Outsourcing Vs. Offshoring_ What Is Best For Your Software Development Project

Outsourcing vs. Offshoring: What is Best for your Software Development Project?

Quick Summary: The most strategic way to develop a software is to either outsource it or offshore it. But which strategy is best in between Outsourcing Vs. Offshoring? Let’s have a look at the comparison we will discuss in this article.


The technological revolution totally changed the basics of running businesses. Now companies are able to blossom at high-rate due to high-productive machinery and cutting-edge technologies. There has been an excellent demand for developers in the previous decade. Nonetheless, the need for developers has increased.They have also become the new buzzword for companies. In terms of crucial coding and programming abilities, the pandemic has previously pushed digital endeavors and raised the demand for software development firms.

Those businesses who want to make their ideas into reality can turn themselves into software developers for business function assistance. The new coin to set in the industry is tech expertise which is the reason why companies decide to trust recruiters for starting their developer hiring process whether it’s by hiring foreign professionals, coaxing young graduates, or simply hiring software engineers with good experience.

Outsourcing and offshore are two phrases that are common for interchangeably in the information technology sector. Although, there is a connection between the two of them. They are different business strategies that have unique benefits and drawbacks. However, Outsourcing refers to hiring a third party to perform particular job functions which require skill sets related to technologies. While offshoring includes work completed in a foreign country which gives the advantage of cost-saving.

It’s important to note down both the concepts and which suits best with specific needs. Moreover, if you are looking to increase your software idea’s potential; you should actively consider the minute differences that are between outsourcing and offshoring.

In this blog, you will know the meaning of outsourcing and offshoring in depth with its benefits, drawbacks, factors, and a comparison of outsourcing vs offshoring that will let you decide the best software idea.

An overview: Outsourcing

A software development firm arrangement in which an organization hires an external software development company or software outsourcing engineers to fulfill all of the obligations of a software development project that could not be done by outsourcing developers It is also popular as assigning project duties to an outsourced software development company. Software outsourcing services are those that are capable and knowledgeable enough to fulfill all of the required activities for a corporation. The main motive is to save costs and allow firms to concentrate on core issues.

Moreover, Outsourcing software development services involves delegating work with professionals within the country or overseas to provide externally. It mainly focuses on providing human resource flexibility that gives access to the wider talent pool. Jobs are on a contract basis in the event of outsourcing. Outsourcing software development companies can prove to be an effective start-up strategy.

It helps to expand your business abroad with reduced costs and control of processes and operations. If the business is a start-up, it requires experienced software developers that can increase the efficiencies in the IT world.

Benefits of IT Outsourcing Services

The following are some of the benefits of outsourcing software development that you should think about.


Reduced cost and gaining high-quality services, is been the primary reason for any company to choose to outsource. An extra in-house development team hired for a project can lead to an increase in costs and occupy the workspace and equipment. One-time dedicated developers for the project are also possible.

To produce software properly and flawlessly, small-to-medium-sized businesses require more technical expertise and qualified personnel. Although, the requirement for infrastructure in software development can be substantial. However, if you hire in-house time, the project takes no more than a few months and everyone has to be paid regardless of their contribution.

If the company outsources software developers, they don’t have to invest in any resources and internal issues can be handled by a third party.


Specific tasks require specialized skills. While outsourcing software development can provide an efficient solution. However, you can outsource the project to special experts or rely on IT hiring that can find the best match to handle a specific job. Additionally, outsourcing gives them access to high-quality results from experts with particular skill sets.

Access to a vast talent pool

In-house development team hardly has developers with updated technologies. This makes outsourcing an effective way to get global developers with skilled potential and capabilities. Outsourcing software development companies are in charge of everything from designing, and development to deployment that ensures high-quality delivery that meets all your needs.

Helps in meeting deadlines

The major goal for businesses is to shorten the time it takes to get an app to market. Software engineer outsourcing consists of experts that reduce the workload or in-house programmers. Businesses desire timely and high-quality delivery whether the entire project or a portion need for outsourcing. These teams are capable of planning quickly and collaborating with your internal team that leverages agile methodologies that quicken the product in the market.

Improved efficiency

The work when outsourced to software developers, the time to train and onboard the project decreases. However, It also lessens development time which in turn positively impacts the quality and quantity of output. Moreover, when you want to create an MVP or prototype for demonstrating the concept, in specific requirements; outsourcing works.

The company’s efficiency increases when the in-house team is not enough for the project. Furthermore, outsourcing is beneficial when the software you want is built efficiently outside of the company’s area of expertise.

Drawbacks of software outsourcing

In spite of full control, technological experts, profit margins, low costs, and hassle-free delivery, outsourcing also has many disadvantages. Let’s study some of them below:

Loss of control

You don’t have control over monitoring activities when the work outsource to software developers. However, the problem doesn’t persist anymore, if you know the people you have hired, yet moving cautiously is important.

Hidden Costs

Outsourcing developers is seems to be less expensive, but you must know how to maximize its benefits. Typically, start-ups or small businesses demand to sign lengthy contracts with outsourcing firms or agencies, which will necessitate a large amount of original scanning and printing. You might end up signing up for some terms and conditions that will make you feel bothered ahead.

Data security

Client data need security in this day and age of data security. If you try to outsource client personal data on a contract basis, it may appear that you are compromising client privacy or endangering the company’s private data since the information is shared with third parties.

Compromised quality

If work is complete properly, it may result in profit for outsourcing companies from distant teams and a large number of freelancers. It means that the work sent by you may arrive fast but if it will be of a bad quality many businesses or ventures are searching for products or services.

Lack of attention

Because many outsourcing organizations or freelancers serve a large number of clients, your project may not receive the attention it requires. Your business may suffer due to loss of concentration due to tasks you are outsourcing.

An overview: Offshoring

Offshoring means hiring specialists that help to execute specific tasks and development operations. Offshoring includes hiring foreign professionals. Its main motive is to decrease costs and lower salaries which are the main reasons to move offshore. As there are fewer expert technicians in their native land, tech firms try to find talent abroad.

Offshoring is a geographical activity. However, the goods might be pricey in the West but the labor to distribute them is expensive. On the other hand, if the project budget is high; there are diverse labor pools that may provide an easy underpinning for low-cost economies in less-developed countries.

Offshoring consists of manufacturing of physical items and the provision of services. For instance, the Indian IT industry has benefited from Offshoring programming services from Western tech giants.

Benefits of offshoring

Benefits of offshoring
It is regarded as the fastest-growing segment of the outsourcing industry. It creates quite a confusion in deciding whether to build an in-house dedicated team or hire an offshore software development company. Nevertheless, it’s an appealing commercial proposal that has the following Benefits Of Offshoring:

Higher control

The internal processes can be controlled by selecting offshoring development services rather than outsourcing. It follows a critical business operation that achieves the business goals.

Access to global talent pool

You can get access to a varied range of programmers that ranges from beginner to senior level by hiring an offshore development partner. It gives the opportunity to hire software programming companies across the globe. Offshore development is the best choice, as hiring developers from developed countries can be expensive.

Less expensive

It might appear expensive and difficult to keep an in-house IT team that is always up to speed. However, if you spend time on IT infrastructure in finding, hiring, and training project manager and employees; it can be time taking.

Quicker time to market

As soon as the items are developed, they will be available on the market. Hiring an offshore development partner gives you fresh ideas that enhance your company’s operation. It benefits by providing innovations and creativity at every level.

The company’s activities are kept running.

Hiring an offshore software development company allows you to concentrate on the company’s main motive and make it less worrisome for thinking about and managing time-consuming software development projects.

Business expansion

Offshoring lets you hire a dedicated development team that helps expand your business whether of any size. It leverages qualified labor supply and lessens production costs and time. Businesses gain time to focus on strengths, core operations, and long-term company growth in this manner.

Drawbacks of software offshoring

We have discussed many advantages that we receive by hiring offshore developers. Here we will discuss some drawbacks of offshoring software programming services.

Legal and taxation traps

Offshore lets you save your time and money but it’s important to stay cautious. It’s important to contact a professional who is an expert in legal and taxes related to IT firms that comprehend the country’s legal and fiscal complexities. The laws of the nation in which you have engaged an offshore software development business should be thoroughly researched. Either, it may end up making a slew of business issues, if you don’t examine fully.

Poor communication

The major drawback of offshore is its geographical location which leads to time differences. It may not be possible to work with your hired offshore developers actively as they are located in different time zones. Additionally, language barriers can also be a main potential in facing difficulty. Misunderstanding increases due to poor communication as the offshore developer doesn’t speak your chosen language.

Detailed monitoring

Because of the increased degree of oversight, the cost-effective methods remain on track. But, owing to geography, time, and language, it might be problematic. It is wise to ensure everything is going well by doing a routine check and hiring many site supervisors.

Key differences between Software outsourcing and offshoring

We have discussed the major benefits and drawbacks in detail of both the working patterns above. Here we will dig a deep comparison of outsourcing and offshoring,


The main aim of outsourcing is to enhance the higher quality of human resources that allows you to focus on core business and work on the main goal. You must approach it to Empower Business via Outsourcing.

It eliminates the expenditures that are associated with employing and training an in-house workforce.

Besides cost savings, the primary goal of offshore is to cut taxes and salaries.


The most significant consideration is the outsourced software development service provider, not the location. The work can be outsourced to a third party in or outside the country.

Nevertheless, offshore is rigorously followed to location, so the activities take place in a different nation, which saves money.

Work Quality

Work quality is an essential feature whether it’s outsourcing or offshoring. Usually, work quality means the standard of work excellence, which includes accuracy, attention to detail, efficiency, and effectiveness. Nevertheless, work quality is measured in terms of code quality, functionality, dependability, and usability while software development is taking place.

Outsourcing includes hiring a third-party company that helps to manage particular tasks or software development projects. The work quality of outsourcing projects depends on many factors such as the skills and experience of employees, level of training, and quality control precautions.

Offshoring, on the other hand, refers to the practice of outsourcing work to a firm in a foreign nation. Offshoring has an influence on work quality since language, cultural, and business practice disparities affect the end result. But, if you pick an offshore software development company with qualified individuals who have received proper training and have quality control mechanisms in place, the job quality will be maintained on time.


Outsourcing has costs that depend on many factors such as the project’s complexity, level of expertise, and location of the outsourcing company. While in comparison to hiring an in-house employee; outsourcing can be time-saving. Furthermore, it might expose you to dangers such as poor-quality control and a lack of commitment from outsourcing teams.

Offshoring saves more money than domestic outsourcing because of lower labor costs. Furthermore, offshoring comes with many risks, hence; partnering with a reputed offshore software development company with an experienced team that has a solid understanding of the company’s culture and value is important.

Software Outsourcing Vs Offshoring: Which one is better for a software development project?

While deciding whether to outsource or offshore software development projects many factors such as the nature of the software idea, the size of the company, and the budget are essential factors that should be taken into mind. Each of these options has benefits, yet choosing the right one is in your hand.

Evaluate project needs

Determining project needs is one of the vital factors when choosing between outsourcing and offshoring. The project’s exact requirements should be determined, and the best alternative to satisfy those requirements should be chosen. To evaluate project needs, it is important to determine the scope and nature of the project.

Yet, understanding the project’s timetable, budget, and resources is necessary for its effective completion. When industry-specific skills or specialized knowledge is required, outsourcing is perfect.

Furthermore, outsourcing delivers work faster than the in-house team which makes it a good option for projects. Offshoring is beneficial when the project has a large scope of work that can be handled remotely. Additionally, offshore software services are operated in a different time zone that gives 24/7 support and availability.

Check expertise

Expertise refers to the talents and knowledge necessary to complete a certain activity or service. It ensures that the offshore software service provider has quality expertise that delivers work quality. In this situation, outsourced software developers are industry professionals that deliver high-quality services that are tailored to your specific requirements. It helps in saving time and resources, as you don’t have to rely upon in-house experts.

However, offshore development centers are just like regular employees of your company that comply with the standards, policies, and processes of the company just like the in-house team. Their main aim is to complete the company’s task by ensuring consistency and high-quality output. Hence, hiring offshore software development partners guarantee reliable and high-quality results.

Check hiring and other costs

A third-party organization is used to oversee certain tasks or projects in outsourcing. That is the reason for costs that differ on factors like the project’s complexity, level of expertise, and location of the outsourcing software development company. While outsourcing is less expensive than employing in-house, it introduces various concerns, such as quality control difficulties and a lack of commitment required when engaging a committed development team.

Factors that outsourcing and offshoring carry to your business


Companies choose to outsource or offshore their project to accomplish their goals much more quickly. Due to a competitive advantage in the corresponding market, about 70% of operating costs are reduced. Nonetheless, there are several advantages to outsourcing or offshore these tasks.

Less operational costs

It costs a lot to maintain office equipment and space. When you outsource or offshore a software development project, you don’t have to worry about such costs because your service provider will pay them. The cost is even more reduced in offshoring projects.

Instantly access to experts

Hiring expert time involves a significant amount of effort and resources. Outsourcing gives immediate access to the same level of skilled developers at a lower cost. As a result, the time spent on hiring, onboarding, and training is no longer required.

Flexible hours

Offshoring software development project gives you access to those teams that are located in different time zones. If you hire an outsourcing or offshore dedicated development team, they will represent your business even on holidays, weekends, or outside office hours.

Scalable team

Outsourcing or offshore projects allow you to scale up and scale down your workforce. During heavy workloads, you can hire an auxiliary team that eases your work and can let the team go once the project is completed.

Expand to new markets

If you are wishing to expand your team in a new region or country, it’s better to hire an offshore software development partner rather than set up an office in a particular country or region. By doing this, you can set up your business and test the waters first rather than diving into a totally new market.

Tips for successful outsourcing or offshoring software development project

Outsourcing or offshoring projects have a learning curve like any business aspect. You can’t just go out and find an expert. We have evaluated a few tips that will help you navigate a successful outsourcing process,

Define your goals

You should be very transparent about the reasons why your want to outsource or offshore your project. Your aim should be specified in it. The vision aims, and objectives should be articulated, as well as how they will be attained. Don’t be shy to get every inch of detail.

Specify your needs

Be very specific in evaluating the needs of your business. What company operations might benefit from outsourcing, and how long do you intend to use the services? Or how what are the number of software developers you need or what should be their level of expertise? Take note of these questions and specify your needs, so that you can communicate with potential service providers.

Communicate with the service provider

If you need help in evaluating what outsourcing model to prefer, you can reach out to your outsourcing software development service provider. They help you to get complete detail about the team, which makes you understand how to get your preferred work done. Diagrams, flowcharts, slide shows, and videos can be used to demonstrate each phase.

Clear and concise budget

Outsourcing usually fails to meet businesses’ expectations due to hidden costs. Outsourcing or offshoring sometimes involves dealing with unexpected employee turnover or ending up with a project that needs more expertise. An ideal custom software development partner reduces these expenses and is much clearer in communicating with you. They would ask you to change costs if any occur.

On-time deliveries

The key advantage of outsourcing or offshore a project is on-time delivery, which often fails with an in-house dedicated development team owing to overwork or other factors. If timely delivery is not possible, a desired timetable should be established. All modifications or developments should be communicated to both parties.

Choose Bigscal as an Offshore Development Centre (ODC) for your software development project

The difference between offshoring and outsourcing lies in the location and delegation, while; if you are not trusting too much to hold your business details to third parties. It’s better to think about engagement models such as IT out staffing or offshore development centers also known as software R&D centers.

At Bigscal, we provide software development services across many foreign countries. We are specializing in opening software R & D Centres for foreign product tech companies that have full operational support. Our experts provide both outsourcing and offshoring software development services, website development, and app development.


Taking the decision to outsource or offshore a project is a completely overwhelming experience. There are many factors while deciding whether to outsource or offshore projects like costs, quality, communication, cultural and language differences, deliveries and regulatory compliance, etc.

Outsourcing is the best option for small businesses that have limited resources. That frees up your time to concentrate on essential business operations and other technological chores. Moreover, large organizations save costs and increase productivity that may find offshoring an attractive option.

If you are still up to decide, whether to outsource or offshore project, we are here to help you! Our staff is always available to answer your inquiries.



The practice to delegate projects or one-time tasks to the third-party vendor whether in own country or abroad.

The practice to relocate some functions or the whole business to a low-cost destination that has a large talent pool is offshoring.

Offshoring allows IT companies to build their own engineering teams that hs full control over the software development process, and expenses, which reduces the risk of data leakage and keeps the possibility of getting additional investment rather than outsourcing.

The advantages of offshoring are lowers costs, better availability of expert people, and on-time completion of projects by a global talent pool. Whereas, hiring an outsourcing software development company gives the benefits of specialized skills, cost efficiency, and labor flexibility.

The following are the top eight advantages of offshore and outsourcing:

  • Unexpected higher costs
  • Data security
  • Unmatched quality benchmark
  • Lack of transparency in communication
  • Lack of awareness of tools and technology
  • Reduced authority on many projects
  • Legislation issues of government