range of pros, cons, and features that makes them be selected by businesses for their web development project.

The right technology for a business increases its ROI, revenue and enhances customer loyalty. It helps to build the brand successfully. Moreover, with increasing alternatives of arising technologies eventually made many programmers question its popularity. It also made it stand on times of test whether it’s successive in building complex web applications.

The Need For Comparing PhP Vs Java

We have often got confused about PHP and Java, in case which one is better. While we can disclaim that PHP is an open-source server-side scripting language that has allowed businesses to create web applications that are software-based and GUIs.

Java, then again, is an article-arranged programming language that is used in Android improvement, web advancement, man-made reasoning, and cloud applications.

Moreover, Java and PHP both have been in the web development world for decades. Despite this, each of these programming languages has unique characteristics that set it apart from the others. Hence, comparing both of these languages according to their parameters will help you prefer which language suits your needs.

It will assist you in selecting the ideal programming language for your product.

What is PHP?

Personal Home Page or Hypertext Pre-processor- PHP is a scripting language that has a general purpose for web development. However, being an open-source scripting language, it has evolved over the years. It is now available with updated features that are widely accepted across the globe. PHP is used by almost 77% of backend stack developers, reports by Statista.

Php vs java Grpah1
The contribution of PHP is mostly around the Content Management System (CMS) that has provided solutions such as WordPress, Joomla, and Drupal.

Yahoo, iStock Picture, Flickr, MailChimp, OpenCart, UberCart, Facebook, Slack, Wikipedia, and Tumblr are among the other platforms that it has been integrated with. As a result, these names represent various business fields; We can observe that PHP is utilized in the creation of technology for any sector.

The primary rationale is web advancement is utilized for new businesses and organizations that require a quick and corporate improvement environment.

Benefits of PHP

We have detailed the top benefits of Best PHP development services below,


Low development expenses

Cost is the primary consideration when developing a product. PHP’s primary advantage is its lack of licensing requirements, which lowers overall business costs. In addition, it utilizes less memory, and general equipment requests are brought down.

HTML Compatibility

When the front-end side of your website needs dynamic logic, PHP easily integrates with HTML. Also, it is very flexible which makes more attractive and varied websites.

Great community support

It has been 28 years of PHP servings and has been known for building immense engineering local area. It has extensive documentation that many can take advantage of. PHP has become more stable due to its support and the development team is easily finding information or tools they need.

Drawbacks of PHP

Listed below are some selected drawbacks of custom PHP development services,


In comparison to Java, PHP is not that secure. The main reason is that it’s open-source, which means the ASCII files can be easily available. However, it is trying to fill the security gaps that it is lacking with every new release. Yet, if your data is quite sensitive, you need to plan more about PHP’s security gaps.

Expanded developers

Certain languages have a vast developer community that has ample talent pools in every level whether it’s a newbie or an expert. Moreover, businesses try to adapt the tech stack that is most attractive for developers for recruitment and maintenance of their application to go as smoothly as possible.

Java is slightly ahead of PHP. Approximately, there are 39% of Java developers, while 26% are PHP professionals

Php vs java CTA1

Ineffective error handling

It has been stated in the developer community that PHP does not handle errors properly. When it comes to debugging tools, it sits back and the difficulties are then resolved using codes. Nevertheless, it lacks debugging capabilities when compared to Java.

PHP Features

The essential highlights of PHP are examined exhaustively underneath.

Easy to modify

PHP has a shallow learning curve, making it an excellent choice for beginners to learn to code quickly. The syntax of PHP is similar to C, Java, and Perl which makes it easy for developers to easily learn PHP.


Being open-source, the codes are freely available to the public. It means that it allows developers to alter the code for matching their requirements. In addition, it also shares the same with the PHP community for they can easily get a new code.


PHP’s ease of embedding HTML codes makes it an excellent choice for creating dynamic web pages. Furthermore, it allows developers to easily add content to web pages that make the website more attractive and communicative.


PHP can handle as much web traffic on its website without affecting the performance. Due to this PHP is an ideal choice for building large-scale apps that requires high-level performance and reliability.

Huge community

PHP has a huge community that contributes to developing language, framework, and tools. There are additional sites that are extraordinarily worked for noting designers’ inquiries and help them assume they are confronting issues while PHP application improvement.

Moreover, the community is working daily to improvise PHP which will make it a more reliable and future-proof choice to build web apps.

What exactly is Java?

Sun Microsystems introduced the Java Virtual Machine (JVM) in 1995. It has had many updates since then and has offered big benefits of writing once and running anywhere. In this case, the developer can write an implementation of business code once, resulting in bytecode.

In addition, any platform with a Java Runtime Environment (JRE) can interpret it.

It also offers advantages such as dependability, automated memory management, a large community, and more, and it is currently being utilized for web development by numerous large corporations. Companies like Amazon, Netflix, Uber, Bolt, Google, and eBay, among others, use Java.

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Benefits of Java

Java is a popular language with many advantages. However, the most well-known ones are listed below:

benefits of java


It comes with an SDK-Software Development Kit and a JRE- Multi-platform runtime environment. It aids in incorporating security measures that secure data and systems at an early stage of your project. Java Microservices Architecture, is another advantage you will get by approaching Java.

Moreover, security enhancement takes place in every new version of Java which is the biggest advantage for big corporations where safety measures are a key metric.

Multi-platform programming language

Java is one of the best options if you are looking for a language that is compatible with multi-platform and has non-functional requirements for your web development or application.

The core feature is its two-step lifecycle mechanism i.e compilation with interpretation. This function makes Java very useful for making versatile web apps.


As mentioned earlier, Javas has a better community compared to PHP. Its main benefit is that it gives businesses ample choices of developers in terms to collaborate with web development teams.

Community support

Compared to PHP, which provides immediate responses to any queries, community support is significantly stronger due to the wide range of developers. Moreover, there are many portals that consist of free advice, tips, and resources if you need any.


Java has excess synchronization with many APIs and databases. Many times, the cost of integration with different systems decreases which helps with project budget and timelines.

Drawbacks of Java

Despite the fact that Java has many advantages and is selected by numerous undertaking entrepreneurs; It also has some disadvantages. Let’s look at them!

Development cost

No, no. It is not true, that all the Java versions are free to use. Obviously, that means that the version used to build apps for enterprises costs higher. Moreover, Java has additional costs rather than licensing which results in huge hardware requirements for memory and CPU

Self-documenting code

Java has more self-documenting codes in comparison to PHP. However, it results in providing additional code lines that are necessary for your development. It means that more bugs and errors might occur while development.

Look less native

When it comes to creating GUIs- Graphical User Interfaces, developers should be smarter enough to use different language-specific tools. Because Java is far less capable of developing desktop user interfaces and user experiences. Although there are many GUIs that are available for developers it will need extra time and research.

Features of Java

The fundamental elements of Java are noted underneath exhaustively,

Independent platform

Java is highly compatible that runs on any platform with JVM. Here the development and deployment are easy, as you need not worry about coordinating issues.

Object-oriented programming

Being a highly-flexible and modular language, Java supports object-oriented programming. Due to this, the developers can write modular, reusable, and maintainable code that scales and maintains applications easily.

Automated Memory Management

It has its own Automated Memory Management that covers most of the memory issues that appear on large-scale enterprise applications. Nonetheless, it is critical to expand your web development, and is perfect for both large corporations and start-ups aiming to grow swiftly in a competitive market.


Java supports the execution of multiple threads often. It helps to develop highly scalable and efficient applications.

Extensive API library

Java has an API library that is extensive and helps build complex applications easily. Moreover, it makes it easy for developers to build an app that has a wide range of features and functions that saves time and effort as a result.

Php vs java Cta2

Similarities Between Java And PHP

Although both languages are somewhat different than each other, they both have some major similarities too. They are described in detail below,


Both PHP and Java support object-oriented programming paradigms that include enclosure, legacy, and diversity.


PHP and Java, both are suitable for developing applications that communicate with various systems and technologies such as web services.


Both these programming languages can easily integrate with other platforms such as HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and XML which allows developers to build a complex application that is suitable for multiple technologies.


Both these languages have large and active communities that collaborate to develop language and the tools and frameworks related to it.

Code reusability

Both PHP and Java support reusability that allows the reusing of codes across different applications. In addition, this feature saves time and effort for product owners.

PHP Vs Java- Detailed Comparison

difference between php and java
Choosing the correct programming language for your application that ensures that your product receives optimal performance, security, and scalability is necessary for web development. However, Java and PHP, both; have their unique strength and weakness.

Whereas, PHP s used by developers for its easy and fast performance, while; JavaScript is been involved by numerous undertaking-level associations for its strength and security.

Let’s take a closer look at both of these programming languages to help you grasp them better.


In terms of Syntax, Java, and PHP both are significantly different. Java is a typed language which means its variables are declarative along with a specific data type. While PHP is a robust-typed language whose variables are not declarative with specific data types.

PHP does not require a semicolon at the end of the statement, whereas Java does. However, PHP is much more adaptable than Java, so developers who spend a lot of time using Java tend to forget to add a semicolon.


Regarding popularity, both of these languages are liked by developers and businesses simultaneously. The latest TIOBE index for May 2023, suggested that in comparison with PHP and Java, Java ranked second while PHP ranked 8. Even though Java ranks highest, PHP is used the most frequently in practice.

Furthermore, the latest Google trends data showed that PHP and Java have been popular together. Yet, the trends amongst businesses and products over many years showed more favor for Java over PHP.


In measuring performance, it is important to keep in mind that both have different approaches to code execution. Java pre-compiles the bytecode, which speeds up execution while PHP takes longer to process.

Nonetheless, both of these dialects are very much enhanced with regard to execution. But, in terms of speed; Java is ahead of PHP. Moreover, Java outperforms PHP in terms of parameters that include CPU usage, memory usage, and time.

These parameters indicate that Java is a good choice if businesses are searching to develop products with high performance. It also executes faster and can handle complex codes.


The vital factor for web application development is security which every business owner prioritizes. In this term, Java outperforms PHP as it has more security options and tools to empower applications.

In addition, the most recent rendition of Java is found to have broad security for applications that are created at the big business level. On the other hand, PHP being so popular and easy to use lacks in security terms.

Web developers have to depend on mechanisms or built codes for the PHP framework for increasing the security of their web applications. It happens as PHP is open-source and makes ASCII codes ready to use.


Java has a longer codebase that is good for providing stability for both large- and small-scale enterprises, while; PHP is well-known for its shortcode.

Stability is an important factor in industries such as FinTech and banking, where if there is any crash; it has a significant impact. Additionally, Java is better than PHP as many companies are searching for a stable and reliable platform to develop their web application.

Loading Speed

The speed at which a web application loads is a measure of its market success. Users nowadays have high expectations for fast-loading pages. The successful load time is 2-3 seconds for an application.

There is an increased level of bounce rates in slow pages, while; there is a negative impact on the application’s market value.

Additionally, many business owners believe that Java EE applications are slower to develop than PHP applications because of the more complex Java logic. Apart from this, PHP loads lightly unlike the JSP engine.


As both dialects are prominently utilized in web application improvement, broad documentation is accessible. Despite the fact that PHP can be conflicting and obsolete because of various givers prompts make disarray and trouble among designers.

Oracle manages Java documentation simultaneously, ensuring that it is organized, regularly updated, and easily accessible to developers working on a variety of languages worldwide.

Hence; it can be said that Java is more reliable and has user-friendly documentation than PHP.

Learning Curve

The learning curve determines the availability and cost of developers, being the most essential. While comparing PHP with Java, PHP has a shallow learning curve that has user-friendly syntax. It also resembles English and nominal symbols. Due to this developers can easily read and write codes.

Besides, Java has a slightly steeper learning curve, the developers with experience in C++ or C languages find it easy to learn. In addition, those businesses who are familiar with Oracle and SCRUM can easily apply their skills to Java development services without investing enough time in learning the Java language.

Development framework

Both of these, Java and PHP, have their set of frameworks that are different from one another. They were made specifically to meet the requirements of business owners.

PHP includes many widely used frameworks such as Laravel, Symphony, CodeIgniter, CakePHP, and Zend Framework. Spring Framework, Hibernate, Struts, Play Framework, JavaServer Faces (JSF), Apache Struts, and Spark Framework are all frameworks provided by Java.

As these frameworks are advantageous for web application development, Laravel in PHP and Spring Framework in Java are the most popular among developers. They steal the light due to their versatility and usefulness in various projects.

Moreover, these frameworks make the entire development process streamlined that in turn enhances the functionality of web applications.

Developer tools

As PHP and Java both have more than two decades in these technological worlds, they have full of high-quality IDEs and relevant products in regards to it. Some better-known IDEs by PHP are PHPStorm, Zend Studio, Eclipse, CodeLobster, Cloud 9, and XAMPP.

Other than that, the testing and debugging tools include PHPUnit, Selenium, Xdebug, and DebugBar. While, for documentation, the names are PHPDocumentor and PHPDox. Moreover, for security, they are RIPS and Securimage. AppOptics, New Relic APM, and Retrace all keep an eye on the performance.

When it comes to Java, on the other hand, there is no shortage of IDEs and development tools. There are hundreds of companies that are competing under one sun. IntelliJ IDEA, Eclipse, NetBeans, BlueJ, and JDeveloper are some notable Java IDEs.

Furthermore, the testing and debugging tools include JUnit, JBehave, Serenity, Selenium, and TestNG. SonarCube, Embold, and GitHub carry out quality control. Performance monitoring tools include NetBeans Profiler, Oracle Java Mission Control, and Java Visual VM.

Software development cost

There usually occurs no issue while finding and hiring a qualified PHP developer. Additionally, they are likely to be less expensive than Java developers. As per the survey, if you hire a PHP developer, the average salary in the United States is $87,857/yr and goes high up to $139,000/yr.

While if you hire PHP developer who is at Mid or Senior level may charge between $30 to $40/ hr. Moreover, these rates can be higher by around 30% in the case of agencies, as they add administrative overhead and concentrates to hike on the cost of resources.

Besides, Java has been more used in the enterprise sector which means the developer’s costs are higher. According to research, if you hire Java developers in the US makes $106,66/yr on average.

Moreover, for developing products on Java, you are also viable to pay Oracle for each commercial development license. In contrast, if you hire Java developers that are experts, charge as much as $160 per hour, while junior to intermediate Java freelancers charge as little as $49 per hour. Furthermore, outsourcing companies charge between $50 to $100/hr depending on skill set and experience.

Development time

The development time for both languages gives excellent efficiency while it’s necessary to consider the complexity of your project. Though, PHP is quicker for more straightforward applications, while; Java can resolve many functionalities.

Hence, it is crucial to carefully consider the nature and scope of Java and PHP for web application development projects and consult an experienced developer for a programming language to use for the project.

Java Vs PHP Use Cases

PHP and Java are well-established languages that benefit business from a wealth of resources, and tools and provide robust support to developers. This results in a faster development process, improved security, and enhances reliability for web application development.

Whilst, a wrong selection of tech-stack results in harming web application development that leads to a waste of time and resources. The business and product owners should clearly understand their preferred programming languages and use cases.

However, for addressing it, lets us dive into use cases in PHP and Java that will help you make a more informed decision for your next project. As a consequence, you can select the best programming language for your individual requirements.

The following are referenced Java use cases:

  • Android application
  • Desktop application
  • Web application
  • Mobile application
  • Gaming application
  • Enterprise-level application

PHP use cases:

  • CMS- Content Management Systems
  • eCommerce Websites
  • Social Media Platforms
  • Online Forums
  • APIs
  • Online Marketplaces

Companies That Are Using Java Or Php For Web Application Development

As we have moved ahead of PHP Vs Java for 2023, we have chosen both the programming languages that have dedicated web application development. Moreover, many companies have chosen PHP Vs Java for the backend for creating web applications.

There are many Java development companies that are taking Java development services for application development, while we have listed some of them below,

  • Magento
  • Shopify
  • Facebook
  • Etsy
  • Yahoo
  • WordPress
  • PicMonkey
  • Airbnb
  • Amazon
  • Google
  • Instagram
  • Microsoft
  • Netflix

List of companies that are hiring PHP development companies to use PHP development services in their application development

  • MailChimp
  • Slack
  • Tumblr
  • Wikipedia
  • Flickr
  • iStockPhoto
  • Canva
  • Flipkart
  • Fotolia
  • Digg
  • Baidu

PHP Vs Java: Future Comparison

Both of these languages in comparison have never seen failures, as they are getting strong in their respective areas. PHP is the best tool for beginners to kick-start their developer’s career as it is easy to learn and popular web development agencies can become first employers.

While, for expert developers, PHP is a fast-lane process that delivers high-quality, easily maintainable websites within a short time frame.

Besides, Java is also a top league in web development languages with huge industrial support and has extremely high-end enterprise users.

When Should You Use Java And When Should You Use Php?

Both of these languages are more suited for web development in comparison. Moreover, they both are having great tools, which is the reason why they both are popular for businesses.

For example, if you have a large organization, you will need to prioritize reliability, security, and high load as primary functional needs. As a result, the best alternative is Java’s security, automatic memory management, and compatibility.

While, if you have startups, you have to prioritize your app speed. However, you will need a lightweight and flexible programming language like PHP. It is ideal for businesses because of its minimal development costs, simple learning curve, and community assistance.

Both of these programming languages provide flexibility in web development which means it can be useful for different scenarios.

Bigscal Has Proficient Developers That Build High-Quality Solutions Using PHP And Java

Bigscal has expertise on multiple projects in PHP and Java that have been completed over years of history. In this project, the architects have to analyze requirements and expect business outcomes for solving the Java Vs PHP web development dilemma.

We take many aspects of clients into consideration such as clients’ existing infrastructure and tech stack. Support and upkeep are handled by an internal client resource.

We provide web development services for the tech-stack that is trending in the market. Moreover, the expected traffic in websites and specific needs of the project that requires a particular framework for third-party libraries that can be addressed.

We are not at all biased on a particular tech stack and choose the technology that better suits the client’s needs whether it’s PHP or Java.


We have detailed a thorough comparison of PHP Vs Java for web application development that provides essential details that will allow you to make an informed decision for your next project.

Moreover, you would also get significant insights into which programming language better suits your needs and requirements. Yet, it can be a challenging task to decide which tech stack to choose, especially if you are lacking in technical expertise.

While our software development company will assist you in developing interactive, collaborative, and high-performance applications, if you are the owner of a business and are still unsure which web application development platform to use for your next project—PHP Vs Java—is best for you.


Java is used to develop mobile apps on Android platforms, but PHP is not used to develop mobile apps. Moreover, Java has an extensive library of tools and frameworks for mobile app development that makes it a preferred choice to build Android apps.

Java is faster than PHP due to its Just-In-Time (JIT) feature that allows one to compile codes during runtime. It results in faster execution times. While PHP is an interpreted language that can be run directly run without compiling.

Yes, they can be combined to create a single application. PHP is used for the front end of a web application, while Java is used for the back end. They communicate with each other by using APIs or web services that make it possible to combine in the same project.

Yes, both of their libraries and frameworks are used for machine learning and AI development. Meanwhile, Due to its scalability and performance, Java is regarded as the better option for web application development.