Unlock the secrets behind building an app like Instagram Threads

Creating an App Like Instagram Threads Step-by-Step Guide

Quick Summary: This article highlights the power of thread application. Read this blog to explore the thread features, development process and cost breakdown. Uncover how to bring App like threads application ideas to life.


The Threads app is a groundbreaking social media platform similar to Twitter that has been tightly integrated with Instagram. Likewise to Twitter, a thread allows users to share their 59 + Best Mobile App Ideas and multimedia across the online social network.

It is no secret that Threads has taken over the social media world since it was released on July 5, 2023. Till now, the thread has 100 million downloads.

Threads was embraced by 30 million users within two hours of launch, according to Statista.

Threads is often referred to as the “Twitter Rival” and the “Twitter Killer.” This app was created by Meta and offers a new way to engage with other people in a social network.

With threads, we can connect and collaborate more effectively online. Threads’ massive popularity may encourage you to create an app similar to it.

But how much would it cost? Let’s try to figure it out!!!!

In this blog, we will emphasize thread applications and their features, development process and cost to build the thread applications. Before we delve deep into the article let’s understand Instagram threads and start the Best App Partner Selection!!!

What Is Instagram Threads App?

Thread is an enticing app invented by Meta, the parent company of Facebook. Furthermore, the thread app helps users to join a huge audience via real-time messaging and conversations. The maximum character limit for Instagram threads is 500 characters, along with photos, videos, and links up to 5 minutes in length.

Must-Have Features To Create An App Like Instagram Threads


Below we highlighted a few features that you must consider:

1. Limit & Media Sharing

Threads apps are similar to Twitter and allow users to use up to 500 characters in a post. Furthermore, this feature of the thread allows users to convey their opinions, thoughts, and updates in a clear way.

Like Instagram, users can share their images/photos and long videos ( up to 5 minutes ) to engage with a huge audience.

2. Integration With Instagram

Threads has an outstanding feature that enables integration with Instagram seamlessly. Furthermore, users can use their existing Instagram credentials to log in to the app directly.

After downloading the app, the user’s Instagram details appear automatically, allowing them to log into Threads easily.

3. Ad-Free Setting

Currently, Thread does not allow advertisements to make it easier for users to use. Furthermore, as the company proliferates, it may introduce a new feature that allows advertisement. But as of now, users can enjoy uninterrupted services.

4. Search Option

With the search feature in the Threads application’s menu bar, users can find user profiles and posts using search terms.

5. Reactions(Emojis) of Threads

The thread should enclose a variety of emojis to respond to particular emotions of every message. Furthermore, let your friends know what you think about their communication without interrupting them.

6. Thread Mention Feature

Are you trying to get someone’s attention in a crowded thread? The @mention feature helps users to alert specific people. Furthermore, you will notify them, so they will never miss an important message again.

7. User Control

By limiting or allowing another follower’s activity, users can easily manage the interaction between themselves and their followers.

Also, the user can use specific filters to delete replies which don’t seem appropriate for them.

8. Enhanced Messaging

The Threads app provides a text-based interface with short messages, likes, and reposts. Furthermore, it is also possible to quote those text-based Threads just like a Twitter retweet.

How To Kickstart An App Development Like Instagram Threads?


Here we highlighted a few steps to create an app like Instagram threads.

1. Market Analysis

Before you embark on this journey of thread mobile app development, it is crucial to analyse the current market situation and understand stats both in value and volume.

Furthermore, look at crucial factors like engagement patterns, market competition, regulations, user insights, barriers to market entry, customer preferences, and current trends prevailing in the market.

2. Wireframing

After completing the research part, move to the next step, and start creating a blueprint of the Instagram thread app including visual layout and storyboard design.

Furthermore, explain the app screen specifications clearly, navigation, and feasibility to describe the user interface and experience.

3. UI/UX Design

After getting an idea of all the crucial components of the thread app, the UI/UX team will start working on designing a user interface to give an attractive and elegant look to the app. Furthermore, designers mainly focus on the app’s usability and make the app visually appealing by aligning with the brand voice.

4. App Development

Once you are done with the design part, the app developers take up the project and decide the tech stack and framework that best fits your project.

Furthermore, developers incorporate various APIs and databases server and build necessary components to ensure better scalability, usability, performance, and compatibility of the app.

5. QA Testing

When you launch an app in the market, it is crucial to conduct various software testing to ensure the app works as per the given requirement.

Furthermore, testing helps you to check the compatibility, performance, bugs, and user interface of the app and helps developers to resolve all the problems in the initial phase saving your cost and time.

6. App Launch & Maintenance

Once the testing process is completed, your can launch your apps on multiple platforms with appropriate descriptions, categories, app titles, keywords, icons, and app store screenshots.

After the deployment of the Instagram thread app, developers will take care of the performance, updates and user feedback and check bugs and overall functioning to deliver uninterruptible services to users.

What Is The Cost To Create An App Like Instagram Threads?

Mobile app development costs are not fixed. As we will discuss in greater detail, there are some influential factors that can affect pricing.

Developing an app like Threads, however, starts at around $40,000 and goes up as per requirements including additional functionalities and features.

App TypeCost Estimation for Threads DevelopmentTime Frame
Simple$40,000 to $80,0003 to 5 Months
Medium Complex$90,000 to $125,0006 to 8 Months
Most Complex$150,000 to $250,0009+ Months

Below few highlighted factors that impact the app development cost includes:

1.App Complexity

The development process gets more expensive when exclusive features are included, as they increase the complexity of the app.

2. Number of Features

Adding more features to the app leads to an increase in overall app development time, which in turn leads to an increase in the development cost.

3. App Size

There is a significant impact on the development cost when the app size varies. As compared to a full-fledged feature-rich app, MVP development will be relatively inexpensive.

4. Development Platform

If you are planning to construct an application that works on multiple platforms, then you would need a proficient developer which in turn increases the cost.

5. Developer’s Location

The developer’s location plays a significant role in determining the cost of the application. Therefore, it is imperative to consider the location of the developer before taking a long-term agreement.

How To Monetise An App Like An Instagram Thread?

When you are planning to build a thread, there are many opportunities for monetization and you can create a social media app that makes millions.

However, you can glimpse at the some of below-mentioned thread app monetization strategies to boost:

1. In-app advertising

The in-app advertising option in Instagram helps businesses advertise to increase Instagram followers, thread followers, and their market reach through paid campaigns.

2. In-app Purchases

Similar to Twitter, you can offer in-app premium services, including account verification (blue tick mark), access to exclusive content, etc.

3. Data Licensing

Social media platforms collect vast data that helps brands to conduct thorough research and analysis. Furthermore, you can provide premium access to data without breaking privacy rules and adhere to industry standards and regulations.

4. E-commerce Integration

Instagram has an excellent e-commerce feature that allows users to integrate into the app. Furthermore, brands can leverage this feature to link their e-shops to urge customers to engage with their products.

However, there are a number of other ways to monetize your website, but these are the best ways to make money.

How Bigscal Can Help In Creating An App Like Threads?

Building a thread app is a challenging task and requires a lot of effort to handle the complex features of the app such as user data storage, user authentication, content moderation, privacy concerns and other technological challenges.

However, partnering with a leading and renowned mobile app development company like Bigscal helps businesses cope with the challenges of thread app development.

We have a high-expertise team who have long years of experience in creating a thread app. Bigscal helps your step into the social networking world by building an app like Threads.


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It is owned and operated by Meta Platforms and is an American social networking and social media platform. Furthermore, Thread apps allow users to post text, images, and videos, reply, repost, and like others’ posts.

In just a few taps, users can sign up with their Instagram account and their username, profile picture, and bio will be transferred automatically. Furthermore, the app allows new users to follow everyone they follow on Instagram automatically on threads.

Apps like Threads take different amounts of time to create, depending on how sophisticated they are. Furthermore, it takes 9 to 12 months to build a complicated app with a long list of features, whereas it takes 3 to 4 months to build a basic app with a shortlist.

As far as ongoing costs go, they include hosting, maintenance, upgrades, and any new features or integrations added after launch. Furthermore, our developer team provides you with ongoing support and maintenance at a reasonable price.

Our end-to-end development services make us a leading social media app development company. Furthermore, with their extensive experience in developing mobile apps, our app developers can build robust, high-performance, and top-notch social media applications tailored to our client’s needs.